Geekvape Aegis X Review

Updated on: 2019-10-30


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack and I’m back with another review. Today, we’re going to be going over the Aegis X. Check out that geriatric sized screen. I’m going to tell you right now, I love it. You can see that screen and that font from a mile away. You can see it in all lighting conditions. It’s awesome.

geekvape aegis x 200w tc kit hardware geek vape

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From Top To Bottom

I just got the regular box. DeucesJack didn’t get that nice metal box that everybody else got but that’s okay. We’re going to review it anyway. Check this thing out, all screen. Don’t mind that little fuzzy stuff there, I washed it and then I wiped it down with a paper towel and that’s just what you get with this finish. But it’s got that rubberized finish around the edge, I really, really like that. You can see, it’s got that typical Aegis fire button, that raised, like sloped fire button. I really, really like it. You can push it from the bottom or you can push it from the top. It’s just a great fire button. You got some raised plus and minus buttons over there. They kind of look like a four-sided pyramid. Nice job on that. You got some Aegis branding over here. This is kind of like a, I don’t know if you’re catching that, kind of like a brushed black finish. I like that little divot in the middle, if you can see that. Really, really nice form-factor. Feels great in the hand.

geekvape aegis x 200w tc kit hardware geek vape

On top here, this is interesting. This is where your micro USB port is. It’s protected with that plug. Make sure when you put it back in, you put it in securely because that’s what’s going to make your mod waterproof. So just make sure you pop that in good. On top, we got these gold-plated star screws. I don’t know why they went with gold. I would have rather have seen black. They kind of stand out a little bit. Stainless steel threading around the inner diameter there. Gold-plated, spring-loaded 510, that I would say has a medium throw with a medium spring to it. So far, on top, 25s shouldn’t be a problem. Let me just show it to you. There’s a 25mm RDA on top. You probably get 26s without a problem. But I’d say, let’s be safe and call it 25mm. Same thing on top. You kind of got like that brushed finished air. I like that brushed finish. I think it looks good, especially once you put some wear on it. It looks kind of nice.

geekvape aegis x 200w tc kit hardware geek vape

On the front of the mod, we got some Geekvape branding. Here’s your big 2.4 inch display, that rubber tire-like finish around the edges, just like the Legend. I really like that. Now here’s something interesting that they did just like the Legend. They kind of did that leather panel with this thing over here. They did that on the Legend too but it’s only like half of it. It’s like half a leather panel. Instead of wrapping all the way around like it did on the Legend, it took one side and used it all for screen. I’m going to show it to you when I compare it to the Legend. But really nice leather. I like that feel there. It’s got a little bit of cushion to it. Nice job on that.

geekvape aegis x 200w tc kit hardware geek vape

I wanted to give you a size comparison and I wanted to show you the progression, basically, of the Aegis lineup. This is the OG one, the original. This one took 26650 batteries. If you put an adapter on it like I have, it’ll take 2700s. However, I hate this adapter. It just, it’s junk. It really is. I hate having to take a coin out and use it. I really wish Geekvape would get on the stick and make this exact mod in 21700 form. Geekvape, I’m telling you, you do that with an updated chip and you got a homerun on your hands. But this is the original, this is the Legend that everybody knows, and this is what I’m talking about. See how they did? They kept the same accenting, see that? From this side, it almost looks like a smaller Legend but when you turn it around, this side continues with the leather and that wrap-around, but this is all screen. So I do like the way they did that. I like the progression on it, really nice job. This is actually smaller and lighter than the Legend. The Legend is definitely a big bit bulkier and a bit heavier.

geekvape aegis x 200w tc kit hardware geek vape

On the bottom there, there’s a little bit of venting. Here’s the battery door. You just slide it open and it pops off. It is spring-loaded. There’s your spring right there. Minus and plus, I wish it was a little bit more clearly marked, gold-plated button style contacts right there. Down the tubes, you probably can’t see it on camera but there’s a blue and red plus and minus sign with gold-plated, spring-loaded contacts. Minus side goes there by the door, plus side goes there facing the door. Close the latch, pull the latch back, pop it shut, latch it in there and it don’t move. They did a nice job with the battery door. Really solid, no battery rattle, whatsoever.

geekvape aegis x 200w tc kit hardware geek vape

Check out that splash screen. Check out that big screen. This is a monster screen. This is what I call a geriatric screen and I love it because I’ll tell you right now, my eyesight ain’t as good as it once was. This screen is just badass. It is absolutely beautiful and it’s durable. I’ve had the screen protector off it for some time. I put this thing in my pocket, in my bag, I haven’t really scratched it. Look at it. It’s pretty clean, there’s no scratches or anything on it and I tell you guys, all the time, I’m rough on my mods and this, the glass they’re using on this is fantastic.

geekvape aegis x 200w tc kit hardware geek vape

Menu System

Water Test

And of course, what would an Aegis review be like without a water test. You can see, the mod is on. No jump cuts. It’s in the water, it’s still on. If I click it in the water, it goes on. No problem. I’m not going to throw this thing around. We all know, these things are pretty bulletproof. You can see, it still works. It still fires, no issues at all.

The Tank

Also included in the kit is the Cerberus tank. I’ve gone over this tank a few times before. I think I even did a separate review on it. We’ll have a link down below to whatever review I did with it. It’s probably in my Aegis Legend review. I think this came with the Legend as well. You get some paperwork in there, you get a warranty card and a QC certificate. There is your user manual. You get a spare straight glass, you get a bunch of spare screws, as well as a spare plug for the microUSB port. So that’s kind of nice. You get a micro USB charging cable, you get a spare coil for the Cerberus tank. You get a bunch of spare o-rings, and you also get this which I’m not using. But I don’t know if you can see it there because it’s clear. It’s a screen protector for the screen. I’ll be honest with you, that screen is really, really done. Well I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I don’t see any scratches on it. But if you’re somebody who likes screen protectors, put this on if you want to.

