Thunderhead Creations Tauren One RTA Review

Updated on: 2019-11-23


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack I’m at Today, I got another one-lunger for you, baby. We got a single coil RTA. We’re talking about the Thunderhead Creations. You guys know I love my single coilers, my one-lungers. Let’s kick it down low. 

Thunderhead Creations Tauren One RTA

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I really enjoyed their packaging. Thunderhead Creations been doing a bang-up job very quietly. There’s your spare glass right there, bubble glass. It looks like some type of plastic. We’ll go over it and install it in a little bit. Here is the way they package their tanks in this little cylinder like this. What a reusable base. We’ll go over that in a minute. And also inside, you get a rather nice, flat head screwdriver. It’s actually a really, really nice screwdriver. And you also get an instruction manual, a QC card, a bunch of spare o-rings, and a bunch of different post screws. You got a flat head in there and installed, you have hex post screws. We’re going to keep the hex but you also get a hex key as well. Nice job on that, Thunderhead Creations. 


Now here’s what I was talking about. I love this little cylinder. Just really, really nice. Real nice, clean packaging. I like the way this actually screws off right in the cylinder and look at how your tank is attached to that base. And when you’re done, you can use this as an addie stand which I have used in some of my b rolls. I actually like the Addie stand itself. Nice job on that, Thunderhead Creations. Nice 810 style drip tip, a little snug. pull it right out like that. All your other 810 should fit fine. I do like a little black around. The edges right there kind of break it up a little bit. There is also a little branding there as well which I don’t mind because it’s so small. Real, real comfortable drip tip. 

Thunderhead Creations Tauren One RTA

The top cap is a screw off the top cap and the threading on this thing is just butter. You could put it on a roll. It’s buttery smooth. Really, really nice job. You’re going to notice, you got these huge recessed fill ports. You could just take your bottle of juice and just dump it in there. I love that. I like the recession. It’s a deep recession so you can definitely fill it up to the top of the chimney or just a little bit below it and you’ll be fine. Put the top cap back on. Again, like I said, just buttery, buttery smooth machining. Some of the best machining I’ve ever seen from Thunderhead Creations. Over here on this side, we have dual bottom airflow, stoppers on both sides. Of course, whatever you adjust on one will also happen on the other. 


On the bottom there, you can see, it’s serialized and it says Thunderhead Creations. Gold-plated pin, insulator ring around it, stainless steel threading around that. In order to get to your deck, like every other RTA, just unscrew the base just like so and we’ll go over the deck in a minute. I just want to call your attention to the barrel section and the chimney. Definitely a nice conical design in there that’s going to contribute to great flavor. Again, threading over here. Very, very nicely done. While we’re down here, we’re going to swap out this straight glass because you guys know the way I roll. If I got a choice of adding a bubble, I absolutely will. And the bubble fits on nice and tight. You can see that. It’s like a clear item type of material. It’s definitely plastic so just be careful with your citric and acidic juices. I don’t know how it will hold up against them because I haven’t tried them in here. Thunderhead Creations Tauren One RTA


Let’s move on to the deck. Check that deck out. Kind of almost like Kilyn-ish, right? You can see, you got that bottom airflow going on. You got a little bit of side airflow over here and over here. Nice deck. I’m kind of digging it. Really, really nice. You can see, these are your wicking ports. But you do have the threading giving you some guidance as to where to tuck your wicks in. I do like that. As far as coil measurements here, I don’t know yet, we’re going to have to find our way around that. These are 1.5 hex screws and then you get spare flat ones. We’re going to open this up and see what the easiest coil measurement is for it. One thing I do wish they did, I wish they would have made the leads come out the other end so you could just clip them off and you don’t have to pre-measure them. That would have been nice. Thunderhead Creations Tauren One RTA


