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Smok Mag Kit Review

Updated on: 2018-02-02

First Impression Out Of The Box

I’m not going to lie, from the moment I saw this mod, I couldn’t wait to try it. I really like that pistol grip type of form factor and up until now, I’ve actually never seen it in a regulated mod. All of those pistol grip types of mods with the dropout battery clip compartment have all been on Mech mods, as far as I know. This is the first time I’ve seen it done in a regulated mod.

Open the box of the Mag kit and I have to say that it is impressive. It’s sitting on the top tier of the box in a foam insert. As soon as you pull it out, it just feels beautiful in your hand. Pull out the foam insert and underneath, you will find a USB cable, all of your paperwork, some spares for the tank, a 2 ml spare glass, and the brand new TFV12 Prince tank. I’m going to put some batteries in the clip, load up the tank, and see how this thing actually vapes.

What’s In The Box

  • One SMOK Mag 225W TC Box Mod
  • One SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank
  • One V12 Prince Q4 Coil Head
  • One V12 Prince T10 Coil Head
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Replacement Parts and Glass
  • User Manual

Smok Mag Kit box

From Top To Bottom


I give Smok a lot of credit for using a centered 510 pin on this mod. You can say what you want about the Smok mods but the one thing you have to give them credit for is they do listen to the consumer. The 510 on the Mag is no surprise. It is a quality 510 connection that most of us have come to expect from Smok. The 510 plate on it is a bit raised towards the back of the mod. I don’t know why the plate does not sit exactly flush but in all honesty, it really hasn’t been an issue. Aesthetically though, it is bothersome. All my atomizers have sat flush on this plate despite the fact that the back part of it has a significant raise compared to the front part of the plate. It’s probably because the top plate has a slight angle to it. I would have rather seen Smok make the whole top plate level so everything could sit nice and flush.

Smok Mag Kit 510

The Mag has a centered 510 connection and it will fit a 28 mm atomizer with no overhang. It does come with a 25 mm atomizer in the kit. 30 mm atomizers will have some overhang on the side but they really don’t look bad. Because of the overall size of the mod, it actually looks good with bigger atomizers.

The 510 plate is made out of stainless steel and it does give the top part of the mod a very clean look. The top part of the mod is held in place by five-star screws and on the side opposite of the fire button, it does taper down a little bit. There is also a little cutout on the top part of the mod that serves as a great thumb rest. The 510 pin itself is gold-plated and spring-loaded. It has a good spring to it and a really nice throw. The threading around it is very smooth and I have had no issues with any atomizers on this mod. The top side of the mod actually comes to a point and right underneath that point is where you will find the trigger-style fire button.

Smok Mag Kit button

This has got to be one of the best, most comfortable, fire buttons I have ever used. As most of you know, I live in New York City and when I received this mod, we were going through quite a cold snap in the Big Apple. It was just brick outside. I have really come to appreciate this mod in the cold weather because of this fire button. This has got to be the easiest mod to operate with a set of winter gloves on. There’s no looking for the fire button, you just put this mod in your hand and pull the trigger. Even with gloves on, you get a really nice feel with this trigger button. I found the button to be clicky and responsive. It does have a little bit of softness to it but I think that because of the trigger shape, it almost has to have that bit of softness. Overall, it’s just a fantastic button.

Because of the unique shape of this mod, it really is hard to explain in writing. Instead of going over each side of the mod as I normally do, I’m going to attempt to describe the overall shape of the mod. The overall shape of the mod is exactly like a pistol grip. On the front of the mod towards the top of the screen, you will see some venting present. There is also that same amount of venting present on the opposite side of the mod. There is a carbon fiber sticker on the back that does a good job of breaking up all that paint on the backside of the mod. The sticker is inlaid but it looks to be of nice quality and so far, it has not peeled.

Smok Mag Kit screen

Towards the bottom of the back side of the mod, there is some Smok and Mag branding. Underneath the venting towards the top of the mod, there are some cutouts that your thumb fits into beautifully if you wrap your hand around the mod. Below the fire button is where the mod is cut out with a beautiful contour and you can rest your 3 fingers there while you are firing the mod. On the opposite side of the trigger side, there is also a nice contoured backside with a bunch of holes in a black plate that is held in place by two-star screws. I’m sure you will get a much better feel for this mod as you look at the pictures in this review. The bottom line is, it’s just shaped beautifully and it feels wonderful in your hand.

With the screen facing you, located right underneath the trigger fire button, is a battery clip release button. Simply press this button and the battery clip of the mod just drops out. It drops out much like the magazine of a gun would. With the battery clip out of the mod, you can install your batteries from the top of the clip. There are clear battery orientation markings on the clip.

