MOUU Cliq Pod Review

Updated on: 2019-09-25


Before we talk about a little, let me show you some of the cloud production. I got it opened right now. Right now, I’m running 6mg freebase juice in here but you can run nic salts in here no problem. It’s not bad. It’s a nice little stealth setup. It’s not too cloudy. You can definitely stealth vape with it. Very pocketable, you can slip it in a shirt pocket, an inside jacket pocket, a front or back jeans pocket, it’s good to go like that. It’s well built, it feels solid in the hand. My big question with this is what’s the coil availability is going to be, or the pod availability 6 months from now? That’s my biggest issue.


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at Today, I got another pod for you. I got the Mouu Cliq, it’s CLIQ, I’m going to call it Cliq. Kind of looks like a woman’s mascara, that’s kind of what it looks like.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1x MOUU Cliq Device
  • 1x MOUU Cliq Pod
  • 1x USB cable

Also included in the kit is a warranty card, a rather large user manual, considering it’s such a simple device, and a micro USB cable for charging. Just wanted to show you how the cartridges are sold. They’re sold 3 in a pack. On the back, you can see the specs. This is a ceramic coil. It holds 1.4 mls of juice, 1.4 ohms in resistance. So this is how they’re sold in a 3-pack like this.

MOUU Cliq Pod box

So that’s it. Really not a lot to go over on this one. Again, I’m not crazy about the feminine look of this thing. It definitely has a girly sort of look to it. Not something that I like to keep in my pocket or vape on, as far as looks goes. Just not my thing. Like I said, it looks like something like you’re going to pull a mascara brush out of this thing or something. Let’s go back on top, let’s talk about how it actually vapes.

From Top To Bottom

MOUU Cliq Pod top

Check this thing out. Kind of neat. Different looking. It almost looks like a woman’s mascara or something like that. Kind of weird looking. Not a lot to go over on this one. Literally like a pen style vape. You got a little light there that lights up while you’re vaping. On the bottom, you got a little micro USB port.

MOUU Cliq Pod

By the way, this thing is very tipsy. It really doesn’t stand up well. And the reason they’re calling it the Cliq is because you see that piece right there? It’s closed now and it’s clean. No dirt or debris is getting into it. If you just pop it open like that. Now, you can vape on it. When you’re done, shut it, and it’s all clean and nothing is getting in there. So that’s why it’s called the Cliq. Kind of neat.

MOUU Cliq Pod

I’m not crazy about the shape of it, I gotta be honest. Just to give you some size reference, the only thing I could think to compare it to was the new Vaporesso Vapor stick, Vapor pod stick, whatever they’re calling it. This is the one we reviewed in the video, and here is the new Pal stick by Artery. Both of these have replaceable coils. This one has a replaceable cartridge. You could see, very similar to the Pal, as far as size goes. Same thing when you put it next to the Vaporesso, not much of a difference. Vaporesso is a little bit more square-off and probably about double the width. But just so you have some reference.

MOUU Cliq Pod

In order to get to your cartridge, you just pull this piece right off. And there you can see, that’s where you’re getting your airflow from and everything. Over here is your fill port. Pop this open and you fill it right there. Nice sized fill port, no issues with it. Once you’re done, you just pop it back in, just like so. You can see, clear, clear cartridge.

MOUU Cliq Pod

I wish they would have made some type of hole in this so I can actually see my level, my juice level. That would have been kind of nice. In order to replace the cartridge, you just unscrew it, just like this. You can’t replace the coil in the cartridge. The whole cartridge has to be thrown out once it burns out.

MOUU Cliq Pod

Looking on the top side of the mod, you do have some nice threading in here. You have two gold-plated pins that when they made contact with the gold-plated contact on the cartridge, that;s how your coil fires. In order to install one, you just put it in like that, give it a little reverse thread and just screw it down. Once it’s screwed down nice and tight, you take your Cliq piece right here and just pop it in. And now, you can open, and close it, and draw.

MOUU Cliq Pod


Alright, Insiders! Let’s get into the cons and the pros.

First con is going to be, and I alluded to it in the beginning of the video. It’s very girly looking. It really is. It’s very feminine looking. I’m not digging the looks of it at all.

Another con on this is when you go to swap the pod out when you want to pull the cover off, it can be really slippery. Sometimes I find myself having to grab like a rubber jar opener or something and really having to yank that thing off. It can get kind of slimy and slippery so that’s a con. I wish they would have put some texture at least on the bottom so I can get a grip on it.

And the last con is going to be the same con I give a lot of these pods. We gotta worry when so many new companies are coming out with so many little pod systems, what’s the availability of the tank’s going to be? What’s the availability going to be like, 3 or 6 months down the road from now? I’ve never heard of this company before. I don’t know if I buy this if I’m going to be able to get pods for it three months from now. So just keep that in mind as well.


Let’s move on to the pros because it does have some pros. First pro is going to be that integrated mouthpiece cover, I love it. It keeps things nice and clean and sanitary. Awesome job, awesome innovation, it’s a pro.

Another pro is going to be, while I don’t like the overall look of it, I guess if you’re a woman, it does kind of have a classy look to it. They made it in pink or something like that and some other pastel colors, it might be something that appeals to them. It’s not something that appeals to me but I can see the look is classy and sleek looking so I gotta give it a pro for that.

It’s got decent flavor. The flavor on it is not bad. It’s not ‘Oh my God’ flavor but it’s got decent flavor.

I like that they went with micro USB charging and not something proprietary. That’s a pro.

And the last pro is going to be, this thing has decent battery life. You’re running it at above ohm so the battery life is going to be pretty decent.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Mouu Cliq pod system. It measures in at 115mm x 14mm. It has a 9W maximum output. It is primarily made out of aluminum. There is a 380 mAh battery. The pods hold 1.4ml of juice and the pods ohm out at 1.4ohms. It is a ceramic pod. It’s available in grey, silver, and gold.

  • Size: 115 x 14mm
  • Output Power: Up to 9 watts
  • Output Voltage: 3.4V
  • Charging: Standard Micro-USB
  • Material: Aircraft-grade 6000 series aluminum
  • Battery Capacity: Built-in 380mAh
  • Pod Capacity: 1.4ml
  • Coil Resistance: 1.4ohm Ceramic Coil


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That’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • That integrated mouthpiece cover
  • Classy look
  • Decent flavor
  • Micro USB charging
  • Decent battery life
  • Very girly looking
  • It can be really slippery
  • So many little pod systems


MOUU Cliq Pod
$29.90 $44.85

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