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Myle Pod System Review

Updated on: 2018-05-10


So, that’s it. That’s all I got for you on the Myle pod system. We’ll have all the specs down below. We’re going to have a link to where you can buy it down below. If you’re looking for a pod system, this is definitely one of the better ones. I put it in the top five, that’s for sure. It’s up there with the Sol pod system and the Me pod. Definitely up there with those two. You know, there’s a few others that I can’t think of offhand right now. But this is definitely a top five system. So definitely check it out. It’s Deuces Jack approved.

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First Impression Out of the Box

What’s up everybody? DeucesJack at I got another pod for you. I told you already. We got a lot of pods in the queue. We’re going to be cranking them out.

What’s in the Box

  • Wellon Ripple Pod Device Kit
  • USB Charger
  • User Manual

Myle Pod System branding

Here’s the actual pod system. The pods hold .9 of a mil so almost a mil. They work well. There’s your contacts on the bottom there. I’ve been rocking the mango for a while now. This thing sips the juice. You’re not going to fly through pods at all.

The other thing I’m not too crazy about is, I do like that little click when you put the pod system in. I also like the fact that you put it in either way. It doesn’t matter. It’s got a little bit of a resistance when you go to take it out but no matter which way you put it in, it will vape. Put it in that way, you can see I have two batteries. 2 battery bars. Put it in that way. It’s a nice little system. It really is.

Myle Pod System pod

Now, let’s go over some of the flavors. This is how they come. This is the strawberry. This is the one that I’m vaping right now. You can see, .9 5% by value. They even have a batch date on them. I really like that. I think that’s a fantastic idea so you know that you’re getting juice that hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for two years.

On the back, you can see, they color code them with these rubber covers over the contacts. They do a nice job. I like the fact that they put four in a pack. That’s fantastic. Most pod companies are doing a two or three. I like the fact that we got four.

Myle Pod System strawberry

Strawberries, really good. It’s the flavor I’m rocking right now. It’s like a real natural strawberry. They also have some VGod flavors. Here’s the VGod Cubano. It’s a really really good juice. I rock this juice on my regular sub ohm tank. I’ve tried it in a Myle Pod. It’s really really nice. I like it a lot.

Also, one of my staples, one of my go-tos. Tropical mango tastes. Like a very natural mango. Really nice job on this one as well. And I’m not too crazy about the last flavor. Because, it’s not that it’s not accurate, I’m just not a minty type of vapor. I don’t like any coolada or mints in my vape but for those of you who do, they make a good one. It’s a fresh cool mint. It’s accurate, but it’s just not my jam, okay?

Myle Pod System mango

So, that’s the flavors. That’s the pod system. Let’s cut back on top. Let’s talk about the Myle. We’ll go over cons. We’ll get over pros, and then we’re out of here. See you back on top.

General Thoughts

This is the Myle Pod system. Really really small, made out of aluminum. Feels like a nice high-quality type of pod system. They just did a nice job with it.

It’s made out of aluminum alloy. It’s 97 millimeters tall and it’s a 7 millimeters thick. The pods are 0.9 ml pods. You get about 240 puffs out of it. The pod system itself has like a click and lock. There’s no magnet. You’re going to click it and lock it.

Really easy to see a liquid. They got a nice little window there and you can see your liquid in. 240 mah battery.

Myle Pod System light

Got three lights on it. You’ll see when I vape it. Check it out. Now, you see there was a blue light there while you were vaping and now there are two lights. That’s telling me that my battery is between 11 and 45%. Three lights mean that your battery is above 46%, and one light means that you’re 10% and it’s time to charge.

Nice smooth draw. I like the flavors that I got with this. We went all over all the flavors down low. My favorite is probably the strawberry and my second favorite is the Cubano by VGod. I love that juice in my sub ohm tanks and the fact that they made it into a pod is fantastic. It’s a nice and sweet tobacco. Almost has like a chocolatey type of finish. Really really nice. Then, the other one they have is the mighty mint and the mango. The mangoes really good. Mint is not really my thing, but it’s an accurate mint flavor. It really is. For those of you who like those minty type of flavor, you’ll probably enjoy it.


Let’s get into the cons and the pros now.

First con’s going to be, you gotta buy the pods separately. Nothing’s come with the kit. That’s going to be a con. I mean, you guys should be including at least two pods for the initial purchase. I’m sorry. I don’t like that. When I got to buy the kit and then I have to buy the pods when I go home in order to make it work. No good. That’s going to be a con.

Other cons going to be the proprietary charger on the bottom. Listen, they did a good job with. The magnets on it are really strong. But you want to know something? That’s just another thing I got to carry around with me. A pod system is all about portability. If you’re making me carry around something else, no good man. You should have to put a micro USB charger on the bottom of it. I would have been much happier with it.

Other con is going to be the capacity 0.9 ml as a liquid, not good man. Got to have bigger capacity. Sorry but most pod systems are over 1 ml of liquid. Most of them approach 2 or are actually at 2 ml as a liquid to be at half that, that’s going to be a con.

Other con is going to be, it’s a closed-end pod system. I’m sure people are going fiddle around with it and find a way to hack into them and refill them itself. I haven’t done that personally. Personally, it’s not a con to me being a closed-end system but to other people, that’s definitely going to be a con so I have to point it out.


As far as pros go, I love the lights. They did a great job with the LEDs there, man. I like the fact that the battery lights actually stay on for a second or two after you’re done taking a poll. Watch. See how they stay on? Let me know what my battery life is doing. I really like that. It’s really well thought out.

I like the fact that it’s draw activated. While I don’t like the proprietary charger, I like the fact that they put some strong magnets on it. That’s going to be a pro.

Build quality, definitely going to be a pro. This thing is solid. Feels real nice. It doesn’t feel cheap or plasticky. It’s made out of aluminum. They did a good job on it.

I think they did a good job on the looks. It’s a classy looking mod. It really is. Classy looking little pod system. Good job on that.

I’m going to give them a pro on the flavors. The flavors that they gave me, everyone of them is really good. Even the mint one that I don’t normally like. Flavors are fantastic.

And the other final pro that I’m going to give them is the airflow. The airflow on this thing, very much like the Sol pod that I reviewed, okay? it’s basically perfect. I mean, check this out. It’s a nice draw. Look at this. Just a really solid nice mouth-to-lung draw. The airflow is just on point man. Real good job on that, Miley.


  • Easy To Use – Plug pod into the device and start vaping
  • Easy To Charge – USB Charging Doc Included
  • MYLE Pod Capacity (0.9ml – 5% nicotine by volume – Not Included)
  • Battery Life LED Indicator
  • 240mAh Internal Battery

  • LEDs / battery lights
  • draw-activated
  • solid build quality
  • classy looking mod
  • fantastic flavors
  • basically perfect airflow
  • pods not included in the kit
  • proprietary charger on the bottom
  • small capacity
  • closed-end pod system


Myle Pod System
No Price Information

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