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IPV Refi Pod System Review

Updated on: 2018-10-13


It’s not the best pod system on the market. There are better pods out there at the moment but at its price point, it’s definitely competitive. And that’s it folks. That’s all I got for you today.

First Impression Out of the Box

DeucesJack: What’s up, everyone? DeucesJack and I’m at I got a new pod system for you. I know everybody’s like, “Jack, that’s all pods.” Yeah, I can only review what they put in front of me and pod systems are very popular this year. This has definitely been the year of the pod. This is the IPV Refi pod system. It’s available in eight colors, black, red, green, silver, champagne, dark green, blue and purple. It measures in at 88 x 29.1 x 16.6mm. Weighs 38.5 grams, 400 mAh internal battery, ceramic coil, 1.2 ohm resistance.

Let’s dive down. Let’s check it out. We’ll come back on top. We’ll talk about it a bit, cons, pros and we’re out of here. I’ll see you down low.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 iPV ReFi Pod System
  • 1 Refillable Pod
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • 1 User Manual

Alright, everyone! Welcome to the down low portion of this video. Today we’re going to be going over the IPV Refi pod system. Yeah, I know. Another pod system, check it out. Comes in a bunch of different colors, black, green, red, champagne, silver, purple, blue and black green. Kind of neat that it comes in all those colors. Nothing much going on here just some IPV branding. On the back, lets you know what your kit includes. You only get one pod with this kit. That’s definitely going to be a con.

IPV Refi Pod System Review box

Let’s open it up and check it out. The packaging is really nice, opens up like a book. I’m definitely diggin that. I like that type of packaging. Tells you how to fill your pod, over here. Gives you some tips, over here. Not bad, this is the part I really like. Check this out, man. They went over everything here. Tells you how much it weighs, 400 mAh internal battery, 2ml capacity. Resistance of the coil is 1.2 ohms. They did a nice job laying everything out here, definitely. Pause this if you want to read it. There are some of the protections that are built in. Tells you how to use it, how to charge, the LED indicators and what they mean. Like I said, pull it over here if you want to read all that. Nice black USB microUSB cable. We all have a million of them. Here’s your QC certificate right here.

Here is the actual pod system. We’re going to put that on deck for a second and here is your pod. Like I said, you only get one of these. Bad job on that, IPV. You’re going to do a pod system, you’re going to be in the pod game. You gotta include two.

From Top to Bottom

IPV Refi Pod System Review cap

Here is the pod. Like I already mentioned, 2 ml capacity, definitely diggin that. This piece comes off. It just protects it. You have two nice gold-plated pieces right there. Now if you want to fill this thing, you take this part off and it fills from the top just like that. Pull that back or you can take the whole thing off if you need some room for your air to escape and then once you fill it up, you just pop it back on. I’m not a big fan of this thing fully detaching. You do have the option of leaving it on but I’d rather see it attached to this somehow so you don’t lose it.

IPV Refi Pod System Review pods

Nice capacity, 2ml capacity. There’s your coil. I’ve seen darker pods. I wish this was a little lighter so you can see your juice capacity a little easier. That definitely would have helped. Once you’re done filling it all up, you take this cover and you put it on there. I do like that. It comes off and you can clean it. That’s kind of neat. There’s your draw hole. This is a draw activated device.

IPV Refi Pod System Review pods

Here is the actual mod, itself. Nice black finish. You got an LED over there. That’s not a button, although it looks like one. Some IPV branding, nice, nice, paint job. Like a pearl black. I don’t know if you can see that little bit of sparkle in there, kind of nice in there. You have two gold plated pins that go onto your contacts and there are also two magnets. Now when you want to put your pot in you, just click it in like that. There’s no right or wrong way to put it in. You can put it in either way and it will vape all together. It’s a nice looking pod system, it really is. And like I said, the capacity is nice at 2 mls and it actually vapes really well.

IPV Refi Pod System Review-usb

Let’s cut back on top. Let’s talk about it, we’ll vape on it, cons, pros and then we’re out of here. See you back on top.

General Thoughts

Alright, everyone! We’re back on top with the IPV Refi pod system. Nice little refillable pod, stealthy, good for ghosting, I like that. I love the top refill on it. LED battery indicator. It’s a nice little pod system.

IPV Refi Pod System Review gen

Let’s get into the cons and pros.


First con is going to be, you got to remove that plastic cover in order to see your juice level. That’s a con. IPV, what the hell were you thinking? Why didn’t you put a cut out somewhere so I could see my juice level? I mean, such a simple solution. All you had to do is think about it. Come on, man. You know stuff like that annoys me.

The hits on this are a little bit weak. I think it’s a little underpowered. It’s got low cloud production. That probably goes to the underpowered part of it. The drawer is definitely tight so that’s going to be a con.

And it’s only got one pod included in the kit. IPV, are you guys out of your tree? Have you not been watching videos? Do you not see that every reviewer is given every company that puts one pod in a box a huge con for that? You guys got to start keeping up with the market here, man. That’s not acceptable putting one pod in a box. That’s my rant now and I’m over it.

Let’s move on to the pros.


First pro is going to be, its well-built. I like the way it’s built.

The construction is nice. Nice form factor, we’re going to give it a pro for that.

I like the paint job on it. That’s a pro.

IPV Refi Pod System Review front

Capacity, 2mls, pro.

Lots of colors available, pro.

And probably the biggest pro on this one is the price point. It’s under 20 bucks. Come on, man.
Overall, it’s a 20 buck chuck. If you need a pod system, you get a refillable pod system that’s not bad. You know what, IPV, though, you should charge a couple of dollars more and put a second pot in there. That’s for sure.


Make sure you check out our link down below as to where you can buy it. We’re also going to have a link to our forum, Hey man, if you like this video, do us a favor. Give us that thumbs up. Hit that subscribe button. Hit that notification button so you know every time we drop a new review.

We’re going to see you guys on the next one. You keep living at vapelife. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • well-built
  • construction is nice
  • paint job
  • 2ml capacity
  • Lots of colors available
  • price point
  • you got to remove the plastic cover in order to see your juice level
  • hits are a little bit weak
  • only one pod included


IPV Refi Pod System
$4.95 $29.95

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