Smok I-Priv Kit Review

Updated on: 2019-09-28


What’s up, everyone! You like lights? I got lights. Got the new Smok I-Priv kit. Check it out. Not only does it have lights, it’s voice-activated as well. Dual 21700 mod, takes 20700s, 18650s with the included adapter, 230W, centered 510, voice controlled just like the I Joy Avenger. Comes with the TFV12 Prince tank and two coils. You get a 0.15 ohm strip coil and a 0.15 ohm mesh coil.

Let’s cut down low let me show you everything up close and personal. We’ll come back on top. We’ll talk about it, vape on it, cons, pros and we’re out of here. I’m going to see you down low.

smok i priv 230w tc box mod battery door


Alright, everyone! Welcome to the down low portion of this video. Today, we’re going over the Smok I-Priv Kit. Check it out, man. Has voice control. I got the Prism Blue. This one takes 18650s, 21700 or 20700 batteries. Quick tour around the box. Got a little bit of a QR code there, scratch-and-sniff over there. On the back of the box, tells you what the kit includes. Feel free to pause it there if you want to read it.

smok i priv 230w tc box mod back side

Let’s open this thing up and see what we got. Look at that beauty. Check that thing out. It’s got that whole armoured type of look on it with an anodized like finish. Small screen for a Smok mod. Plus or minus buttons over here. Let’s take this thing out of the box and put it on deck for a second. As far as paperwork goes, you get an I-Priv kit user manual. You get a battery safety card, you get a QR code verification card, as well as a warranty card and you get a command list right here that we’re going to go over when we go over the menu system. Also included in the packaging is a spare straight glass for your tank. You get a nice braided micro USB cable. You get a spare coil with some o-rings and spare gaskets.

smok i priv 230w tc box mod red

This is the V12 Prince mesh coil. This one is 0.15 ohms, good for a 40-80W with a best-of rating of 60-70W. Nice big, beefy coil. Check out that mesh inside. I don’t know if you guys have tried them yet but these mesh coils that all these manufacturers are coming out with are absolutely fantastic in the flavor department. You also get a TFV12 Prince tank with your kit. Check out that beautiful blue, man. Smok does such a nice job matching their tanks to their mods. I think it’s just phenomenal. Beautiful Cobra style blue 810 style drip tip. Check it out. Got the o-rings on the outside of the drip tip. Nice catch cup over there. In order to open the top cap, you hit the little lock button right there and it swings right out. Got a gasket, small fill port, you really can only use needle nose bottles. Glass trappers and bullnose bottles might give you a bit of a problem.

smok i priv 230w tc box mod top

I like the way it locks in place, nice. We also have some nice knurling over here. That kind of looks like a crown. Good job on that bottom airflow tank, stoppers on both sides of the airflow. Whatever you adjust on one side happens on the other side. Bubble glass, I like that.

smok i priv 230w tc box mod oled screen

On the bottom of the atomizer, Designed by Smok, 510 connection, insulator ring around it, stainless steel threading. In order to access your coil, you just give the base a twist. Comes right out with the base. You’ll notice, that’s a mesh coil in there as well. Check it out, 0.15 ohms. Good for 40-100W, best-of from 80-90W. I really wish they’d put the mesh material that they’re using on the coil, whether it’s stainless steel or kanthal. I’m assuming it’s kanthal because it doesn’t say. A nice big coil, nice flavorful coil. In order to swap your coil out, you just pull it out like that, you unscrew it. In order to install a new one, you just screw it back in like so.

smok i priv 230w tc box mod front side

Let me show you how to prime this beast of a coil up. First thing you want to do is you want to take your juice today. We’re going to be using Vape Wild’s Surf Cake, formerly known as Smurf cake. It’s like a blueberry creamy cheesecake, got a little bit of juice in there. Don’t go crazy, just get it started. And then what you want to do, too, is you want to see if you can get a few drops in there on the side just to kind of prime it up a little bit. Don’t have to go crazy, a drop or two will do. Just get them in there alright and then once you got a little bit of juice in there, once you kind of prime it around the edges like that to get it started, you take your coil, you put it back on like so. Make sure you tighten it down nice and good so you got no leaks. Pop open that top cap, slide it over, take your juice bottle, stick the nozzle in there and just fill it up. Look at that. Real easy, real simple. Get it nice and full, fill it right up to the top. Close that off and now you’re ready to vape.


