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Joyetech Cuboid Lite Review

Updated on: 2017-10-04


The Cuboid Lite Kit is a nice little stealthy setup to have in your vaping arsenal. It’s very pocketable and it’s an extremely easy carry. It’s not the type of kit that I would use as an all-day, everyday mod but some people might. If you are a tootle puffer, you will definitely appreciate the tank that comes with it and the 1.2 ohm coil. If you’re the type of that is consistently below 40 watts, you will love the .5 ohm coil. If you are the type of vaper that likes to vape between 40 and 65 Watts, there’s really nothing here for you. Unfortunately, they did not include a coil that is available in those ranges. That is where I think the kit falls on its face a bit. I would have liked to have seen some type of coil that caters more to the mid range wattage vaper. Other than that though, it’s a very solid, complete, kit. It seems to be accurate, the TC is good, it is very pocketable, the tank is flavorful, and it all looks good when it is packaged together. This is definitely a nice little backup mod for the person that needs a kit that is easy to carry around. If those are your particular wants and needs, the Cuboid Lite will do just fine.

First Impression Out Of The Box

For a tiny kit, this thing comes in one big box. I’m not going to lie, I was expecting a much bigger mod when I first saw the box. It was actually kind of shocking at how small the kit actually is considering the size of the box. The box is laid out into two tiers. On the top tier, we have the mod and on the bottom tier, we have all the accessories and the tank including a spare coil. It is typical Joyetech packaging.

I just can’t get over the small size of this thing. Everything seems to match up really well and you can easily enclose this mod in a normal-sized fist. Just a stealthy little setup that seems to be well built. I’m going to drop a coil in the included sub-ohm tank, juice it up, and see how this thing vapes.

What’s In The Box

  • One Joyetech Cuboid Lite 80W Mod
  • One Joyetech Exceed D22 Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One EX 0.5 ohm DL Coil
  • One EX 1.2ohm MTL Coil
  • Extended Vent Pipe
  • Spare Glass Section (3.5ml)
  • QC USB Cable
  • Spare Parts
  • Two User Manuals
  • Warning Card

Joyetech Cuboid Lite Box

The Mod

As per our usual procedure, we will start off with the 510 connection. The 510 connection on the Cuboid Lite is basically mounted below the top piece of the mod. There is a circular cut out around it that is a little bit recessed. The threading on the 510 connection is stainless steel and very smooth. So far, all of the smaller tanks I have tried on this mod have sat flush. The 510 pin itself is extremely stiff. Almost to the point that I really had to check if it was actually spring loaded. This may be one of the stiffest 510 pins I have ever received on a mod. The pin itself is gold plated and it does seem to make a good connection with all of the tanks that I put on this mod. All that being said, I’m not too sure that I am absolutely thrilled about this 510 connection. I definitely would have liked to have seen some more travel on it. It is extremely stiff and the travel on it is one of the shortest I’ve ever seen on a spring loaded 510.

Joyetech Cuboid Lite Pin

With the screen facing you on the left side of the mod, we have a firing button that travels almost the whole length of the mod. It is very tactile and extremely responsive. You can get this bar to fire well below the 50% mark on the bar. It has a lot of usable space on it. I still prefer firing the bar towards the top but really no matter where your hand lands on the bar, it will be able to fire. It is a solid firing bar and I have had no button rattle on this mod at all.

Joyetech Cuboid Lite Components

On the right side of the mod with the screen facing you, there is a charge update port. This mod is firmware upgradeable and it charges at 2 amps. It does have a 3000 mAh internal battery. So far, the battery life has been very respectable and I have noticed that the mod does charge up rather quickly. Of course, that all depends at what wattages you run this mod at. This particular mod does have a maximum wattage of 80 watts. Whenever I am running mods like this in my rotation, I tend to try to stay under 60 watts. I find that when I run these types of mods that way I get the best compromise of vape quality and battery life.

Joyetech Cuboid Lite usb

On the backside of the mod, opposite the screen, we do have some Cuboid Lite branding towards the top of the mod. There is also some Joyetech branding towards the bottom of the mod. On the bottom side of the mod, we do have some battery venting. There are 3 holes on each side of the mod for a total of 6 venting holes. There is also a reset button located on the bottom of the mod so you can perform a factory reset if the need ever arises. Simply take the end of a paperclip and insert it in the hole to reset the mod.

