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Joyetech Procore Remix Review

Updated on: 2017-07-18


This is a great kit for somebody that just started vaping. The reason I say that is because it has something for every type of vaper. When your new, you don’t necessarily know what type of vaper you are, yet this would be an excellent setup to experiment with. With the Joyetech Procore Remix, they give you all the tools so you can figure out what you like. If you’re a total newbie, you can start off with the Sub Ohm Tank. Then if you feel like moving towards the RTA or RDA, Joyetech provided coils for you to be able to do that. This is an extremely versatile tank.

The problem with it is while it does everything it sets out to do on a scale from well to very well, it really doesn’t do anything great. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its place in the market. Because I see a setup like this being a big drawer to somebody that’s just getting into vaping and may not have the funds to buy three atomizers right a way. I’m not talking about the people that are buying a little pen mods. I’m talking about the vapers that are just getting into box mods with their own batteries and their own tanks. This setup will suit those types of people because they’ll get to try everything and it’s all in one box. Overall, for those reasons, I’d have to give this setup a thumbs up.

How Does It Vape?

As a Sub OHM Tank

The Procore Remix’ Sub Ohm Tank is more than respectable. The vape quality I get reminds me very much of Smok Big Baby Beast. It’s not as well made or machined as well as the Baby Beast but the clouds and flavor are definitely there. I do like the innovative top fill design that Joyetech has come up with for this tank. I find it very convenient and easy to use. That being said, that’s where the Joyetech tank kind of falls on its face. The top cap is where it kind of feels cheap and tinny. Had Joyetech made that piece better the whole tank would have felt much nicer. With the point .4 ohm coil, I get lots of flavor and lots of clouds. The .4 ohm coil is rated from 40 to 80 watts. I like running it right in the middle at just under 60 watts. I find at that wattage that I get the best compromise of clouds and flavor with this setup. You also have the choice of running this as a Sub Ohm Tank in 2 ml or 4.5 ml mode.

Joytech ProCore Remix Review subohm

As an RTA:

As an RTA, this tank is totally legitimate as well. I think the RBA section is well done and thought out. I like the ease of use on this deck and I like the fact that it’s easy to wick. Remember though, this is an RBA section so the build deck is a little bit on the small side compared to RDA’s with a similar diameter. You’re not exactly going to be able to fit 4.5 mm monster clapton’s in there. Right now, I’m running 2.5 mm ID Twisted Kanthal coils. To be honest, I probably could get 3 mm coils in there but it’s going to be tight. Right now I’m ohming out at .22 ohms and I have the mod set at 68 watts in power mode. I’m vaping it on my Lost Vape Therion so not only does it look good on the Therion but it vapes really well too.

Joytech ProCore Remix Review RTA

As an RDA:

I have to be honest, when I first saw the RDA setup, I said to myself this can’t be good. I went into it thinking that the RDA would not provide a quality vape. The reason for that is because you open the box and you see this tinted glass bell cap thing and you’re saying to yourself, ‘I just can’t see how this is going to vape well.’ Well, after installing the orings and the glass top cap combination drip tip, I have to say that surprisingly, it actually vapes pretty well.

Joytech ProCore Remix Review RDA

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this thing is anywhere near a Goon or a CSMNT but if you’re new to dripping and you want to try it out just to see if you like it, this would not be a bad way to go. It definitely gives the user enough of the dripping experience for them to be able to know whether they will like dripping or not. I’m running the same build in it that I was running in RTA mode. The vape and clouds are actually just a hair better than it is in RTA mode. Like I said previously in this review, the only con about RDA mode is that you really can’t chain vape this thing because of the glass top cap. Other than that, it puts out a very respectable vape for what it is.

First Impression Out of the Box

Wow! There are a lot of parts in this box. Looks like I’m going to have to take my time with this one. According to the back of the box, this is a combination Sub Ohm Tank, RTA, RDA. I’m going to have to try out every one of them and see how this thing stacks up.

