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FreeMax Conqueror 80W TC Review

Updated on: 2018-05-03

First Impression Out of the Box

What’s up everybody, DeucesJack at what I have for you today.
I got the beautiful Freemax TC 80 watt Conqueror. This is a resin mod single 18650 takes 25ml atomizers with no overhanging. We are going to cut down low really quick not wasting a lot of time. I’m going to go over everything, the menu system, the battery door, everything you need to know about this mod, I’ll go over. So let’s not waste no more time, let’s take it down low and see what we got.

Okay everybody, here we are down low with the Freemax Conqueror TC 80 watt. It’s a resin edition, let’s check it out.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x Freemax Conqueror 80W TC Mod
  • 1 x Micro-USB cable
  • 1 x Instructional Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card

FreeMax Conqueror 80W TC box

From Top to Bottom

We got the 510 right here, gold plated spring loaded. It’s got a nice firm, throw to it. It’s got what I would call a firm short throw threading around it.

Buttery smooth. As you can see there’s a platform there, you see that? It’s a little bit of a raised platform, it’s not an issue. The mod does fits 25 ml atomizers without any overhang so that’s not going to be an issue at all.

FreeMax Conqueror 80W TC 510

Let’s take a quick look around the mod. Check out the beautiful resin, really nice subtle branding over there Freemax. It’s not offensive or in the way.

Got some really nice colors, black, orange, a little bit of blue in there, some silver. It’s a good-looking mod, really is. Has like a matte finish on the faceplate, on the front plate and the battery door, right? Same type of finish. Really really nice. They did a good job on this one.

Now, in order to turn it on and off, one two three four five. There’s off. One two three four five, you’re on, okay? Very simple, simple menu system. I’ll go over quick with you right now. Here’s the up button, there’s the down button.

FreeMax Conqueror 80W TC screen

I don’t know if it’s firmware upgradeable or not. If I find that out, I will pass that on to you guys. But for all intent and purposes let’s just that it isn’t firmware upgradeable.

As far as charging speed we recommend that you charge externally. If you’re in a little bit of a pinch, it’s a single cell battery so it’s not going to charge too slow. I’m not sure if it has 2 amp charging or not. I don’t think it does. But if I find that information out, I’ll definitely update you guys.

As far as the menu system goes, quick and easy, really really simple. Right now were in my wattage mode, right? And on the screen, you’ll see you got your ohms, your wattage, your voltage, your battery meter. That’s it. Simple simple screen, simple simple menu system. One two three, I’m in nickel mode. One two three, I’m in titanium mode, one two three I’m in stainless steel mode, one two three, I’m back in wattage mode.

FreeMax Conqueror 80W TC buttons

Now I know a lot of people are going to like the fact that it’s really simple. And that could be a pro, because it’s good for beginners. But that can also be a con, because, there’s no pre heat setting. There’s no TCR setting so you can’t run tour custom wires on this thing. There’s no wattage adjustment on TC mode and we’ll get to that one when we get back on the top.

But this thing’s very very basic and missing a lot of the bell and whistles that are common in today’s mods.
Now as far as the battery door goes, here we go, pull the tab, the thing pops open. It’s a latch battery door. Got a little bit of a wiggle to it but you want to know something? Once it’s solid, once it’s, once there’s a battery installed and it’s in there, it’s no problem, it really isn’t.

The one thing I’m going to give it a con for also is there’s no battery indicator markings. I mean, look at that, that’s kind of ridiculous in today’s day and age, man. You got to have some type of battery indicator marking. There’s nothing down the tube that marks it. I don’t know if you can see that but normally you’ll see like a plus or a minus sign down there. You don’t see anything down there.

Gold plated button style contact right here. Gold plated spring loaded contact down here. You can see it’s got a nice spring to it all. All right, but to have no battery indicator marking, absolutely ridiculous. You’re going to get a con for that.

FreeMax Conqueror 80W TC batt

But overall, this goes in with a negative side facing the battery door. Once you latch it in there, pretty solid, no battery rattle, it doesn’t move. No button rattle either, pretty good. They did a solid job on the construction of it. But there’s definitely some issues with it that’s for sure.

Size Comparison

Wanted to do a little size comparison here. I always like comparing the mod to the smallest mods that I have. We’ll zoom in a little bit so we can show you. That might be a little too much, right, let’s get it that way.
This is next to the Bombertech Block 22, which a lot of you may not know, but this is the smallest single 18650 mod I know of. So I figured I’m going to use it in most of my comparisons. Now here you go, I mean, look how much shorter the Bombertech is. You know, this is a big mod for a single 18650 mod. Almost as big as dual 18650 mod. Definitely approaching that size. Okay so there’s the Bombertech next to it. Check it out, see how much shorter it is.

Now the other mod I would want to put next to it is the new Tesla WYE, again, Freemax is definitely taller. They’re about the same width I guess. But man, they could have really cut some height off of this mod, that’s for sure.

Next mod I wanted to show it next to is the Asmodus Colossal. I don’t have any idea why they named this mod the Colossal because there’s nothing colossal about it. It’s basically a single 18650 Minikin but look at that, I think it’s significantly taller. It really is okay.

FreeMax Conqueror 80W TC compare

Next mod I wanted to show it next to is the COV Callisto. This one has kind of a weird shape to it right? But it’s on the small side for an 18650 mod definitely is. Here you can see it side by side, see it got a little bit weird shape to it. It’s almost as wide as it I guess but you know, without missing that little piece there but the Callisto significantly shorter.

