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Tesla Wye 85W Kit Review

Updated on: 2019-03-28


I really wish I received this kit a month or two earlier. Had I received this kit earlier or if it was released earlier, it would have definitely made my Best Of 2017 List. It really is that good of a mod. In fact, right now, it is basically one of my all-time favorite single-battery mods. I would definitely have to rank it in the top 5 of my all-time favorite single battery mods. I love the look and feel of this mod and I am very impressed with its performance. After buying this kit, all you really have to do is get some juice and a quality 18650 battery. Do that, and you are ready to vape and vape well.

I have been seeing this kit for just under $50 and I have to say that at that price point, it’s an awesome deal. You get everything you need to start vaping and you get an extremely competent setup, all in one box. I think it’s a very good value at that price point. Do yourself a favor and pick one of these kits up, if you are in need of a high-quality single battery setup. This one will more than fit that bill. It’s for all the low wattage vapers and the vapers that love running single coils. If that sounds like you, then the Tesla WYE 85W Kit is DeucesJack approved.

First Impression Out Of The Box

The Tesla WYE 85 comes packaged in a two-tiered box. On the first tier, you will see the mod fully assembled. On the second tier, there is a spare battery door, a high quality USB cable, a spare glass, the H8 tank, and a spare coil.

I have to admit that when Tesla told me they were sending me this mod for review, I was very excited. I’ve always been a fan of the full-sized version of the WYE mod. I always loved the lightness and silky smooth texture of that mod. I hope that I like the single battery version just as much. Let’s juice this tank up, load some batteries into this mod and see how it actually performs.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x WYE 85W Mod
  • 1 x H8 Tank
  • 1 x EB Coil
  • 1 x H8 coil
  • Spare Glass
  • 1 x Spare Paint Splatter Battery Cover
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 2 x User Manual

From Top To Bottom


The 510 pin on the Tesla WYE 85 seems to be stainless steel or silver plated. One thing is for sure, it is not gold plated. It does have a nice spring to it with a long throw. The plate around the 510 connection is stainless steel and it sits flush up against the top plate of the mod. There is a gear graphic on the plate of the 510. The threading is stainless steel and very smooth. So far, all of my atomizers have sat flush on this mod. The top plate of the mod is held in place by two tiny star screws.

Tesla Wye 85W Kit pin

With the screen facing you, on the right side of the mod, there is some WYE branding on the battery cover. On the left side of the mod, there is some Tesla branding on the body of the mod. The battery cover is easy to use and take off. There are no magnets on the interior of the battery cover or on the battery sled. The battery cover just clicks into place. It clicks into place very solidly and there has been no battery door rattle. There is also plenty of venting present on both sides of the battery door cover.

Tesla Wye 85W Kit battery

With the battery cover off, you will see some Tesla branding on the side of the battery tray. This is a single 18650 mod and you load the cell in negative side up. There are clear battery indicator markings on the tray itself. There is no battery tray strap but it’s really not an issue because the battery comes out quite easily. The battery contacts seem to be silver plated. The one on the bottom is a button style contact and the one on the top is a spring-loaded contact. So far, all of my batteries have fit inside this battery tray very well. I have experienced no battery rattle at all.

One thing I really like that Tesla did with this kit is the fact that they included two battery doors. I think that’s a fantastic idea and it gives their customers a lot of choices as far as the look of their mod goes. My mod is black and it did come with just a plain black battery cover. However, on the bottom of the box, in the second tier, I also received a spare battery door with a white paint splatter on it. I think that’s absolutely awesome, especially when you’re dealing with a black mod. It gives you the chance to switch things up a little bit and break up all the blackness on the mod. Fantastic idea, Tesla!

Tesla Wye 85W Kit batt

On the bottom of the mod, there are two-star screws that hold the bottom plate in place. There is also some wording that says designed by Teslacigs. On the front bottom of the mod, below the up and down buttons, you have a USB charge port. This mod is firmware upgradeable but I could not find any information pertaining to what rate it actually charges at. I would say, it’s safe to assume it charges at 1 amp. Whether it’s one or two amps, it’s really not a big deal because this is a single battery mod so it’s not going to take that long to charge internally. We always recommend that you charge all of your batteries externally anyway.

Above the USB port, we have the up and down buttons. They are made out of the same material as the rest of the mod. The up and down button is an oval-shaped, rocker style, button. The up button is located on the right side and the down button is located on the left side. This mod does scroll in .5 watt increments. I would have liked to have seen it scroll in full watt increments but .5 watt increments is a definite improvement over .1 watt increments.

Tesla Wye 85W Kit buttons

Between the fire button and the up and down buttons, we have the WYE 85W screen. It’s a bright screen with a great font that is easy to read. It has all of the information that you need to know which includes your resistance, voltage, watts, mode, temperature, preheat, material, and battery life. The same exact screen that you will find on the dual battery WYE.