Here is the mod with the tank installed. Check it out, man. It just looks beautiful. I love this Armor look, they put a little bit of a honeycomb cobra thing there with some I-Priv branding. Fire button on this side, one of the clickiest, nicest fire buttons I’ve ever used. Not crazy about this platform here. The way they divoted like that, I wish they would have made it flat because it does limit the size of the atomizers you can use. I think you can get 28s on there, the way it is. I think 25s and 26s are just about it for you. Nice, clicky plus and minus buttons. The finish on this, that anodized finish, is just gorgeous. It really is. And the cuts, that Armor look, kind of lessens the fingerprint magnet, part of it. It’s not as much as a fingerprint magnet because of all that breakup with all those little cuts in it so I’m kind of digging that, I really am. They did a nice job on that.

smok i priv 230w tc box mod front back

On the bottom here, you have a LED light which is kind of kooky, man. You can turn it on and then blow your smoke into the LED light. Kind of silly. I’ll never use it. And the one big, big, con on this mod is, look where they put the micro USB port. Smok, what’s the matter with you? You guys out of your mind? You had so much real estate to put that micro USB port anywhere but on the bottom of the mod, not that we recommend internal charging especially on a dual 21700 mod but for those times I’m in a pinch and I want to plug it in, I don’t wanna have to lay this thing down. That’s just a bad job by you, Smok. Really, really, surprised at you.

smok i priv 230w tc box mod bottom

Battery door is solid. Got a slight, slight, bit of movement but not a lot. You have a little tab here that you can put your fingernail in and pull it off. Battery magnets are nice. Let me show them to you. Got magnet there, magnet there, they do a good job. Little notch here to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. I like that. Love the plastic backing right here. That is awesome. Just in case your battery wraps have a tear, you won’t short out. Kind of cool, good of you to do that, Smok. Definitely appreciate that. Check out the battery tray. Look at those clear battery indicator markings. Awesome job there. Spring-loaded, gold-plated battery contacts here with a very stiff spring. Button style, gold-plated battery contacts up here. Nice battery strap.

smok i priv box mod

Let me show you how to install some batteries. Batteries we’re going to be using today is the Golisi 20700 S32 Pro Series. Shout-out to Golisi,they make some nice batteries. In order to get your batteries in this mod, all you do is make sure your strap is in place, negative side down over here. You want to make sure you push down on that tight spring-loaded battery contact. Put your battery strap over the battery like that. On the second one, you want to go in negative side first. Push down and install that battery just like that. My new warrior is ready. Now we put the battery cover back on. You want to make sure those tabs get in there just like that. You hear that thing snap, no movement, no bulge, no nothing. Great job on that battery door, Smok. Now we turn it on with five clicks. You see the she’s my new warrior. You heard that? So now let me put this thing on the table.



Alright, everyone! We’re back on top with the Smok I-Prive kit. Check it out, man. Has that Armored type of look. Fires down to 0.06 ohms. Has all the TCS, everything that you in there. Typical smoke TC, it’s basically dry hit protection. The color of LED display on the bottom, kind of gimmicky, man. I don’t know about that. I guess it’s fun if you do it once every while but I’m not going to go around vaping and turning my mod upside down and blowing the clouds into so they turn different colors. Kind of gimmicky. Got a nice clicky fire bar and like that, I really like the finish, has that anodized like finish. It comes in blue, red, purple, black, green, chrome and rainbow. I got the prism blue one and I think it’s badass looking. I really do.


  • 1 I-PRIV 230W Box Mod
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual

smok i priv 230w tc box mod packaging content


Let’s get into the cons and the pros.

First con is going to be, it’s got a small screen for a Smok mod. Smok mods are normally known for these big-ass screens. This one’s on the small side.

It’s gimmicky, the lights are gimmicky. The talking, the voice activation is gimmicky. The voice activation is cool, for like a half a day. It’s not like you’re going to stand with a bus stop and talk to my mod and look like a Mook. So it’s gimmicky. I’d like to see it get smarter, where it could take smarter commands, where I can say like, “Turn on” and “Adjust it to X amount of wattage” and it goes there or “Hey I-Priv, put it in temp control, stainless steel at 500 degrees and 80W.” If it could do that or if they get to that point, that would be impressive. I’d like to see it have like an Alexa type interface, that would be kind of cool.

