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Horizon Tech Magico Review

Updated on: 2019-12-20


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack, I’m at Today, we’re going to be going over the Horizon Tech Magico. It’s magic. Big pod/AIO kit, big capacity, nice resin panels. Let’s cut down low.

horizon magico pod 25w kit back side

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From Top to Bottom

Check that out. That’s kind of neat looking. That’s a little busy looking. It’s a little bling-bling for me, I’ll tell you that. That’s pretty shiny, pretty gold looking. That is going to be a fingerprint magnet. You’re going to handle this thing for a little bit and these edges are going to look like a crime scene. There’s no doubt about it. Look at this thing. No screen, though. So big, you would expect a screen. I’m not seeing a screen at all. There’s your fire button, there’s your micro USB port. Nice drip tip. Let’s see what we got here. Looks like a 510 drip tip. Let’s check that. Let’s make sure it’s a 510. 510 drip tip, no issues with that. Let’s leave the drip tip off for a second. There’s your top fill right there. Nice, big hole in order for you to dump that juice in. Put that back on. I gotta say, I’m kind of diggin the fact that the tank itself is a little bit on the clear side. It’s a little smoky but it looks like you’re going to be able to easily see your juice level in there. I like that.

horizon magico replacement pods side

Drip tip is definitely nice and snug. Pod comes out just like that. Inside here, let’s see we got. We got three gold plated pins. They make contact with the base right here and that’s going to enable you to fire your coil. Looks like it’s just a pressed fit base, no magnets. There is your airflow right there.

horizon magico replacement pods

The base right here is threaded in. Threading is not exactly, that’s alright, it’s not great but it’s okay. You can see, you have adjustable airflow right there on the base.

horizon magico pod 25w kit top

Size Comparison

Wanted to give you a quick size comparison. In the middle is the Magico kit. This is the Squid Squad, this is the Smok Trinity Alpha. I wanted to show it to you next to the Trinity Alpha because it’s probably got that Orion form factor. Everybody has an Orion or a Trinity, they’re both very much the same. You can see, it’s got that same form factor. It’s just taller and fatter. Same type of form factor, same type of setup. Definitely a little bit heavier because it’s bigger. It’s got a much bigger battery than the Trinity Alpha. But the other thing I wanted to show it next to was the Squid Squad. You can see, the Squid Squad is smaller, it’s shorter. Probably just as wide, but the Squid Squad has a screen. Why didn’t they put a screen on this one and let this thing go up to like 30-40W. I don’t understand why they didn’t do that. I think it would have been a much better system had they done that. But I just wanted to give you these for a size comparison.


Let’s take a look at both of these coils. This is the 1.8 ohm coil, says it’s good for 13W. Looks like a regular wire coil. The other coil you get in the package, this is a 0.12 ohm coil, good for 25W. Let’s see what that looks like. That looks like a mesh coil so we’re going to try this one first. One thing I do like that they did, a nice attention to detail. Notice the metal ring on the inside. They don’t have you screwing a metal ring into plastic. Great job on that, Horizontech. I like that.

horizon magico replacement pods bottom

I already filled this pod up, prime the coil. I filled it up with some Vape Wild, Vanilla Tobacco, 3mg. Normally, on a coil like this, I kind of like to double up my nic. I couldn’t find anything I had that I wanted to vape in it at 6mg so I used the Vanilla Tobacco.

horizon magico replacement pods

Now, the other thing I wanted to show you was the airflow. You can see, it’s got two sides to the airflow. That’s your mouth-to-lung side where you can cut it down hole by hole. And then if you keep going, you can see, there’s your direct-lung side right there, and there’s stopper right there. So direct-lung, there’s where it’s like closed off and then if you just keep going, you can dial in your mouth-to-lung vape with that 1.8 ohm coil that I just showed you that’s your mouth-to-lung coil. I have used that coil since I did the downlow portion of the video. It is a nice coil and you can get a legitimate mouth-to-lung on it. However, I do like the mesh coil better and I like using it as a DL coil.

Once you pop it in, once you’re all filled up and you pop it in, it’s friction fit. It just snaps in like that. And you can see, it’s a good looking system. Really, really beautiful resin panels. On the bottom there, you can see, you got some Magico branding and some venting. You see a little bit of spacing here and it kind of looks like those panels come off but they do not. So just be aware of that. It looks like they come off. The resin on it is absolutely gorgeous. There’s your fire button right there.

Menu System

What’s in the Box


  • 1 MAGICO POD Device
  • 1 0.12ohm MAGICO Mesh Coil
  • 1 1.8ohm MTL Round Wire Coil
  • 1 Bag of O-Rings
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card

Also included in the packaging, you get some spare o-rings, a user manual, a warranty card, a battery care guide, and a micro USB cable for charging.

horizon magico pod 25w kit package content


Alright, Insiders! Let’s get into it. Let’s get after those cons and pros. We’ll start off with cons.

First con is going to be, it just seems like Horizon Tech is a day late and a dollar short on this thing. No adjustable power, no screen on a monster like this. Compared to the competition that’s out there right now, it’s just a con. It really is.

