Movkin Y2 Pod System Review

Updated on: 2019-10-29


What’s up, Insiders? I’m your man, DeucesJack. Today, we’re going to be going over the Movkin Y2 pod. Got a little bit of Mayan action going on with it. It’s got a nice form factor. Check that out. Just fits in the hand nicely.

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From Top to Bottom

Look at that thing. That’s kind of different looking. I’m guessing that’s why they call it the Y2, right? Looks like a Y pod. Nice rainbow, a little bit of a Mayan type of graphic. Here’s the way the pod comes. Very, very dark, has this rubber type of protection while it’s in the box. You can see, really, really dark. Just stupid dark. I don’t like that. Really, really bad job. This sticker says, ‘Do not remove’ and I don’t know why, but it almost makes me want to remove it. It really does. They should have went with something else. Telling people not to remove it makes them want to take it out.


Here’s your fill port right here, con. I gotta have a little bit of girly nails, get them in there. Needle nose bottles only apply, nothing else is going to fit. Barely enough room to displace air. There’s you drawer piece, right there. Very, very tight drawer on this pod, extremely tight. I’m not going to fill this one up because I’m actually going to use it in a giveaway so I’m just going to put this back in the box. Here’s the one I’ve been using. This one has that Mayan graphic. There’s an LED light right there, that tells you what your battery life is doing. Very comfortable shape, really feels great in the hand. I got to give them credit for that. Really nice job on that. You can see, the graphic is actually pretty nice. A little bit of Y2 branding over there. On the bottom, there’s your micro USB port for charging and the pod just pops in there just like that. It’s been relatively dry, actually bone-dry. I’ve had no issues with it. You can put the pot in both ways. It doesn’t matter either way will do. The thing I hate about it is it doesn’t stand up. See? See that rounded out bottom there? I don’t know why they didn’t flatten it so you could stand it up and you can’t stand it up it just falls down no matter what you do. So that’s annoying. I don’t like that at all. I don’t like laying stuff down. I’d rather it stand up. I’m kind of funny like that.


Inside here, you can see, we got two magnets in the corners and two very small gold-plated pins. The thing is when you insert the pod, the pins make contact. The light goes on and this is an auto draw pod system. So here’s the one I’ve been using. This is the one we’re going to give away and we’re also going to give away this nice-looking gunmetal one. So make sure you watch the whole review to get into the giveaway and enter the giveaway properly.


Size Comparison

Just for a quick size comparison, here’s the Y2 next to the Smok Novo 2 and the Lost Vape Lyra. It’s definitely bigger and a little bulkier than the Novo 2, that’s for sure. However, it is more comfortable to hold than the novo 2. As far as overall size goes, it’s probably more in line with the Lost Vape Lyra but, again, much more comfortable to hold. The Lyra is actually built better, though.


What’s in the Box


  • 1 Y2 Battery
  • 2 Y2 Cartridges
  • 1 Lanyard
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Also included in the kit, you get a Y2 pod user manual, you get a micro USB cable as well as a lanyard and you get two pods. Let me give you one last look at it all put together. Really nice looking pod system.



Alright, Insiders. Let’s get into those cons and pros.

First con is going to be, that fill port is way too small. I don’t like it, con.

No resistance or coil markings on the pod, that’s a con.

It doesn’t stand up. I can’t stand this up on a table. I gotta lay it flat down. I hate that, it’s a pet peeve of mine. Why didn’t they just flatten out that bottom so I could stand it up?

So far, as far as I know, only one pod is available. That’s a con.

The maximum wattage on this is 12.5W. It’s a little bit on the light side, especially with the newer stuff coming out. These variable wattage pod/AIO kits that are going up to 30-40W. Come on, guys. You got to get with the program.

No adjustable air flow, that’s a con for me as well.

Let’s move on to the pros, though, because we got some pros to go over.


First pro’s going to be that finish on it. You saw it down low, it’s beautiful. The gunmetal is nice. The rainbow is nice. This, I don’t know what you call it. This great gunmetal Mayan one that I’m rocking is nice. It’s a beautiful looking kit. They did a nice job on the finish.

Keeping with that same theme, the build quality on this is actually really nice. It’s comfortable, comfortable to hold in the hand, no doubt about that, pro.

It’s got a tight mouth-to-lung draw. I’m talking like almost like a little tighter than the Caliburn type of draw. Let me show you what I’m talking about here. Very, very tight. Almost a little too tight for me.

It’s got good flavor. It’s a little bit on the cool side. Decent cloud production for what it is. But you die-hard mouth-to-lungers, you’re going to love the drawer on this. You really are.

It’s got a smooth drawer. The drawer is very smooth as well.

It’s got good flavor but it’s just missing that heat that I like but the flavor is actually pretty good.

It’s got a nice capacity.

Very good battery life.

It’s pocketable. It’s an easy carry in the hand. That’s all a pro.

And it does fire pretty fast. I gotta say, as soon as I start drawing on this thing, its drawer activated, this thing fires fast fires right away. That’s a pro.

So that’s it, Insiders! Those are my cons and pros.


Let’s chat about this one a little bit. I like it. I don’t want you to walk away from this review thinking that I don’t like it. I like the build quality. I like the draw. I like the smoothness of the drawer. I like the tightness of the drawer. it’s a little on the tight side for me, personally. But I know the die-hard mouth-to-lung-ers are going to like it. What I am missing in this pod system is the heat. I wish it just generated a little bit more heat. It has a Caliburn type of draw of but I feel like it’s underpowered. I feel if it had another 8W or so, it would have been a home run. Bottom line is if you like a cool tight vape, definitely check this one out. We’ll have a link down below.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Movkin Y2 pod system. It measures in at 95mm x 40mm x 15mm. It weighs in at 70g, 2ml capacity, 12.5W maximum with a 650mAh power battery. It has one amp charging on board, an LED indicator light for your battery life. When it’s blue, it’s at 30-100%. When it’s green, it’s at 10-30% and when you’re below 10%, the light is red. You get two pods in the kit. They’re the same pod. A 1.4 ohm pod with a stainless steel coil and cotton wicking.

Movkin Y2 12.5W Pod System Features:

  • Dimensions – 95mm by 40mm by 14mm
  • Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Wattage Output Range: 9-12.5W
  • Unique Chassis Design
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • LED Battery Life Indicator Light
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • Refillable Pod – Replaceable Cartridge
  • 2mL Pod Capacity
  • Side Fill System – Silicone Stoppered
  • Movkin Y2 Pod Coil Series – Not Replaceable
  • 1.4ohm SS316L Coil
  • Organic Cotton Wicking System
  • MicroUSB Port
  • Available in Black, Rainbow, Gunmetal


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That’s all I got for you guys, today. It’s more important now than ever, Insiders, that you keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.



Movkin Y2 Pod System
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