What’s in the Box

  • 1x ProCore Remix atomizer
  • 1x Extended vent pipe
  • 1x 2 mL glass tube
  • 1x RTA chamber
  • 1x RDA chamber
  • 1x RDA sleeve
  • 1x RTA/RDA deck
  • 1x ProC1 (0.4 ohm) head
  • 1x Pure cotton
  • 2x Clapton coil
  • 1x Spare parts

Joytech ProCore Remix Review box

From Top to Bottom


The RDA is actually pretty nice. It has an all glass top cap with a drip tip as well. The whole thing is basically one piece. In the box, you get a stainless steel barrel with no o’rings pre-installed. Not going to lie, it did take me a little bit to figure out that the o’rings needed installation. I felt kind of silly actually after I realized what I needed to do. There are three red o’rings that you need to install around the barrel. Once installed, they are pretty tight so you really should juice them up before attempting to put the top cap on. The barrel with the o’rings actually screws onto the removable deck. Then you place the combination top cap drip tip over the barrel and you are able to vape.

Since this is a bottom airflow system, the vape is actually quite flavorful. My only real complaint about the RDA is that the whole top cap and drip tip combination is made of glass. The reason that turns out to be a con is because when you chain vape, that glass does get really hot. I would suggest building high if you’re going to use the RDA and not really use a hot build.

While this is a bottom airflow tank, I did find dripping down the middle was quite convenient. However, you do have to make sure that you drip directly down the middle and not even close to the sides. Any juice that comes close to the sides while dripping will come out the air flow hole. Yeah this RDA has its little quirks but the vape quality is actually really good. It’s also a good looking topper once it’s fully assembled.


The RTA version of this tank looks exactly like a regular Procore Aries Sub Ohm Tank. The only difference being, instead of sub ohm coils, it has an RBA section. The RBA section is reminiscent of the Wotofo Troll stacked deck. It is a two-post, two-terminal design. The peek insulator is actually in the middle between the two pieces of metal that create the stacked deck. The grub screws are accessed from the side much like a velocity style deck.

The RBA section for this tank actually works really well. The deck itself does sit slightly above the bottom of the base almost qualifying it as a GTA style tank but not quite in my opinion.

Joytech ProCore Remix Review RTA top

When using the RTA deck, there is a barrel included in the kit that you need to use instead of the traditional barrel of the sub ohm tank. The barrel has a very conical design to it and I’m sure that contributes to the really good flavor that the Remix puts out. Threading on the barrel is smooth, just make sure you don’t over tighten it because it can be tough to get off if over tightened. The barrel then screws into the top chimney cap so the flavor does not have far to go. This is a top fill tank and it works just like the regular Procore tank. It has that pop-up like design that I like to call the toilet seat. Once you pop the cap into its upright position, you will see to fill ports on either side. Both fill ports have nice beefy rubber gaskets around them and they will accommodate most of today’s juice bottles. The drip tip for the Procore is actually a female drip tip. It’s really thin and looks to be made out of Delrin. It is not exactly wide bore and to be honest it’s not the highest quality looking drip tip I’ve seen on a tank. If Joyetech did cut corners anywhere it looks like this and the top cap is where they did it. Of course, since the drip tip is female, the top of the Procore has a metal protrusion with three rings around it. The o’rings do a really nice job of keeping the drip tip in place.

The Coils

Included in the kit is one coil so you can run the tank as a traditional Sub Ohm Tank. Joyetech decided to include its Pro C1 .4 ohm coil head. It’s a nice flavorful coil head that I have vaped many times before. It works well and it does a great job of giving you a nice flavorful vape. Joyetech has it rated at 40 – 80 watts with the best flavor being at 55 – 65 watts. Personally, I like it right around 58 watts. The C1 is considered a direct lung hit coil. Joyetech does have 5 other coils available for this series of tanks. One out of the 5 is a .25 MTL coil, the rest are all DL coils.

Joytech ProCore Remix Review coil


  • Tank: 2ml/ 4.5ml (exclude RDA)
  • Coil: Compatible with normal ProC series heads
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • One kit variable for four atomizers – RTA/RDA/4.5ml Sub Ohm & 2ml Sub Ohm
  • Introduced by Joyetech
  • Easily transform to sub-ohm atomizers
  • Single or dual coil rebuild for option
  • Intense cloud and flavor chasing combo
  • Compatible with normal ProC series heads
  • Flip type top-fill design

  • Versatility
  • Top fill
  • RBA section
  • 3-in-1 design
  • Good overall vape quality
  • Family of coils
  • Does everything well
  • Great for newer vapers
  • Glass top cap
  • Female drip tip
  • Some of the machining


Joyetech Procore Remix
$38.66 $46.00

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