And the last one I wanted to show it next to you is the Pico because everybody loves the Pico. It’s been around a while. A lot of people owned it so I wanted to show you how it looks next to that. Look at the size difference. Geez, that Freemax is really really tall when you compare it to the Pico. Look at that.

So the Freemax is definitely on the big side. Some people might like that long form factor. To me I’d rather see it shorter that’s for sure. But I just want to give you a size comparison so you had something to go by.
Now we are going to go back on top. And we are going to talk about the mod. We are going to go over the cons, we are going to go over pros and I’ll give you my final thoughts.

All right we are back on top and we got the Freemax TC 80 watt Conqueror. Let’s go over some cons and pros and I’ll tell you what I think about it.


First cons going to be things on the big side, man. You saw when I did the comparison to all the other single 18650 mods. It’s much taller than all of them. I think Freemax can do a better job of tightening up a little bit. You know what I mean, making it a little bit shorter. This is almost as big as some dual 18650 mods so it’s on the big side. Some people are going to like that but, you know, I always think the smaller is better so I’m going to give it a con for that.

The other con is going to be the TC on it. It’s pretty bad. I mean it’s just not accurate. For a mod that has TC in its title, it should be able to do TC. This thing just doesn’t do good TC.

And that brings my next con that you can’t adjust the wattage in TC mode. That’s one of the reasons it does bad TC. Listen, there’s a reason why most of these mods that don’t allow you to adjust the wattage and TC mode do bad TC. You can’t do that. TC is all about control. All right? You want control for the most consistent vape you can get. When you limit one of those control aspects, the thing just going to do bad TC, there’s no two way about it.

The other thing I’m going to do is to give it a con for being too simple. I do like the simple menu system. What I don’t like is the mod is missing a lot of bells and whistles that are pretty much standard on most of today’s mods. I mean, there’s no TCR function, there’s no power curve or anything like that. Now personally I don’t use that stuff but I know there are tons of vapers out there did use that stuff especially TCR. It got to have a TCR function for there are some people like to run custom wire. There’s got to be a TCR function. It’s not on there. No power curve, not on there. You’re going to get a con for that.


Now being too simple also brings me to my pros. This is a great mod for a beginner. Because the menu system is extremely simple. You saw it. Three clicks, boom, you switch everything around. It’s as simple as it gets. If you’re a beginner and you’re a power mode only type of vaper, you’re going to love a little mob like this.

The other thing is- look, there’s no doubt about it, it’s a good looking mod, and it really is. I like the resin, I like the colors they did, they did a nice job with it. Give them credit for that, I’ll give them credit that it’s colorful.

I’ll also give them a pro for it fits 25 mm atomizers with no overhang. That’s fantastic. On a single 18650 mod, you don’t need anything bigger than that anyway. It’s not like you’re going to be running monster addies on this thing so 25 ml is perfect.

Got a nice battery door, solid. Give them a pro for that. No battery rattle, no button rattle, I mean, this thing is pretty solid man. So I give them a pro for that.

I’ll give them a pro for the form factor. Nice form factor, right? You can trigger finger fire it, you can turn around thumb fire it, and it’s comfortable either way. Give them a pro for that.

It’s a capable single 18650 mod in wattage mode so I’ll give them a pro for that. And that’s it on the pros.


I mean, it’s a solid mod. The problem is- my final thoughts are, if you are looking to buy a single 18650 mod that does good TC, you’ve probably got to check up the juices to this one and pass it by because it just doesn’t do it no matter what the title says. If you’re a power mode vaper and TC doesn’t mean anything to you, it’s a nice little mod.

If it’s the greatest mod ever made? No. It’s very middle of the road as far as that goes. It’s a crowded sub category so it’s a tough category to stand out in but it’s not bad in anyway. It’s just okay, it’s okay little mod.

That’s what I got to say about it. If you are going to buy this mod, it’s going to be something that really pops to you that really talks to you when you see it. Maybe you like the resin, maybe you like the long form factor of it. I don’t know, but it’s very middle of the road mod and that’s all I have to say about it. So it’s up to you whether you want to buy it or not.

Make sure you check out our new forum the you want to hook up with me there, talk to me there, ask me questions about this review, I hang out there most of the time, definitely PM me there. Make sure you check out all the links down below. This mod was sent to me directly from Freemax but we are going to have some links as to where you can buy it. So make sure to check that out as well.
Until the next one, we are out of here.


  • Wattage Output Range: 5 – 80W
  • Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.05 ohms
  • Comprehensive Temperature Control Module
  • Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium (Ti), and Stainless Steel (SS316) heating elements
  • Unique Resin Structural Inlay
  • Zinc Alloy Frame
  • 0.9” OLED Display Screen
  • Large Firing Button
  • 2 Wattage and Temperature Adjustment Buttons
  • Universal 510 Threading Connection
  • Bottom-Loaded Battery Latch Door
  • Micro-USB port for Firmware Updates
  • Requires ONE 18650 battery (not included)

  • great mod for a beginner
  • good-looking mod
  • fits 25 mm atomizers with no overhang
  • nice, solid battery door
  • Nice form factor
  • on the big side
  • pretty bad TC
  • can’t adjust the wattage in TC mode
  • too simple


FreeMax Conqueror 80W TC
$60.39 $69.99

DeucesJack is head of reviews at Vaping Insider and has become known as one of the best reviewers in the industry. He pulls no punches and always gives an honest and unbiased opinion on the products he reviews. Since the launch of our youtube channel in 2018 he has put out a review video every single day.