You have to take the pod out to adjust the airflow. I don’t like that, that’s a con.

And the last cons going to be, it feels underpowered. It’s a very cool vape. I wish I had some adjustable power on this. At the very least, give me a low, medium, and high setting. If you’re not going to let me adjust the wattage, you had enough room for a screen there, but if you’re not going to put a screen there and let me adjust the wattage, give me a low, medium, and high, something Horizon Tech. This thing just feels like it’s six months late. Sorry, that’s just the way I feel.

But that’s it on the cons, Insiders. Let’s move on to the pros.


First pro is going to be, it does have constant output power, which means as the battery life decreases, you’re not really going to notice a decrease in performance. So that’s good. I like that, it’s a pro.

It does do well as a mouth-to-lung or a DL setup. You can legitimately mouth-to-lung it. The DL hit is nice. It’s just a little too cool for me.

It actually has very accurate flavor and clouds. I just wish it had more heat. I like more heat in my vape. Let me show you what I’m working with here. I got the mesh coil in there. No settings or nothing, I’m just going to vape it. Good flavor, good clouds. If you decrease the airflow a little bit, you can increase the heat a little bit, but then it’s not the draw that I like. So while it’s got a nice flavor in clouds, I just wish it had a little bit more heat. Some type of adjustable wattage setting would have been nice. But the flavor and clouds are good so I got to give it a pro for that.

The resin panels on this, drop-dead gorgeous. They’re not really panels, whatever you want to call them, the resin sides on it. They’re fantastic. They’re not removable but they’re beautiful and they feel nice.

It’s got some nice build quality to it.

It’s got a great capacity.

That easy top fill is fantastic.

And it’s got replaceable coils and the coils are compatible with the other Magico coils. So that’s a pro.

So that’s it, Insiders. Those are my cons and pros. Let’s talk about this one a little bit.


It’s very basic. The only thing that really separates this pod from anything else out there is the capacity of the e-liquid and the large battery. That’s about it. As far as the performance goes, the performance is very basic as well. Especially when you can compare it to some of the new pod /AIOs that are coming on the market right now. You compare this to like the Vinci X or an RPM 40 or a Vaporesso Degree, and this thing is just not going to hold a candle to it. But if you’re into basic and you like a cool vape, you might want to check it out.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Horizon Tech Magico pod/AIO kit. It measures in at 98.4mm x 42mm x 19.6mm. It has a 1370mAh battery. Its wattage ranges from 13-25W. It will fire down to 0.12 ohms. It has a 6.5ml capacity. Two coils are included in the box. You get a 0.12ohms mesh coil, and a 1.8ohm mouth-to-lung round wire coil. Protections include no load, low voltage, temp protection, and overcharge protection.

Horizon MAGICO POD 25W Kit Features:

  • Dimensions – 98.4mm by 42mm by 19.6mm
  • Integrated 1370mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Direct Output Mode
  • Voltage Output Range: 3.0-4.2V
  • Wattage Output Range: 13-25W
  • Resistance Range: 0.12-1.8ohm
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Intuitive Firing Button
  • LED Battery Life Indicator Light
  • Refillable Pod – Replaceable Coil
  • 6.5mL Pod Capacity
  • Threaded Top Fill System – Single Large Fill Port
  • MAGICO Pod Replacement Coil Series
  • 0.12ohm Mesh Coil
  • 1.8ohm MTL Round Wire Coil
  • Threaded Coil Installation
  • Threaded Coil Based Airflow Control Ring
  • Dual Airflow Options – MTL & DTL Vaping Supported
  • No-Load Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • MicroUSB Port
  • Available in Blue, Rose Gold, Red, Green, Carbon Black, Rainbow


Want to give a huge shout out to Element Vapes for sending this one to me for this review. Make sure you check out the link down below. Great company, great customer service, fantastic pricing, I highly recommend them.

Don’t forget, Insiders. We can’t be complacent. We still have to fight for our right to vape. Make sure you email, tweet, call all of your locals state legislators. Let them know you vape, you vote, you will not vote for any politicians that support any type of flavor ban. You see them in the neighborhood, get in their face. Let them know you vape and you vote. You would politely, though. But let them know how you feel about this issue. It’s the only way we’re going to get things turned around.

Also, don’t forget. Head on over to our Facebook group. Great group of people over there. We’re always talking about vaping, advocacy, flavors. We’re talking about juices, RTAs, RDAs. Everybody over there is really friendly, no drama, very knowledgeable people. I’m over there a lot. It’s a very active group 24/7. You’ll find somebody over there to chat to about vaping. It’s that active of a group, I promise you. Head on over there, join up, and you will enjoy yourself.

That’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out. Deuces.

  • Huge battery life
  • Great flavour
  • Plenty of airflow options
  • Short Circuit on the 0.12Ω
  • Connection between battery and pod doesn’t snap into place
  • No control over wattage (subjective)


Horizon Tech Magico
$39.95 $43.95

DeucesJack is head of reviews at Vaping Insider and has become known as one of the best reviewers in the industry. He pulls no punches and always gives an honest and unbiased opinion on the products he reviews. Since the launch of our youtube channel in 2018 he has put out a review video every single day.