The screen is where this little guy really shines. The Cuboid Lite has a 1.45-inch color TFT display. It is a nice big display that takes up the whole front plate of the mod. The display shows the user their wattage, temperature, material, watts, resistance, amps, and battery life. The screen does have contrasting colors on it and it is laid out beautifully with a real clean look to it. I like the font that Joyetech decided to use and everything on this screen is clear and concise. The one big con about the screen is in direct sunlight it is virtually impossible to see. In the shaded areas, you will be fine but when direct sunlight hits the screen you basically cannot see it.

Joyetech Cuboid Lite screen

Right below the screen, we do have the plus and minus buttons. The plus button is located on the right and the minus button is located on the left. It is one long button that sits flush up against the mind. It is basically a long rectangle with rounded edges. It does have a nice feel to it and so far it has been very responsive.

The Tank

The tank that is included in your Cuboid Lite Kit is the Exceed D22 tank. It comes preassembled in 2 ml mode but there is a spare glass and an extension piece that allows you to convert it to 3.5 ml mode. So far it’s a nice little tank that does match up well with the Cuboid Lite mod.

Joyetech Cuboid Lite tankparts

The drip tip that is included with this tank is a 510 drip tip. It is definitely geared more towards the MTL or restricted lung hit vaper. The bore on the drip tip is on the narrow side. Joyetech is calling it a 5 mm bore with a proprietary drip tip but so far, all of my 510 drip tips have fit into the top cap without a problem. This is one of the longer drip tips you will find on most stock tanks. It is quite comfortable and it does have two o’rings at the base. So far, I have definitely been enjoying using this drip tip on this tank.

Joyetech Cuboid Lite glass

When you take the top cap of on this tank, it leaves the glass fully open. There are no fill ports on this tank. There is also an included extension piece that basically extends the chimney and allows you to run this tank in 3.5-ml mode. I have run the tank in both 2 ml mode and 3.5 ml mode. I really have not noticed a difference in flavor. Flavor has basically stayed the same no matter what mode I have used. No matter which way you run this tank, there is a very short distance between the coil and the point where it enters the vapers mouth. So the flavor difference between the two modes is negligible at best.

As I alluded to before, the tank does come with two different glass sections. A 2 ml mode and a 3.5 ml mode. The glass section is kept in place with the tension between the base and the top cap. On the end of each side of the glass section, the glass is secured to the top cap and base with 2 orings. So far, I have had no problems with this tank leaking at all.

Joyetech Cuboid Lite ml

The base section of this tank does have one airflow slot. It measures 12 mm by 2 mm. The AFC control on this tank is smooth and it does have stoppers on both ends. The AFC is done a little differently than most tanks. You can set it to wide open and the whole slot is actually open. You can taper that slot down as you would on a regular sub ohm tank. If you have the slot all the way to the right, you can get a mouth to lung vape off of this tank. The way you are able to do that is once you slide the AFC all the way to the right, there are three small air holes. You can vape with three small air holes open and get a MTL vape or you can shut them down one by one. Of course, the less air holes you leave open, the tighter the draw will be. It’s a nice little idea that I’ve never seen on any other sub ohm tank. I have to give Joyetech credit for coming up with something that’s so simple yet makes the tank very versatile as far as airflow goes. Nice job!

Joyetech Cuboid Lite parts

On the bottom of this sub ohm tank, there is some D22 branding. The bottom is silver and it has a mirror-like finish to it. While I have not tried this tank on a lot of other mods, it does sit flush with the mod that is included in the kit. The 510 looks to be nickel-plated and it has made a good connection every time I have used it.

The Coils

This kit does come with 2 stock coils. One is geared towards MTL Vapors and the other is geared towards restricted DL vapers. You get a 1.2 ohm coil as well as a .5 ohm coil. I will go over both of them in detail in this section.

Joyetech Cuboid Lite coils

The 1.2 ohm coil is strictly for tootle puffers. It has a maximum wattage of 14 watts. Totally not my style of vaping. I did try it out as an MTL coil and to be honest, it just left me wanting more. I’m not saying it’s a bad coil at all, in fact, it’s probably a very good for coil for the people that actually vape like this. For me, it’s just not my thing. The range is way too tight and the cloud production is just not there. I get a very unsatisfying vape from this coil. I can see how a person that is an extremely low wattage vaper would enjoy it though. As far as the flavor goes it is okay but not nearly enough for me. The cloud production on this coil is anemic at best but that is to be expected because of the high ohms and low wattage you are forced to run it at. Good coil, just not for me.

