Lost Vape Orion Plus Review

Updated on: 2019-10-05


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack, I’m at VapingInsider.com. Today, we’re going to be going over the Lost Vape Orion Plus. This one was given to me directly from Lost Vape at ECC. Big question is, is this the best Orion yet? Make sure you watch the whole review. Find out all my thoughts and feelings, baby. Lost Vape Orion Plus

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Let’s go over the Lost Vape Orion Plus. The big difference with this one is, it’s got replaceable coils, mesh coils, and it’s got five power settings. And I want to call your attention to this card before I even go over the mod. Now, you can see, the 0.25-ohm coil and the 0.5-ohm coil which are included in the kit are all compatible at the different color levels that I’m going to go over, level one through five. Now, the Orion DNA Go pods, the 0.25 and the 0.5 one, they are compatible but you can only run them in white or the blue setting. They don’t recommend that you run it in the red, yellow, or purple setting. So just be aware of that. 

Now that we got that all out of the way, let’s take a look at this beauty. Check this thing out. Look at that, just beautiful. I love this finish, like a marbleized memory type of finish, awesome job. Subtle Lost Vape branding over there. Check out that clear pod. Hello! You can see my finger through it. Awesome, awesome job on that. Alright, everything else pretty much looks the same. There’s some Orion Plus branding right there. There is some Orion branding right there. On the bottom, you can see, we have some venting to this little plug right here that comes out. That’s where your micro USB port is. The same type of form factor, same exact size, basically. Here is your fill port right here. It’s a screw-off type, just like that, nice and big. No problem displacing air or using any type of juice bottle. Threading on it is actually pretty decent. It’s got some nice knurling so you can get a grip. The same type of adjustable airflow on top right here. You can see, no stoppers, it goes all the way around. We’ll talk about the airflow more on top. Lost Vape Orion Plus

Now here’s something interesting with this drip tip. In order to replace the coil, because remember, this is a replaceable coil system, you unscrew to drip tip. The drip tip screws right into the coil, like that. It also has this release feature. There’s a fire button, there’s your mode button to scroll through to five modes. We’ll go over that in a minute. Let’s talk about the release button.

You pull it down and pop the pot out just as you do on the other Orions. I wanted to show it to you next to the regular Orion. You can see, same exact form factor. Very, very similar drip tips, the same type of fill cap. Just basically the same. This is the Orion Plus because you’re able to swap the coils. That’s the big difference between these two. This one, you can’t swap the coil. You have to swap the whole pod. This one, you can swap the coil. But you can see, the dimensions, they’re all right there. This one feels more like premium materials as opposed to the regular non-DNA Orion. This one feels a little better. It feels more like the Go version but very, very much the same. Now, as I said, this does have a replaceable coil. See that coil right there? Just peel that sticker off, that’s to stop it from firing during transport. There are your gold-plated contacts. They are going to make contact with these two gold-plated contacts right there. And that’s how you’re going to fire your coil. 

Lost Vape Orion Plus

You’re probably asking me, “But Deuces, how do I get that coil out? Let me show you because this is one thing that kind of annoys me about this. This whole base comes out with the coil but there’s really no way to get your nails in there or anything in there to pull that thing out. It is really tight and it’s really a pain in the neck to get out. 

So let me show you what I’ve been doing. I take the drip tip and I put it on for a few threads. Not much, maybe one or two and then all I do is I take it and I pop it up like that. See that come up? Once it’s up, you can kind of grab a hold of it, maybe back it off a little bit and pop it up some more. And you can kind of grab a hold of it and get it out but it is really a pain. See? Now it’s out. Now there’s your coil. That’s your replaceable coil. This coil does not unscrew from this piece. When you buy your separate coils, they all come with the base already pre-installed on it. So just be aware of that. Now, this is the 0.25-ohm mesh coil. Really not a good way to prime it. Maybe put a drop or two down the middle. But in all honesty, I would just fill the tank up and let it sit for a good 5 10 minutes, maybe give it a few dry poles. 

So let’s do that right now. The juice we’re going to be using is Juice Head. This is their pineapple grapefruit. Really, really nice fruit juices this company makes. So what you want to do, as I said, just put a drop right down the middle just like that. Don’t go crazy with it because the best way to prime this is just to let it sit. Now, what you want to do is you want to take your coil, you want to pop it in there, and it fits nice and tight. Remember, just pop it in there nice and easy. Now you take your drip tip and you’re going to screw it on and that’s going to create some tension and keep the coil in place. Now we take our top fill cap, pop it off, and we take our juice bottle and we just give it a nice squeeze. Fill that thing all the way up, just like so. Once that’s all filled up, we take our top fill cap and we screw it back on nice and tight. And now, you can see, it’s all filled up. You can clearly see your juice level. Love, love, love the shade they did these pods in. 

So now, here are your different power levels. This is your mode button. White is the softest. Then you go to blue right there, that’s the second softest. Red is right in the middle, that’s number three. Yellow is the second from the strongest. And purple is the strongest setting. On the 0.25 coil, you might want to start off on blue, with a brand new coil and break that coil in a little bit. Lost Vape Orion Plus


Also included in the packaging, you get an Orion Plus user manual. You get a lanyard, you get two lanyard attachments that go around the mods so you can hang it from your neck. I’m really not into that. You get a warranty card, you get in a spare pod, 0.5-ohm pod that I’m going to leave it there because you can’t see the inside of it. It’s just a higher resistance pod. It’s not a mesh pod. And you also get this funkadelic looking micro USB cable for charging. Never seen that color before, it’s definitely a little different. One last look at it before we go back on top and give it a vape.Lost Vape Orion Plus

  • 1 Orion PLUS Device
  • 1 Orion PLUS Lanyard
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 Warranty Cable
  • 1 0.25ohm MESH OCC Coil
  • 1 0.5ohm Regular OCC Coil
  • 1 User Manual



Alright, Insiders! Let’s get into those cons and pros. 

