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Ehpro Iguana Squonk Kit Review

Updated on: 2018-06-12

First Impression Out Of The Box

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody, DeucesJack at Look what I got for you today. This is a little bit of a special one. This is the Iguana mechanical squonker kit. It’s not resin. It’s made out of acidic acid plate. Really really nice. You’re going to see it in the down low. It’s beautiful. Unfortunately, this was basically handed tome at ECC in California this year so I have no unboxing to do. They basically gave it to me built with a battery in it so I don’t know exactly what it comes with. I don’t even know if it’s being released yet. I know if it does get released, it’s definitely going to be released in this blue and maybe a white color.

It’s 25 mm x 86 mm x 48.5 mm. Has a 6 ml squonk bottle, mech squonker with a locking switch on the Fire button. The RDA is also called the Iguana. It’s 24.5mm bottom airflow. It’s got 2 squonk feed holes that I’ll show you down low that are actually under the ends of your wings in the RDA. has an 810 drip tip, 4 post 2 terminal design with a conical top cap, conical design inside.

Let’s go down low, let’s take a quick look at it and then we’ll cut back up on top. We’ll talk about it a little bit. We’ll do our cons, pros and then we’re out of here as usual. See you down low.

From To Bottom

Alright everyone, welcome down low to the Iguana kit review. Let’s take a quick tour around the mod. Here it is all put together with the atomizer on top. I like the way the drip tip kind of matches with the golden bossing here, Iguana branding. I actually don’t mind it because it looks pretty classy in gold. I like the Iguana that we have here. The EHPRO branding is nice. This is not resin. This is called an acidic acid plate. I have no idea what that it but I think it’s actually gorgeous.

EHPro Iguana Squonk Kit button

Here’s the Fire button. Has a nice throw to it for a squonker. Has a locking switch over here so can’t fire it after it’s locked. They did a really nice job on this. Here is the actual atomizer. You can see the top cap has a real nice stepped up conical design to it. Gun style drip tip. Right in there you can see the ring, the o ring. All my gun style drip tips fit really nice in it. Machining it beautiful on it. They did a nice job, no branding.

Here is the deck. Now, you’ll notice that I’m actually missing 3 post screws. I want to put one in right now. This is the Vandy Vape pulse screw. Like I said, I apologize for no unboxing on this video but this thing was basically given to me, handed to me on the last day of ECC by the people at EHPRO so I didn’t get any box with it. Whoever built it must have tighten this grub screws down like a gorilla like steroids because they just strip the hell out of them. But Vandy Vape pulse screws do fit.

EHPro Iguana Squonk Kit deck

You’ll notice we got bottom airflow, stopper on both sides, adjustable, whatever you do on one side, happens on the other. A little bit of Iguana branding right here. Also some EHPRO branding over here. 2 nice O rings with nice tolerances. Hold the top cap or barrel in place. Here is your airflow. Your coil sits right above it but more importantly, something I’ve never seen done before. Here are your squonking holes so basically when you squonk the juice winds up under the end of each wick. I think that is absolutely fantastic.

Now we got 2 terminals per post. It’s 2 post with 2 terminals per post. The original grub screws were gold plated but these are my own as I said, i left out these 2 because I think the guy whoever built it just strip the hell out of it. There was nothing I can do with it.

EHPro Iguana Squonk Kit door

On the bottom here, you’re going to notice we have a stainless steel squonking pin over here. Threading around here is very smooth. We have a serial number and we have designed by EHPRO. Again, very limited branding on the bottom. I like that as well.

I also wanted to show you the 510 for the Iguana. It is gold plated spring loaded 510 pin. They did a nice job on it. Stainless steel plate here. Threading in here is very smooth but I don’t know if you’re going to be able to pick this up on camera. You see that slight radius on the plate? That slight rays, some atomizers might gap very very slightly but I wanted you to see that.

I like the chrome Fire button. They did a nice job with that. It’s got a nice spring to it. It’s got a locking mechanism. Open up the battery door and you’ll notice we have 4 magnets and the coincides with magnets on the tray. You’ll notice on the bottom here we have a spring loaded gold plated battery contact. That is your positive contact. There are markings here and here but because of the material, you might not be able to see them too well on camera. We have a button style contact over here and here is just a regular squonk bottle.

EHPro Iguana Squonk Kit inside

Now the one thing about the squonk bottle is this. No plate or anything separating it from here to here so you got to make sure you don’t shovel your tube up too far where it gets in the way of the actual contact when you’re firing the mod. This mod takes 2700 batteries only and the batteries have to go in positive side down like that. Once you put that in there, you put your battery cover back on and you got a really nice generous squonk hole over here for squonking. I think it’s a beautiful mod. I think they did a great job with it.

