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Freemax Mesh Pro Review

Updated on: 2018-10-31

First Impression Out of the Box

DeucesJack: What’s up, everyone? DeucesJack at Today, I got a new Freemax tank for you. I got the Mesh Pro. Check it out on my Zombie Splatter Tesla WYE. Yeah, my match game is strong today. Basically, what this is is it’s a Fireluke with a slider top and it comes with mesh coils. Freemax is getting into the mesh game. They’ve got three mesh coils for it. A double, a single and a triple. Let me tell you something, man. These things ramped up fast. It’s just really really nice. The coils are all compatible with the OG Fireluke. Oh yeah, and I forgot. They also came out with a stainless steel mesh coil, a single one that you can run in stainless steel mode.

Let’s dive down. Let me show you everything. I’ll show you all the coils, the tank, everything. Then we’re going to come back on top. We’re going to vape on it, we’re going to talk about it a bit, cons, pros. We’re out of here. See you down low.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 Kanthal Single Mesh 0.15ohm Coil
  • 1 Kanthal Double Mesh 0.2ohm Coil
  • 1 Replacement Pyrex Glass
  • 1 Set of Replacement O-Rings
  • 1 User Manual

Freemax Mesh Pro Review box

Alright, everyone! Welcome to the downlow portion of this video. Today, we’re going over the Freemax Mesh Pro. You can see it has a 5 ml capacity. Quick tour around the box, shows us the security code, barcodes, some Mesh Pro branding over there, warning over here and some Freemax branding over there. You’ll see that this is a 25mm in diameter tank. Has a 6ml maximum juice capacity, optional 5ml and 4 ml juice. The Mesh Pro coil system is available, these are the coils available. If you want to pause this to read it, go right ahead. Has a push button type, top fill design, dual bottom airflow, 18mm wide bore 810 drip tip and a gold-plated 510 connection included in the kit. You get one Mesh Pro with a double mesh coil. The 0.21 rated from 60-90W. You also get their kanthal single mesh coil, 0.15 ohms, good for 40-70W. You get a replacement glass, replacement o-rings and a user manual.

Let’s open this up and see what we have here. Look at that gorgeous tank. Really, really, nice. Really, really digging it. Here is your big bubble glass right here. This one is bigger than the one that comes pre-installed. I recommend that you put this one in right off the bat. There are your spare o-rings, here is your spare coil. This is the 0.15 ohm Kanthal coil, good from 40-70W. You can see the mesh is in there. Kudos to Freemax for putting the coil material on the coil. Big props for that, Freemax. Glad you’re listening. On the bottom of the box, you’re going to find some Freemax Mesh Pro paperwork, basically, a user manual giving you the stats of everything.

From Top to Bottom

Let’s get into the tank itself. Here is the beautiful green, yellow, and orange one. You can see, we have bottom airflow, stoppers on both ends. Whatever you do on one side happens on the other side. On the bottom of the atomizer, gold-plated 510 pin, insulator ring, stainless steel threading. Freemax branding, Mesh Pro branding over here. Beautiful drip tip. Look at that drip tip, smoke style drip tip with the o-rings on the drip tip itself. You’ll notice there’s an o-ring on the inside. If you use a goon style drip tip, it will fit. So that’s a definite plus that you can run both types of drip tips. Now, the top is totally flat which I like. See this red marking right here? Clear red marking. Push forward, there’s your juice fill port slot. Wish it was a little bigger. It’s probably going to have a tough time accommodating bullnose bottles but needle-nosed bottles should be just fine. Great job that they put that marking there, phenomenal. Freemax, glad you’re listening.

Freemax Mesh Pro Review driptip

In order to take the tank apart, you simply twist the base off. Threading, at first, is a little on the tight side but look at that big double mesh coil, absolutely awesome. You’ll see, this is the 0.2 ohm coil. Kanthal, good for 80-90W. Let me tell you something, I’ve been vaping on this one and the flavor on this is some next-level stuff. It’s got some nice knurling on the top part there.

Freemax Mesh Pro Review coil2

In order for you to grab it, in order to replace the coil, you just spin it out. Threading is very smooth on both the coils and the interior of the base. In order to install the coil, just screw it back in and make sure you grab it by that knurling on top and tighten it down good. Let me show you what it looks like with the bigger bubble glass. Look at that, I like it better it gives it a curvier look with the bigger bubble glass. Put the drip tip in just like that. Look at that, beautiful, just beautiful. I don’t know what Freemax was thinking. They put ‘Not for sale’ all over this package, on the glass, on the coils, everything. I don’t know if that’s a new thing or what, but even my giveaway ones that I have in this video will all say not for sale.

Freemax Mesh Pro Review glass

Alright, before we cut back on top, I just wanted to show you something that I found out that was very interesting. On the right side here, this one, this is the Freemax Mesh Pro. This is the old-school Fireluke. Now I just was curious to see if the RBA base from the Fireluke which this one has in it, actually fit into the Mesh Pro. Let me show you, right here. This is the brand new tank, here is the Fireluke RBA section fitting in the brand new Mesh Pro. Great job on that. Conversely, the coils for the Mesh Pro, they fit in the OG Fireluke and you can run them. If you have an OG Fireluke, all you got to do is buy the new coils. Check that out, not bad huh?

Let’s cut back on top, we’re going to talk about it, vape on it, cons, pros and we’re out of here. See you back on top.