Let me show you what the kit looks like, all together. Again, we’re not going to go over the Cerberus tank. I’ve reviewed it before, it just seems to be a duplication of effort. But you can see, it’s a nice-looking kit.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x Aegis X mod
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x User manual

geekvape aegis x 200w tc kit hardware geek vape


Alright, Insiders! You saw everything up close and personal. Let’s get into those cons and pros.

First con’s going to be, that menu system. It’s a little counterintuitive. I wish they would have went with more traditional button clicks. It’s a nitpicky con but I got to point it out.

And the only other con I can come up with for this thing is that glass. That glass, that glass screen. Geekvape says it’s certifiably tough. They say It’s tougher than Gorilla Glass. I don’t know about that. On an indestructible mod having a full glass front like that is going to bother some people. I can tell you this, I have dropped it quite a few times and I haven’t even scratched it yet and you guys know I’m very rough on my mods and it’s not like I’m picking up a lot of scratches on it and I don’t have the screen cover on it either because I hate putting those things on. So take out of that what you will. But so far, the glass is held up nice. But some people aren’t going to like it on the indestructible type mod so that’s why I’m chalking it up to a con.

But that’s it on the cons. There is not a lot to complain about here. Let’s get into those pros.


I said it in the beginning of the video, awesome, big, bright screen. You can see it, you can see it in all lighting conditions. It’s colorful, it’s vivid, it’s beautiful. Great job, Geekvape.

Nice, clicky buttons. Hear that? I like the clickiness, pro.

This thing fires fast. IP67, dust shock and waterproof. That’s a pro.

Great chipset. I’ve been enjoying it.

So far, it does decent TC. It’s not terrible TC. It’s not great TC, like middle-of-the-road TC. But that’s a pro.

Solid, solid battery door. That thing don’t move.

Firmware upgradable. That’s always a pro on this channel.

I like the form factor. It feels like a Legend in your hand.

2 amp charging on board.

Comes with a great tank. That Cerberus tank is a fantastic tank. It’s a great mid-range mesh tank, pro.

Centered 510.

28mm fit without any overhang, baby.

Love the different wallpapers on and colors on the screen. Hopefully, they come up with some other wallpapers. I’ve been diggin them. It’s a pro.

So that’s it, Insiders. Those are my cons and pros.


Let’s talk about this one a little bit. I don’t know what else I could say about this mod. I basically gushed over it. I love this mod. It put my Legend on the shelf for good. There’s no reason for me to use my Legend. It’s big, it’s bulletproof, it’s badass. If you have any doubts, trust me. Just go out and get one. This one is DeucesJack approved.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Geekvape Aegis X. It measures in at 128.9mm x 31.5mm x 41.2mm. It will fire down to 0.05ohms. It has the AS2.0 chipset. It is a dual 18650 mod that goes up to 200W. It’s available in black, camo, silver, gold, green, rainbow, red and orange. Protections include 10 second cutoff, short circuit, overcharge, over discharge and overheat protection.


Aegis X MOD

  • Kit Size: 90 x 56.1 x 31.3mm
  • Battery: 2x 18650 Cell (not included)
  • Input Voltage: 6.2V-8.4V
  • Output Voltage: 0.1-12V
  • Output Wattage: 5-200W
  • Resistance Range: 0.05Ω-3Ω
  • Display: 2.4 inch OLED screen
  • Charger: USB 5V 2A
  • Output mode: Power/VPC/TC/TCR/Bypass
  • Temperature range: 100℃~315℃ / 200℉~600℉
  • Thread: 510

Cerberus Subohm Tank

  • Size: 27 x 46.8mm
  • Capacity: 5.5ml/2ml
  • Coil Type: Super Mesh X1 Coil 0.2ohm KA1(30-90W, Best 60-80W)
  • Thread: 510 thread


  • More powerful and excellent TC Kit from classic Aegis family
  • 200W max power by dual 18650 batteries
  • Upgraded AS 2.0 chipset for fast and accurate operation
  • 2.4 Inch OLED screen for vivid display
  • High performance Power/VPC/TC/TCR/Bypass modes
  • Waterproof/Dustproof/Shockproof Design
  • Awesome super mesh X1 0.2ohm coil


Remember, Insiders, it’s more important now than ever that you fight for your right to vape. On November 9th, we’re going to have a big rally at the Ellipse in DC, organized by United Vapors Alliance. Make sure you’re there, do whatever you can do to get there. If you can’t get there, go to their website, go to their Facebook page. See if you can donate a few dollars. It’s important, we need to fight for our right to vape. It’s important that we make a good showing on that weekend. So get out there if you can.

So that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. Now, more than ever, it’s more important than ever that you keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Great build quality
  • Nice rubber coating
  • IP67 rated
  • Eight color options
  • Accurately rated for watts
  • Good overall power mode performance
  • Handles 26 mm atomizers without overhang
  • Affordably priced
  • High amp limit
  • Watt Curve mode
  • Nicely laid out and easy to use menu
  • Excellent massive 2.4-inch large color screen
  • 2-amp charging that is accurately rated
  • Boost circuit
  • No listing for max amps
  • Not a fan of the battery door type
  • Can’t get the full wattage in TC mode
  • Manual doesn't explain “Auto” and “AAB” settings


Geekvape Aegis X
$60.95 $89.95

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