The fire button is circular in shape and very comfortable to use. The fire button is also made out of the same material as the rest of the mod. It is an ABS sort of plastic that has an extremely smooth texture to it and seems to be very durable. The fire button has a clicky, tactile feel to it and I have really enjoyed using it. The mod fires right away, as soon as you hit that fire button.

Tesla Wye 85W Kit holes


I was very surprised when I received this kit with a tank. I have to admit I think of Tesla as more of a mod company than I do a tank company. The tank included in the kit is the Tesla H8 tank. It is very Baby Beast looking sort of tank and it actually performs very similar to a Baby Beast. Maybe because the coils for the Baby Beast are actually compatible with this tank. That’s a good thing because Baby Beast coils are available everywhere and there’s nothing worse than getting a tank that uses a proprietary coil that is not widely available. The Baby Beast coils will fit in this tank and so will all of the other BB compatible coils on the market today. That gives you a pretty huge selection of coils.

Tesla Wye 85W Kit h8

The first con this tank is going to have is the drip tip. It’s a wide bore, comfortable, Delrin type of drip tip but it is neither 510 nor Goon style. Instead, it is a threaded drip tip. Really Tesla? All of the great drip tip designs on the market today and you had to go with a threaded drip tip? Absolutely ridiculous, even though the drip tip itself is very comfortable. I want the ability to run Goon style or 510 drip tips. Optimally, vapers want a Goon style drip tip with an included 510 drip tip adapter. Anything different, and it’s going to be a con. As it stands, no other drip tips fit into this opening except for the one that comes in the kit. I have tried Goon style drip tips, and Smok style drip tips and none of them fit.

Tesla Wye 85W Kit fill

Around the edge of the fill port cap, there is some H8 tank branding as well as some “open” lettering. It is on that side of the tank that you push the top cap forward in order for it to slide open. Once the top cap is open, you will see a Tic Tac-shaped fill port. It is on the small side and I do wish it was a little bigger. Most of today’s juice bottles will fit but the bullnose juice bottles will be a little sloppy when filling. Another slight con is that if you do get some juice on the top of the slider part when it is open, when you close the slider part of the tank some juice will squeeze out and run down your tank.

The inside of the fill port cap has an o’ring that holds the glass section in place. This tank does have a 5 ml capacity. The chimney on the tank is short and wide bore. It is very conducive to flavor because the bottom of the chimney screws directly into the top of the coil and the flavor from the vapor, does not have far to go. There is an o’ring at the end of the chimney that does a good job of sealing everything up.

Tesla Wye 85W Kit parts

This tank does have a screw-in type of coil system and the threading on the interior of the base is very smooth. I have had no problem threading the coils into the tank. On the outside bottom of the tank, there are two cyclops style airflow slots, this is a bottom airflow tank. The AFC is smooth and it does have stoppers on both sides. In between the two airflow slots, there is some light knurling that gives you a good grip when adjusting the AFC. On the bottom of the tank, there is some Tesla branding. The 510 pin looks to be either stainless steel or silver plated. There is an insulator ring under it and it does have smooth stainless steel threading around it. The base is 25 mm in diameter.

The Coils

  • E8 coil 0.15ohm (50W-110W pre-installed)
  • E2 coil 0.4ohm (40W-80W)

The first coil I tried was the pre-installed one that Tesla calls the E8 coil. It has a wattage range of 50 to 110 watts. While this coil was definitely my favorite out of the two, I like this coil right at around 80 watts. That is where it does give its best flavor. It’s unfortunate that in order for you to get the best flavor out of this particular coil that you have to run this particular mod, near its maximum output wattage. That’s not to say it’s not flavorful at a lower wattage. It is, I have run this coil at around 65 watts and I get really good flavor and clouds. I just think I get better flavor and clouds at around 80 watts. The problem with that on this particular set up is, if you run this tank at over 65 watts, you are just going to fly through batteries on this mod.

Tesla Wye 85W Kit e8

The second coil I tried was the E2 coil included in the kit. I think this coil is much better suited for this kit. In fact, I wouldn’t have minded if Tesla would have scrapped the other coil and just included two of these. This coil runs much better on this setup and it falls into its wattage range. I’ve been running this coil on this mod for about 2 weeks now and the coil longevity is just fantastic. I have experienced no significant loss of flavor with either coil but you have to remember that I am running the higher wattage coil, at a much lower wattage than I would like to. This coil I am running right around 60 watts and I get some really good flavor and clouds. Both coils give me a very wet, saturated type of vape that I like and that I normally don’t get from a typical sub ohm coil.

Tesla Wye 85W Kit e2

The Look, Feel, And General Aesthetics Of The Mod

I love the look and feel of this mod. I love the silky texture that it has and I think the build quality is just fantastic. I like the fact that I get two battery doors and I like that Tesla went with its proven WYE chipset. This is a stealthy, little, single-battery mod that performs very well. I think the branding on it is very subtle and the form factor is just fantastic. If you love the feel of the dual battery WYE, then you are absolutely going to love this mod. It has that same exact feel but it’s half the size. The texture is just silky, smooth and I love the ABS Plastic Tesla used for this device. So far, the finish has held up just beautifully and I have no complaints in the looks department when it comes to this mod.