Now you can see, the way my coil is wrapped, that’s not going to work for this deck. So what you do when you have coils like this is you either take a wrap out or you add a wrap. Most of the time, I just find it simpler to add a wrap. So what we’ll do is we’ll add a half a wrap, just like that. Make it so your leads are facing opposite each other. We just added a half a wrap just to make things easier. Now you want to take your lead and you want to put it in your coil measuring tool at the four spots, right there. Hold it in place just like so and then you take your flush cutter and you cut it right up against that four and that will give you the perfect length. Now you simply want to take your coil and you just want to pop it in those slots, just like that. See? See how it’s in there. Don’t worry, we’re going to play with the placement in a minute. Get your driver in there and tighten it down nice and easy. Now you want to get in on the other side and you want to make sure you’re all the way lose and you want to make sure that coil is all the way in there. Pop it in there, make sure it’s in there good. Once that’s done, you take your driver and you tighten things down. Now that looks a little out of joint. That’s okay because we’re going to fix that. That’s why we got our coiling rod. Stick your coiling rod in there and manipulate that thing. Bend it, twist it, do whatever you gotta do to get that coil to look right in there and then your coil should look something like that. Do you see? I want you to take note. You see how this airflow is just kind of wrapped around it and you got all that bottom airflow hitting it? That’s exactly where you want it, just like that. 

Now what you want to do, you want to take your Coil Master Plus. Shout out to The Coil Master. You want to give it a gentle pulse. Make sure you got your ceramic tweezers too. You can give it a scrape and get out all those hot spots. Make sure it’s firing evenly from the inside out, just like that. And that’s it, man. You’re all good to go and ready to wick it. 



Let me show you how to wick this thing. Safety first, turn all coil master off. We’re going to take a nice piece of cotton. We’re going to pinch it on one end and we’re just going to slide it right through there, just like so. So we get some nice tension. Then we want to take our vape shears and we want to go right by those holes right where those wicking holes are and give it a snip. Same thing on the other side. I’m going to tilt it for you so you can see it. Run it right along those holes right there. We’ll clean it up a little bit and that’s it. Now we’re ready to tuck it in. Now we’re going to take our coiling rod and we’re just going to gently tuck the ends of those wicks in there. See how gently I’m going? See how slow I’m going? No reason to rush, no reason to jam stuff in there. You just want it in there. I just got to make sure these threads are clear. You don’t want any cotton on those threads but see how nice and loose that is? Look. That’s loose, that’s how you want it. Now we’re going to turn it around. We’re going to do the same thing on the other side. Again, look how loose that is. That’s how you want it, just like so. Thunderhead Creations Tauren One RTA

The juice we’re going to be using today is some Nom Nom, Coconut Sticky Rice. If you haven’t tried this yet, go out and get it. It’s one of my all-time favorite juices. Now we’re going to take our Nom Nom Sticky Rice and we’re just going to wet that cotton up. Give it a nice paint job. Get it nice and saturated. Make sure that juice is flowing. Get a little on the edges there. Not a bad idea to get a little on the threading so it’ll make things go on smoother. Then we’re going to give it a test fire, make sure we got vape. Oh yeah, we got vape and it smells fantastic. Now we’re going to take our newly installed bubble glass with our newly built and wicked deck. We’re going to give it a little reverse thread so it catches. Not much because the threading on this is smooth, and now it’s even smoother with that juice on the threading, and just pop it right on there just like that. Now we’re going to unscrew that top cap. Again, buttery smooth. We’re going to take our Nom Nom sticky rice and we’re just going to fill this bad boy up. Oh yeah, all the way up to the top. Now we’re going to take our top cap. I’m going to pop that back on and there it is the man. That is the Thunderhead Creations Tauren One RTA all built and wicked up, baby. Thunderhead Creations Tauren One RTA


Thunderhead Creations Tauren One RTA

  • 1x THC Tauren RTA
  • 1x Allen Wrench
  • 1x Frosted PC Bubble Tube
  • 1x Accessories Bag


Alright, Insiders! Let’s get after those cons and those pros. Not a lot to complain about on this one. I basically got two cons. 

First, con is that bubble glass. It’s that frosted like acrylic type glass. Thunderhead, why did you guys do that? Why didn’t you go with a glass? Glass would have looked so much classier on it. I hate that. I can’t stand that. I just wish it was glass. It’s a con. 

