Uwell Fancier Review

Updated on: 2019-09-06


Alright, Insiders! You saw everything down low, up close and personal. Let’s get back to the original question, is this thing really innovative or is it just innovative for the sake of being innovative? You guys know, I gotta keep it 100, I gotta be real about it. Wicking it upside down like that in RTA mode, does it make any difference in the flavor? Does it wick more efficiently? I haven’t been able to tell the difference and you know I got to keep it 100 with my subs. I just think it’s innovative for the sake of being innovative. I don’t think it really does much as far as performance goes.


What’s up, Insiders? Today we got a little bit of an interesting product to go over. We’re talking about there Uwell Fancier. What’s interesting about it is this is like an all in one or a two in one, this is an RTA and an RDA. The other interesting thing about this is this one’s wick a little differently so make sure you pay attention throughout the whole video because I’m going to show you how to wick this thing properly. Now, the big question is, is this thing really innovative or is it just innovative for the sake of being innovative? Make sure you watch the whole review, find out exactly what I think.

What’s In The Box

  • Uwell Fancier
  • Extra pyrex glass
  • RDA top cap
  • Squonk BF 510 Pin
  • Pre-built NiChrome wires (2)
  • Extra screws (4)
  • Wrench
  • Pack of replacement O-rings
  • User’s manual
  • Organic Japanese cotton

Uwell Fancier box

You also get a spare bottom glass section. You’ll notice it’s the same glass piece, just one has some white etchings on it, the other one has some black. It’s up to you which one you want to use. You get a bag of cotton in the packaging. You also get some pretty nice coils, a tri tool, a squonking pin and some spare deck screws. Here are your different color o rings, these are your spares and you get a spare gasket.

From Top To Bottom

Here is the atomizer. We’ll start off on top as usual. On top we have a goon style drip tip that almost looks like it’s kind of hollowed out. I don’t like the way they did that, definitely not a fan of this drip tip. I don’t even like the way the Ultem with this. I think this would have done better with a black drip tip.

Uwell Fancier tank

Inside you got your o-ring in there. There is your catch cup. A little bit of a design on the top fill cap right there. In order to take it off, you give it a simple twist, screws off. Just like that Nunchaku, you only have one fill port over here. I don’t know why Uwell is insisting on doing that. I would like to see another one on the other side, that would definitely help with filling this up and displacing the air so I would definitely like to see that. You have a little bit of a recession here so if you do overfill, you’re not going to go over the top, so that’s not bad.

Uwell Fancier tank tops

On the bottom, you just pull it out. It’s just held in there by the tension of the o-ring, just like that. This is where your coil will reside, inside of this chamber here. And down here, these holes right here, this is where your juice is going to drip from and it’s almost like an automatic dripper, it’s going to drip from there and then it’s going to hit the top part here and these slots right here are your wicking slots. So what you’re doing is your wicking upwards instead of downwards, kind of neat. Got an o-ring over here, big beefy o-ring over here keeping everything in check.

Uwell Fancier tank sides

Now check out that build deck. Basically, what this is is a build deck. It’s a Velocity style deck with the grub screws on the side. You build it just like a Velocity but then you take your wicks and you shove them upwards into these wicking ports and basically what happens is your juice is sitting on top of your wicks so gravity is always feeding your wicks some juice. So that’s kind of cool, that really is. It’s neat, it’s innovative, I actually like it, it’s definitely different.

Uwell Fancier tank side

Here is your bottom airflow right here, right under the coil. You get the airflow from here, there’s four airflow slots, it comes in four ways. Stoppers on both ends of the airflow. The AFC rings a little on the loose side. Whatever you adjust on one, happens on all three. I like this little design here, I just wish the AFC ring was tighter.

Uwell Fancier tank bottoms

On the bottom of the atomizer, we have some Uwell Fancier branding, some MyUwell.com. Over here we have a gold-plated 510 connection with an insulator ring around it and stainless steel threading over here. Now this does come with a squonker but I wouldn’t recommend it as a squonker, to be honest with you. I like using it as a dripping RDA or an RTA. The reason I wouldn’t recommend it as a squonker is because that pin is going to squonk into this deck and it just doesn’t make any sense because then you’re going to have to run your cotton on the side here in order to use it as a squonker and that just doesn’t make any sense to me, it really doesn’t. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of the atomizer in my opinion.