General Thoughts

Alright, everyone! We’re back on top with the Freemax Mesh Pro. What can I say about this thing that I didn’t show you down low? 5 or 6 ml capacity, fantastic. It is a juice sucker and that’s true with most tanks that take mesh coils. They rip through the juice so hopefully you enjoy some affordable juice or your DIY because you’re going to chug through the juice on this one. I gotta say, that double and triple mesh coil, that’s some next-level flavor. One of the best flavor sub ohm tanks on the market right now. Big ups for doing the stainless steel mesh coil so you can run in temperature control mode. I tested it out, it works fantastic. Great job on that, Freemax. The cloudage on this thing, it’s just sick. This thing chucks the clouds. You saw it I just vape the triple coil, unbelievable. Coil longevity is fantastic. They last very long. You’re not going to get days out of these coils. You’re going to get weeks out of them.

Freemax Mesh Pro Review gen2

I’ll tell you right now, off the bat. If you’re going to buy this tank, don’t even hesitate. The triple coil doesn’t come with it but if you buy this tank, you’re a fool if you don’t buy a pack of the triple mesh coils with it. You’re out of your mind and you’re missing out if you don’t do that.

Let’s get into the cons and pros. There’s a couple of little cons, plenty of pros.


First con is going to be no 510 drip tip adapter. Some people just aren’t going to like that big wide 810 drip tip, so we’re going to give them a con on that.

Second con is going to be and its inherent of all mesh tanks but this thing plows through the juice. There’s no doubt about it.

And the last con is going to be that slider tank. Yeah, it has a really tough resistance to it but still, there’s no real locking mechanism on it. I would have liked to have seen some type of way that it snaps down or some type of locking mechanism on the side like a little button, something. Yes it’s tough to push but I still wouldn’t trust it in my pocket. So we’re going to give them a con for that.

Let’s get into the pros because there’s a lot of them.


First pro is going to be great family of coils. Freemax, you developed an awesome family of coils. You deserve a ton of credit for that.

Freemax Mesh Pro Review coil

I’m going to give them a pro on that drip tip. Look at it, man. It looks like it matches the tank exactly and not only that, it’s extremely comfortable. They’ll get a pro for that.

Let’s give them a pro for that clearly marked top fill indicator. That big red dot. I love it. They made an inconspicuous but easy enough to see when you’re going to fill it. Great job on that.


You airflow hogs are going to love this one. This one’s got tons of airflow, pro on that.

Nice build quality, we’re going to give them a pro.

Beautiful, beautiful colors, resin colors, they’re gorgeous. Pro on that.

Freemax Mesh Pro Review gen

Let’s give them a pro because for a mesh tank, most mesh tanks are a little bit on the noisy side. This one is definitely quieter especially when you use the double and triple coil. They’re taking up that space in there. It’s not as noisy as most single mesh coils so they did a good job on that.

I like the fact that they’re cross-compatible with the OG Fireluke, pro on that. I like the fact that I can take the OG Fireluke deck and put it in here, pro on that.

And we’re going to give them a big pro for including two bubble glasses. Awesome job on that.

Giveaway & Outro

I didn’t mention it in the down-low but there’s also an optional 4 ml glass that you can run on this. I don’t know why you’d want to do that but it’s a separate purchase so I thought I’d mention it.

That’s it, man. That’s all I got for you today but don’t go anywhere because looky here! Freemax sent me a bunch of extras. That’s right, we got three in the giveaway this week. All you got to do to participate in the giveaway is be a subscriber, like this video comment in the video. In your comment, tell me where you shared this video. So you have to share it. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, I don’t care. You got to be of legal vaping age in your state and be able to prove it. I’ll let this run for a little bit, put it through a randomizer. Colors are going to be totally random. That’s just the way it is. I think I got a pink one, an orange one and a purple one. So I’m just going to hand them out randomly. Once I pick a winner, I’ll respond to you inyour comment how to contact me and we’ll get it out to you. USPS 2-day priority, continental United States only. $8 shipping on you.

That’s it man, we’re out of here with this one. Make sure you check out our links down below. We’re going to have a link as to where you can buy this phenomenal DeucesJack approved tank. We’ll also have a link down below to Bad Drip Labs. I’m using the Clown line, the Sweet Tooth, man. Raspberry Cotton Candy, phenomenal. One of my favorite cotton candy vapes of all time. We’ll have a link down below to that.

We’ll also have a link down below to our website and our forum, vaping Do us a favor, man. We’re reviewers here. We’re not promoters. We give it to you straight every time, every video. Hit that like button, hit that subscribe button, hit that notification button. We’re dropping content all the time.

That’s it, that’s all I got for you guys today. We’ll see you on the next one. You guys keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.


  • 25mm Diameter
  • 6mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Optional 5mL & 4mL Juice Capacity – Slimmer Profile
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction with Resin
  • Mesh Pro Coil System
  • Kanthal Single Mesh 0.15ohm Coil – Rated for 40-70W
  • Kanthal Double Mesh 0.2ohm Coil – Rated for 60-90W
  • Kanthal Triple Mesh 0.15ohm Coil – Rated foor 80-110W
  • SS316L Single Mesh 0.12 Coil – Rated for 400°F – 550°F
  • Convenient Push-Slide Top Fill Design
  • Dual Bottom Adjustable Airflow Control
  • 18mm Widebore 810 Drip Tip
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection
  • Available in Resin Edition – Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Black
  • Available in Metal Edition – Gunmetal, Black, Rainbow, Gold, Stainless Steel
  • Available in Carbon Fiber Edition

  • great family of coils
  • drip tip
  • clearly marked top fill indicator
  • tons of airflow
  • Nice build quality
  • beautiful colors
  • not as noisy as most single mesh coils
  • cross-compatible with the OG Fireluke
  • includes two bubble glasses
  • no 510 drip tip adapter
  • plows through the juice
  • slider tank


Freemax Mesh Pro
$18.95 $39.95

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