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Stentorian Bottom Fill Bottle Review

Updated on: 2017-12-12


If you are into squonking, then you are definitely going to want to have this bottle in your vape accessory arsenal. This thing is just a must have. It is a much easier way to fill your squonking bottle and it does not make a mess. I have quite a few squonking refill bottles and this one is by far the best. DeucesJack approved, without a doubt. Get one and stop making a mess.

First Impression Of The Box

This comes in a very simple box but what do you expect, it’s a real simple accessory. Basically, this makes filling your squonk bottle a lot less messy.

What’s In The Box

  • 1x Stentorian 30ml Squonk Refill Bottle


  • 30ml capacity
  • Size: 110x 26mm
  • Silicone And Stainless Steel

From Top To Bottom

Stentorian Bottom Fill Bottle Top

This is a 30 ml bottle that is made out of the same material as most squonking bottles. It has that super soft, rubbery feel to it. On the top of the bottle, there is a stainless steel cap with some threading. The threading on it is extremely smooth and it does seal down quite nicely in order to keep the bottle from leaking. Once you remove the cap, it unveils a 510 connection with a rubber piece on it. This is the part that you screw into the 510 connection of your squonking mod in order to be able to squeeze the juice down into your squonking bottle. The threading on this connection is extremely smooth and it has worked on every squonking mod that I have ever used it on. The cap has some really nice knurling on it that makes it very easy to get on and off when it is time to refill your squonking bottle.

Stentorian Bottom Fill Bottle Cap

In order to refill this bottom feeding bottle, there is also a part of the top cap that screws off to give you a big enough opening to allow you to dump juice into the bottle. This piece is very thick and it has some beautiful knurling on it as well. The threading on it is absolutely topnotch and it does screw onto a stainless steel collar that goes about 1/3 of the way down the bottle.

Stentorian Bottom Fill Bottle Branding

The stainless steel collar is pretty ingenious yet simple. Isn’t that the way all the great ideas always start off? The reason I say it’s ingenious is because it gives the user a firm place to grip the bottle without having to squeeze it. This can save the user from causing a big mess. I have bought other bottles from China that are of lesser quality and do not have the space on them to grab like this bottle has. While those bottles were pretty good, this bottle is definitely more well thought out and it works a lot better. The whole stainless collar system does separate from the rubber bottle for easy cleaning.



      Stentorian Bottom Fill Bottle
      $13.99 $14.99

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