First, con’s going to be, and I did crank it up via escribe because you can hook this thing up to escribe. I cranked it up to around 22W. I’m still getting a cool vape. It’s inherent in these pod systems. They’re cooler when you compare them to a regular system. I wish somebody would come up with a system that provides a little bit more warmth especially when we’re talking about the DNA Go chip because there are systems starting to come out like the Squid Squad and the Voopoo Vinci that generate more heat. I wish Evolve would get on the stick and generate some more heat. It’s a cooler vape. And that’s going to be a con for me. 

When you change a pod, this one, the drip tip can get a little hot. I was a little surprised at that. It’s a con. 

The coil heads on these, while they are replaceable, they’re a little bit of a pain to get out. If you do it the way I showed you, shouldn’t be an issue. But sometimes, they can be a little bit of a pain. You kind of got to dig them out a little bit. It’s a bit of a con. 

And the last con’s going to be price point on this. They’re going from around $65-$70. Make sure you shop around. But that’s a pretty steep price even though it’s a DNA board. That’s a steep price for a pod system or an AIO kit, whatever you want to call it. It’s still a little on the high side. I gotta chalk that up to con. 

But that’s it. Real nitpicky stuff. Let’s get into the pros. 


The first pro’s going to be, it does have that DNA Go chip and it does perform well. 

Although it’s a cooler vape, the performance is definitely there. 

Beautiful panels, I love all the colors it comes in and they have stabbed wood options as well.

Easy fill system. 

Love those clear pods. Lost Vape Orion Plus

Swappable coils, calling in AIO, whatever you want. I like that feature. It’s a pro. 

Build quality, like our most Lost Vape stuff. It’s really nice. 

Multiple power settings and replay mode. Plus, you can configure everything the way you want via e scribe. That’s awesome. 

Really nice flavor and clouds. Right now, I got the stainless steel coil at 20W. Check it out. Nice, flavorful. I just wish there was some more heat. But the flavor is there and the clouds are definitely there. I have definitely been enjoying this one. 

I like the fact that it’s small, pocketable. Very, very easy carry. Lost Vape Orion Plus

That mouth-to-lung coil, that actually has a legit MTL draw to it especially if you cut down that airflow. It’s really good. You MTL-ers are going to enjoy it. 

I like that they kept that USB port protected. I really like that. I didn’t like on the regular Orion that it was exposed. I like that it’s protected. I think that’s a pro. 

Plenty, tons of color choices on this one. If you can’t find one you like, that’s on you because it’s a pro that you have so many choices. 

So that’s it, Insiders! Those are the cons and pros. Let’s talk about this one a little bit.


Basically, this is pretty much the same as the OG with a ton of upgrades to it. It’s got better flavor. It’s got different airflow options via the coils and it comes in a bunch of different colors. Plus, you can still hook this thing up to e scribe and customize it any way you want. That’s what I did when I first got it. However, when I go over the specs on it, I’m going to go over the specs that it’s set at out of the box. If you’ve never had an Orion before, if you never got into the DNA one and you want to check one out, definitely go out and buy this one. We’re going to have a link down below. This one is DeucesJack approved. 



Let’s get into some of the specs on the Lost Vape Orion Plus. It measures in at 93mm by 37mm by 13.5mm. It has a 950 mAh battery. The maximum output is 22W. You do get two coils in the kit, 0.25 ohm mesh coil and a 0.5 ohm regular coil. It has adjustable airflow. Wattage modes are as follows. With the 0.25 coil, white mode is 13W, blue is 15W, red is 18W, yellow is 20W, and purple is 22W. With the 0.5 ohm coil, white is 10W, blue is 11W, red is 14W, yellow is 16W and purple is 18W. In order to enter the replay mode, you hold the button for 3 seconds. Protections include short circuits, weak battery temperature protection, low and high resistance protection. The colors on this one are plentiful with different finishes and you also have stab wood options.Lost Vape Orion Plus

  • Advanced DNA GO Chipset
  • Dimensions – 93mm by 37mm by 13.5mm
  • Integrated 950mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Max. Wattage Output: 22W
  • 5 Power Levels – White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple
  • Proprietary Pod Cartridge Installation
  • 0.25ohm Orion Plus Mesh Coil
  • 0.5ohm Orion Plus Regular Coil
  • Threaded Coil Installation
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Weak Battery Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Low/High Resistance Protection
  • MicroUSB Port
  • Available in Gold Stabwood, Silver Stabwood, Blue Stabwood, Black Stabwood, Gold Carbon Fiber, Blue Carbon Fiber, Silver Carbon Fiber, Black Carbon Fiber, Purple Carbon Fiber, Gold-Gold Abalone, Blue Ocean Scallop, Black Ocean Scallop, Purple Ocean Scallop, and Purple Phoenix


Want to give a huge shout out to Lost Vape for hooking me up with this at ECC. 

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And that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. It’s more important than ever, please, if you enjoy vaping, if it has helped you live a healthier life, get on the phone. Call your state representatives, call the white house, call your governor. Let them know that you vape and you vote because now, it’s more important than ever that you keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • perform well
  • Beautiful panels
  • Easy fill system
  • Love those clear pods
  • Swappable coils
  • Build quality
  • Multiple power settings and replay mode
  • Really nice flavor and clouds
  • pocketable
  • easy carry
  • That mouth-to-lung coil
  • USB port protected
  • tons of color choices
  • Cool vape
  • Drip tip get a little hot
  • Coil head a bit hard to get out
  • Price point


Lost Vape Orion Plus
$56.95 $79.95

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