Joyetech Cuboid Lite coil

The .5 ohm coil that comes in the kit is more my jam. This coil has a maximum rating of 35 watts and I do get a decent vape off of it. This coil still runs a lot lower than I personally like to vape but I do get very good flavor and decent cloud production off of it. My sweet spot on this coil has been right around 30 watts. I can get myself a flavorful, reasonably cloudy, vape out of it. The other advantage of using this coil with this kit is you will get very good battery life because you can only run the coil at a maximum of 35 Watts.

The Look, Feel, And General Aesthetics Of The Mod

I like the look of this mod. It kind of looks like a mini Charon TS or for that matter, it looks exactly like the new Cuboid Pro touch screen mod that was just recently released. It is extremely small for an 80-watt device and it is very pocketable. I love the power to size ratio that this kit has. Even with the 3.5 ml tank on it, it still is a very stealthy little setup. I like the color screen on this mod but I do wish it was more visible in outdoor conditions. It does have a great feel in the hand and so far, I have really enjoyed using it.

Joyetech Cuboid Lite feel

The Board

This is a typical Joyetech board that we’ve all seen before. The board is capable of 80 watts and it does have a TC feature. This mod is capable of doing TC with Ni, Ti, and SS. It also has preheat functions and a TCR function as well. I love the fact that Joyetech included an onboard clock. I really wish a lot more manufacturers would start doing that. The two things that I have in my hand the most on any given day are my mod and my phone. I find it extremely convenient to be able to look at either one of them and tell what time of the day it is. It also has three memory functions and it has a temperature range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a maximum output current of 30 amps and a maximum output voltage of 9 volts. In TC mode, it will fire as low as .05 ohms and in power or bypass mode, it will fire as low as .1 ohms.

Joyetech Cuboid Lite board

The Menu System

  • Click the fire button 5 times to turn the mod on and off.
  • Click the fire button 3 times to get into the main menu.
  • Once in the main menu, you will have your choice of selecting the mode and setting the time and date. Use the plus and minus button to scroll through these choices.
  • Hold the fire button and the minus button to activate or deactivate stealth mode.
  • Hold the plus and minus button to flip the screen.
  • Hold the plus button and the fire button to adjust your preheat.

What I listed above are basically the main functions of the mod. There are other little things you can do here and there but they are quite involved and I didn’t see the need to go over them thoroughly in this section. If you purchase this kit, they are in the instruction booklet.

How Does It Vape

I have to be honest, I’m really not a fan of the 1.2 ohm coil. I used it for a little bit but it is just not my style of vaping. It is a decent coil and if you are a hardcore MTL vaper, you’ll probably enjoy it. I definitely enjoyed the .5 ohm coil much better. The tank definitely has some good flavor with that coil in it and the cloud production is decent as well. I do wish that they included another coil that you could vape closer to the 60-watt range. For a mod that is capable of 80 watts, I think that would have been a lot more appropriate.

What Would Have Made It Better

  • Higher wattage coil
  • Simpler menu system

Totally not a fan of the 1.2-ohm coil. I did like the .5 ohm coil but it still left me wanting a little more. I think this kit would have been better if they would have included a coil that could max out at 60 watts. I mean why develop a kit that does 80 Watts and only include a coil that maxes out at 35 watts? That just doesn’t make any sense to me. The other thing I would have liked to have seen is the menu system simplified. Yes, to do the basic stuff, it is pretty simple but even when you start getting into some of the sub menus, the button clicks get kind of ridiculous. On such a small mod, this system should have been a lot simpler even for the more intricate settings. Work on that, Joyetech.

  • Matches up well with the mod
  • 2 modes (2 ml & 3.5 ml)
  • Decent flavor
  • Comfortable drip tip
  • 510 compatible drip tip
  • Smooth airflow
  • Wide airflow range
  • Lacks a solid mid range coil
  • 1.2 ohm coil is just not that great


Joyetech Cuboid Lite
$55.90 $83.90

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