30mm tanks on here, don’t fit because of what they did with that ledge there. So that’s going to be a con.


Let’s get into the pros.

First pro is going to be the finish. The finish on this thing is amazing. Really nice, been diggin it.

It feels great in the hand. That’s another pro.

Centered 510, pro.

Great fire bar, pro.

Mesh coils on this one, awesome. We’re going to give them a pro for that.

I like the looks, man. I’m diggin the looks of this I like the way it looks better than the Avenger so I’m going to give them a pro on that.

Fires fast, pro.

Takes three different types of batteries, that’s a pro.

No rattles, this thing’s solid. No button rattles, no fire bar rattle, no nothin. Good job on that. Really good build quality. They’ll get a pro for that.

18650 battery adapter included, that’s a pro.

It talks back to you. That’s the it’s kind of cool, man. We’ll give him a pro for that.

The voice activation works well but like I said, it’s gimmicky. But I’m going to give them a pro for it because it’s innovative. Yeah, they’re the second ones to come out with it. I Joy was first but I think they did a better job than I Joy. I like the menu system on it. It’s really easy to navigate. We’re going to give them a pro for that.


Most people say to me, “Jack, which one do you like better? Do you like the I Joy Avenger better or do you like the I-Priv better. I gotta say, I like the looks of the I-Priv better. I like the interface better and I think the voice activation is actually better. So I’m going to give my nod to the I-Priv over the Avenger. I just think it’s a better kit than the Avenger kit. They are very similar in size where the I-Priv edges it out is it actually takes 21700s. So it’s more versatile battery wise. And I think it looks better, I really do. So performance wise, that they’re basically kind of the same but I gotta give the nod to the Smok I-Priv, I really do.


SMOK I-PRIV 230W TC Box Mod Features:

  • Dual High-Amp 20700/21700 Battery – Not Included
  • Optional Dual 18650 Batteries
  • Wattage Output Range: 1-230W
  • Voltage Output Range: 0.5-9.5V
  • Min Atomizer Resistance: 0.06ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F
  • Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Heating Elements
  • Precision Memory Modes
  • Voice Control System – AI Powered Technology
  • Premium Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Visually Striking Armored Design
  • Full-Colored OLED Display Matrix – Customizable Colors
  • Battery Series Connection
  • Dual Battery Life Indicator
  • Puff Monitoring
  • Stealth Lateral Fire Key – Squeeze-to-Fire
  • Ergonomically Placed Adjustment Buttons
  • MicroUSB Port – Firmware Upgrades
  • 510 Connection


We’re going to have a link down below to Element Vapes. They’re the ones who sent it to me for this review. Definitely go check them out. They’re an awesome vendor with great customer service. I highly recommend them. They are DeucesJack approved. We’re also going to have a link to the batteries I use today, Golisi batteries and we’re going to have a link to the juice I was using. I was using Vape Wild’s buttered beer. If you like butterscotch, if you like custard, definitely check it out.

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We’re going to see you guys on the next one. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Great metallic finish and awesome prismatic (two colour) effect
  • Superb flavour and cloud on both included coilheads
  • Top performance, airflow and capacity from the Prince TFV12
  • Bright, round colour screen is very effective and pretty, plus, loads of theme options!
  • It talks…and even when it refuses to be commanded, due to microphone fault or just voice issues, it still says hello and ‘seriously?’ when you ask to power down. I think that’s just awesome and most certainly will have my eye on the next AI mods to hit the shops.
  • Great bright LED torch slash disco light display, because why not?
  • Super battery life
  • Magnificent, high voltage/wattage performance, through out the range, with lightning fast RAMP and responsive chip
  • Very disappoint that VC commands ceased working on my first one and didn’t work at all on the replacement
  • V12 Strip coil head has a tendency to scorch in the cotton, due to sharp, heated edges on the strip mesh
  • Prince tank has a very noisy airflow
  • Odd positioning for the USB port, under the mod


Smok I-Priv Kit
$49.95 $79.95

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