Let’s cut back on top. Let’s talk about it a little bit and we’ll go over cons, pros and then we’re out of here as usual. See you back on top.

General Thoughts

Alright, and we’re back on top with the EHPRO Iguana mechanical squonk kit. You guys so it down low. This is a beautiful looking RDA. doors nice and tight. They did a good job with that. The spring loaded 510 is a little bit on the stiff side. It only takes 20700, no 21700s in here. This acidic acid plate, they did a great job with it. I have no idea what that actually means but I know it is beautiful. I like it. I really like the RDA. bottom airflow RDA, has great flavor, 3 piece design, nice conical design inside. It’s just a really really nice job. They did a great job on it. I’ve been rocking this thing for well over a month now and I absolutely love it.

EHPro Iguana Squonk Kit rda

Let’s go over the official cons and pros. But let’s have a quick vape first. Yeah, man. This is definitely a cloudy one. This thing hits hard but let’s get into the official cons and pros.


First con is going to be that raised 510 that I showed you down low. That platform kind of raises a little bit. Some of your atomizers may show a little bit of gappage but you really got to look for it. I still have to mention it.

Other cons is going to be, no battery ribbon. Come on guys, I hate when I got to slap the mod against my hand to get the battery out. That’s absolutely ridiculous. EHPRO you just should add a battery strap to this thing. Especially if you haven’t released it yet. Put a battery strap in there.

The final con, this is very subjective because of the way it was given to me. I got to give them a con on those post screws stripping out. It was probably user error. Whoever built this thing at the show probably crank down on it like a maniac but the fact that I had to out my own grub screws in there to actually use it was kind of annoying so I’m going to give them a con on that. Take that one with a grain of salt.


Now onto the pros. First pro is going to be, it’s got a great Fire button.

Love that locking mechanism. They did a great job on it. Has a real nice feel to it. Awesome job EHPRO.

Other pro is going to be, nice juice capacity. That squonk bottle has good juice capacity. Always going to get a pro on this channel for that.

Next pro is, the RDA has a stepped up conical design. Great job on that.

That brings us to another pro which is the great flavor on this RDA. This thing not only can chuck the clouds but it’s got some great flavor to it as well.

The reason it has great flavor brings us to our next pro. It’s a bottom airflow RDA. Don’t let anybody fool you. That is where you are going to get the best flavor with bottom airflow. Side is good too but bottom airflow is the best. There’s no argument there. Period, end of story.

Other pro I’m going to give them, the RDA has perfect O ring tolerances. They did a great job on that. And the airflow on this s extremely smooth. I love the airflow on this. Like I said, I’sve been rocking this thing for over a month. I put a ton of different builds in it. This thing hits really really hard. It’s a hard hitting mechanical squonker.

The other pro I’m going to give them is those innovative squonk holes that they put in the RDA. The fact that your squonk holes come right underneath each end of each wick, I’ve never seen it before. I think it’s innovative. I think it’s fantastic. I think EHPRO did a great job on that.

And the last pro is going to be, look at this thing. It’s beautiful. They did a great job on it. Like I said before, I don’t know what that acidic acid plate is, all I know is that it’s absolutely gorgeous. This one gets a pro for looks and it’s got that DJ factor. We all know what that DJ factor is. That’s when you walk into a vape shop, you put this thing down at the counter and everybody is like, “Oh man! What is that? Where did you get that?” That’s the DJ factor. Iguana has that DJ factor.


I’m not sure if this thing is even going to be released. We’re going to do a little bit of research before we release this video and see if we can find the place where you can actually buy it. I know for this release, that’s going to be released in this color and possible white. We’re going to see what we can do in the links down below. Make sure you check out our forum,

And that’s it man. This one is DeucesJack approved if you can find it, go get it. You will not be disappointed.

That’s it, man. Check me out on the new forum. If you have any question about this or any other device that I reviewed, hit me up over there. I’m always there. You guys keep living that fave life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • great fire button
  • locking mechanism
  • nice juice capacity
  • stepped up conical design
  • great flavor
  • bottom airflow RDA
  • perfect O’ring tolerances
  • extremely smooth airflow
  • innovative squonk holes
  • looks beautiful
  • raised 510
  • no battery ribbon
  • post screws stripping out


Ehpro Iguana Squonk Kit
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