Smok Mag Kit batt

It is a metal casing and it does have some plastic lining in the tubes, just in case one of your batteries wraps has a tear. Even so, you should always inspect your wraps before installing any batteries into any mod. If you look straight down the battery tubes, you will also see some clear battery indicator markings. In the middle of those markings, you will find two gold-plated, button-style battery contacts. Look inside the mod with the battery clip out, you will see two gold-plated, spring-loaded battery contacts. I have to say that the tray and the battery compartment are extremely well done. The tray is very easy to operate and the battery tray clips into the mod with no issues whatsoever. The battery clip, once clipped in, does not move and stays in there very solidly.

The release button for the battery tray has a nice firm spring to it and it really is the only part of the mod that has any type of silver on it. When I first saw this design, I thought that it was going to be too easy to press and accidentally drop your batteries out of the mod because it was so close to the trigger button. I was definitely wrong on that account. It has a very firm spring to it and you really have to give it a nice push in order to release the battery tray.

Smok Mag Kit battery

The one-inch color OLED screen on the Mag mod is a screen we’ve seen on all of the newer Smok mods coming out. I like this one much better than the old Alien screen and I find it to be much easier to read. The overall layout is so much better. On the screen, you will be able to see a dual battery meter, puff counter in seconds, wattage, temperature, ohms, preheat, voltage, and a total amount puff counter. The screen is also customizable to a certain extent, meaning you can change the color of the font through the menu system. The font colors include blue, purple, green, red, orange and white. It’s a really nice screen and it does well in all lighting conditions.

Below the screen is where you will find the up and down buttons. They are both shaped like a diamond. The up button is on the right and the down button is on the left. They are the same color as the fire button and they do have a clicky feel to them. Unfortunately, the Mag mod does scroll in .1-watt increment. I really wish manufacturers would just start going with a 1-watt increment when it comes to scrolling. I really do not know any vapers that vape at 85.7 watts. Underneath the up and down buttons is where you will find the USB port. The USB port is for charging and firmware upgrades. The Mag mod charges at 2 amps.

Smok Mag Kit usb


The tank included in this mod is one of Smok’s newest tanks, it is the TFV12 Prince. I tend to think of this tank as a really nice compromise between the TFV12 Cloud Beast King and the Big Baby Beast. For me, it provides a vape that is right in the middle of those two tanks. It also takes its own family of coils that have been developed for the tank. Neither Baby Beast nor TFV12 Cloud Beast coils will fit in this tank. You get two different coils in this kit but there are four available as of this writing. I’m sure more are on the way.

Smok Mag Kit tank

Starting at the top, we do have a beautiful cobra style drip tip. That’s what Smok is calling it because it has a pattern on it that looks like a snakeskin. In all reality, it’s just a dressed-up, proprietary Smok drip tip but I have to give them credit because it does look very nice and it matches up beautifully with the tank. It is also very comfortable and I have enjoyed using it.

The Prince tank has that slide out top fill feature that Smok has made famous. This one has a locking mechanism to it that I really like. Instead of pushing down and swinging the top cap out, on this version of Smok’s top fill, there is a button on the side that you press in order to release the top cap. Once the button is pressed, you can swing the top cap out and fill up your tank. I think this is a really nice improvement and it works really well.

Smok Mag Kit tip

The top cap opens really wide and it reveals a white gasket. The gasket goes around your chimney and your fill port opening. The fill port opening is the size of a Tic Tac and it will accommodate most bottles including the bullnose type of juice bottles. You do have to be careful with the bullnose type of juice bottle but it is possible to fill the tank with them. You also get a spare gasket in your spare parts pack.

I decide

  • Nice 510
  • Color Screen
  • Screen Layout
  • No Rattles
  • Solid Battery Clip
  • Great Paint Job
  • Improved TC
  • Accurate In Wattage Mode
  • Easy Menu System
  • Feels Good In The Hand
  • Awesome Fire Trigger Button
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Charges Fast
  • Available In Lots Of Colors
  • Subtle Branding
  • Easiest Mod To Use With Winter Gloves On
  • Centered 510
  • Fits 28 mm Atomizers With No Overhang
  • Pros of the Tank:
  • Large Capacity
  • Awesome Coils
  • Top Fill
  • Push Button Locking Mechanism
  • Great Flavor
  • Really Nice Cloud Production
  • Nice Build Quality
  • Comfortable DT
  • Looks
  • Cobra DT
  • Paint On Tank Is High Quality
  • Improve The TC Further
  • Should Have Originally Been Made For Right Handers
  • 510 Plate Does Not Sit Flush
  • Scrolls In .1 Watt Increments
  • Cons of the Tank:
  • Proprietary DT
  • 2 ml Glass Is Useless
  • No RBA Section Included


Smok Mag Kit
$59.95 $99.95

DeucesJack is head of reviews at Vaping Insider and has become known as one of the best reviewers in the industry. He pulls no punches and always gives an honest and unbiased opinion on the products he reviews. Since the launch of our youtube channel in 2018 he has put out a review video every single day.