Tesla Wye 85W Kit eel

The Board

The Tesla WYE 85W uses a proprietary board by Tesla. This board is capable of 85 watts and it has a temperature range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It does have a minimum resistance of .1 ohms. Of course, there is a full temperature control suite and it will TC, Ni, Ti, and SS. It also has three memory slots for those of you that use the TCR settings.

There is also three preheat settings that are soft, medium, and hard. The preheat settings are available in power and TC mode. There is also a curve feature available in power mode only. The preheat settings work very well and I do find myself using them a lot in most situations. I’m not a big wattage curve guy but I did test it and it does work well. Basically, there are no surprises here because this is a throttled down version of the dual 18650 WYE Chipset.

The Menu System

  • Click the fire button 5 times to turn the mod on and lock the mod.
  • Hold down the minus button with the fire button to lock the keys. The mod will still fire but you will not be able to adjust the wattage or temperature.
  • Click the fire button three times to have access to all the settings.
  • Once you have access use the +/- to scroll through the settings.
  • Once you find the setting you want to adjust, click the fire button to select that setting.
  • Once you select the setting you want to adjust, use the plus minus button to make adjustments.

Tesla Wye 85W Kit menu

This is an extremely simple and very intuitive menu system. You can literally sit down with this mod for 2 minutes and figure it out without looking at the instruction booklet. The menu system on the WYE is just extremely well done and very user friendly, just like its big brother.

How Does It Vape

I have to say that I really enjoy vaping this mod in power mode. I find it to be very accurate and I’m sure it probably does do the full 85 watts with the right battery. TC mode on this mod actually blew me away. The reason I was so surprised at the quality of the TC that this mod puts out is because I was expecting the TC to be very much along the lines of the dual 18650 version of this mod. The TC on the dual 18650 version was pretty decent. It wasn’t groundbreaking and it was what I would call a second tier TC system. That’s not the case with this mod at all. Tesla did something with their TC and they definitely tweaked it. The TC on this mod is on point and accurate.

Right now, I have my brand new Vandy Vape Kylin Mini on top of this mod ohming out at to .28 ohms with a single, fused, stainless steel, Clapton coil. I have the wattage set at 50 and the temperature set at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. I am getting a fantastic TC vape off of this setup. The vapor is lush, saturated, flavourful, and extremely cloudy. This thing just vapes fantastic in TC mode. Great job, Tesla!

What Would Make It Better

  • Get Rid Of The DT

Tesla, you have to get rid of that screw in drip tip. Vapers just don’t want that type of drip tip and if you lose it, it makes the whole tank pretty useless. What happens if you strip the threading on the DT? Basically, you can throw the tank out. If you are going to go with that type of drip tip, you have to at the very least, include one extra DT just in case you wind up losing it or stripping it. I would highly recommend that you just get rid of that drip tip all together. Go with a Goon style drip tip and include a 510 drip tip adapter. Do that, and this kit basically doesn’t have any significant cons.


  • Dimensions: 82*40*26mm
  • ABS & PC Plastic Construction
  • Wattage Range: 7W – 85W
  • Temperature Range: 200°F – 600°F / 100°C – 300°C
  • Resistance Range:
  • 0.1Ω – 3.0Ω (VW Modes)
  • 0.05Ω – 1.0Ω (TC Modes)
  • Output Modes: VW, TC(Ni, Ti, SS316), TCR, M(1, 2, 3)
  • Taste Modes: Norm, Soft, Hard, User
  • Requires (1) 18650 Battery (Battery Sold Separately)
  • Sliding Battery Panel
  • Micro USB Port (Charging)
  • OLED Display
  • Lightweight Feel

  • Look
  • Feel
  • Overall Form Factor
  • 2 battery Doors
  • Build Quality
  • Light
  • Great Chipset
  • Easy Menu system
  • Nice Screen
  • Great Fire Button
  • No Rattles
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Easy Carry
  • Nice TC
  • Power To Weight Ratio
  • Quality 510
  • Solid Battery Door
  • Wattage Curve
  • Holds 25 mm Tanks With No Overhang
  • Scrolls in .5 Watt Increments
  • Pros for the Tank:
  • Top Fill Slider System
  • Nice Coils
  • Good Capacity
  • Spare Glass
  • Build Quality
  • Nice Flavor
  • Good Cloud Production
  • Smooth Airflow
  • Compatible With Baby Beast Coils
  • Over 65 Watts Battery Life Suffers
  • Cons for the Tank:
  • Proprietary DT
  • Fill Port Is Small


Tesla Wye 85W Kit
$51.30 $71.90

DeucesJack is head of reviews at Vaping Insider and has become known as one of the best reviewers in the industry. He pulls no punches and always gives an honest and unbiased opinion on the products he reviews. Since the launch of our youtube channel in 2018 he has put out a review video every single day.