And the last con is going to be with the bubble glass installed. Sometimes, it’s tough to get your fingers in there and adjust the airflow while it’s on a mod. Most of the time, I gotta take the thing off, adjust my airflow, put it back on. It’s a pain in the neck. It’s a con. 

But that’s it. I’m talking. I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get cons on this RTA. This thing is phenomenal. Let’s go over all the pros. 


The First pro is going to be, really nice build quality. I gotta say, Thunderhead Creations has been quietly making a name for themselves. I’ve been impressed as hell with the quality of the stuff that they’ve been putting out. Unbelievably nice, really nice jobs, Thunderhead Creations. You guys are doing a bang-up job. Keep doing what you’re doing. 

It’s got a smooth airflow. Listen to this thing. Little restrictive, right? In fact, it’s the kind of restrictiveness that I like on a single coiler but smooth. Listen. You can hear the smoothness of it. It’s fantastic. 

Really nice machining on this. 

Great flavor and clouds. Right now, I got a 0.33 build in it. I’m at 62W on the Smok April. Review coming soon. Let me show you what I’m working with here. Thick, dense, lush flavorful clouds. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s just fantastic. I love this tank. I love the flavor of it. I love the vape I get off of it. Bang-up job, THC. 


I love their packaging in their atomizers. I like that metal tube with a built-in stand. Awesome job, it’s a pro. 

You saw it down low, this one is easy to build and wick. 

I love the looks. I think it’s a classy looking atomizer. I just dig the looks on it. It’s short, it’s stout and it’s got some flavor. 

The airflow spectrum on this, I love it because along the whole spectrum of the airflow, it’s a restrictive DL hit and that’s the way I love to vape single coil atomizers. This thing has almost perfect airflow. 

And the last pro is going to be, I love that drip tip. Even though it’s Ultem, I like that they broke it up with the black. It’s a good-looking drip tip. It pops on the tank. It’s a pro. 

That’s it, Insiders. Those are my cons and pros on the THC One RTA. Let’s talk about this one. 


I’m going to tell you right now, the industry itself has been coming out with fantastic single coil RTAs. Right off the top of my head, the Double Up by GFV. This one, the Aromamizer Light, is fantastic. The single-coil RTAs that are coming out are just phenomenal and this is one of the best out of them. Out of the ones that I mentioned, this is one of my favorite single coil RTAs of the year, bar none. The flavor is phenomenal. It’s definitely a top 3 single coil RTA of the year. There’s no doubt about that. Oh, and I forgot to mention too, that BDV Presicio, that’s also another great flavor banger but it’s definitely more restrictive than even this tank. But let me tell you something, this thing is phenomenal. Check out the link down below, just go get yourself one if you like single coilers. You’re going to love this tank, I know for sure. I’m going to be picking myself up a few more colors. That’s how much I like it. When I tell you that I’m actually going out and spending money on something, that means I actually really like it and I’m going to buy a couple more of these tanks. That’s how much I like the One RTA by THC. 


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Thunderhead Creations One RTA. It measures in at 24mm x 41mm. It’s made primarily of 304 stainless steel. It does have a single coil deck. You get 2mls with the straight glass, 5mls with the bubble glass. It has 26 airflow holes on the deck. It’s available in stainless steel, blue, gunmetal, black, rainbow, and gold. Thunderhead Creations Tauren One RTA

  • Size: 24 x 41mm
  • Material: 304SS
  • Drip Tip: 810 PEI
  • Connection: Gold-plated 510 pin
  • Coils Type: Single coil/Dual coils
  • Capacity:2ML/4.5ML(with an extra unbreakable frosted PC bubble tube)


  • High quality 304SS construction
  • Build deck supports single and dual coil building
  • Top cap with innovative knurling design for easy screw-out
  • Innovative hexagonal honeycomb airflow system
  • Convenient top filling system with big slot



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That’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. It’s more important now than ever that you keep living that vape life. Deuces.


  • nice build quality
  • smooth airflow
  • Great flavor and clouds
  • Nice packaging
  • easy to build and wick
  • classy looking atomizer.
  • love that drip tip
  • bubble glass
  • Tough to adjust airflow


Thunderhead Creations Tauren One RTA
$32.95 $42.95

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