Here it is set up as the RDA. Definitely liked it better as an RTA than an RDA but the flavor on it as an RDA is not bad at all. And it’s actually a good looking RDA, it really is. The performance on it is not bad as an RDA but I would definitely recommend it in RTA version, I think that’s where this atomizer shines.


Let me show you how to throw a build in this thing. We got the post holes open. The one thing some people might not like about this atomizer is those post screws are going to crush your wire if you’re using flat wire. You’re also going to have to make sure that you really open them up and be careful you don’t lose the screws. You want to really open them up in order to get some flat wire in there. Just like that. They gotta be opened up really wide.

Uwell Fancier tank top

Now the coils we’re going to be using are the ones that they provided. In order to build this thing, it’s just like a regular velocity style deck. You do one side at a time, top and bottom. Slide it in there, get it as close as you can. See how it already put that coil out of whack? What I like to do on this deck is I like to keep my finger on there, keep it as close as I can to the post then I put my driver in there and I give it a nice tighten, just like that. Don’t go crazy on it. Now your coils going to get out of joint but you know what, we’re going to fix that when we come back to it. Same thing on the other side, get your driver in there, give it a nice tightening. Probably bring your coil back a little bit into shape by doing this and then we’ll worry about the coil placement later. See that right there? How the coils had a joint?

Uwell Fancier tank side

Well now, what we do is we just take our coiling rod, we shove it in there and we fix it, just like so. Get it as close to that air flow as you possibly can. Now we’re going to go and we’re going to go after our leads, turn it over like that, get your wire clipper in there, make sure you put your finger on it so it doesn’t go flying, and that’s how your coil should look. The first one is installed, we’re going to go ahead and do the other side.

Uwell Fancier tank structure

Let’s give these coils a gentle pulse and see what we got here. Give them a little strum. Let’s see what the other side looks like, got some hot spots there, we’re going to strum them out, and there we go, we’re glowing evenly from the inside out which is exactly what you want.


Now, when it comes to wicking this thing there’s a couple of ways you can do it. If you’re going to run it in squonk mode or RDA mode, you can wick it down here like you would a normal RDA. You put your wicks right here in the corners. This piece still stays on because it doesn’t come off and I wish it did when you ran it in RDA or squonk mode. I wish you could pull this piece off because I’m not happy that this is staying in there. I think it kind of interferes with the airflow. Now, if you’re going to run this as an RTA, you’re going to wick upwards and look what I mean by that. You’re going to wick into these channels upward and since this is kind of unique, that’s the way I’m going to show you how to wick this one because everybody knows how to wick a regular RDA or an RDA that’s in squonk mode, it’s no big deal.

Uwell Fancier tank topfill

So let me show you how to wick it on top. Cotton we’re going to be using is Cotton Bacon Prime.

Take some Cotton Bacon, twirl it between your fingers just like that. Make one side nice and pointy and then we’re going to take it and we’re going to feed it through your coil, just like so. Now, once you’re done with that, you kind of want to measure upwards. You want to leave yourself a little bit of room for error so cut it about a millimeter above that top part. Same thing on the other side, you want to leave yourself some room for error. Now we’re going to take the rest of our cotton bacon and we’re going to do the same thing on the other side. We’re going to pull it right through, just like that, and we’re going to give it a little bit of a haircut, not much. We’re going to trim them individually once we get them in the wicking ports but there’s a little too much on there right now. You can give it a little bit of a snip.

Uwell Fancier tank parts

Shout-out to the Vape Shears, best scissors in vaping. Make sure you go check them out, we’ll have a link down below.

Now this is a little weird, the way you wick this one because what you want to do is you’re going to be wicking up. So you take your cotton tool and you just slide your wicks upward, just like you would on a regular RDA but now you’re wicking them up instead of down. So kind of neat, kind of different. Just like that, see how it looks right now? We’re going to do the same thing on the other side, get them right in there, same thing on the other one. Now your wicks are going to look something like that. Now what you can do is make sure you separate them, pull them up if you can a little bit. Make sure they’re nice and loose and what you want to do is you just go over each one and if it looks a little long, just give it a little bit of a haircut. Just like that, just like that, just like that. And that’s what your deck should look like after you’ve wicked it correctly.

Uwell Fancier tank driptip

Juice we’re going to be using today is Vape Wild’s Lemon Sansation, basically like a lemon type of pastry. This is a really nice juice, very light on the lemon, the lemon is not harsh at all. What you want to do here is you just want to start your wicks off on top here with some juice, just like you would on a regular RDA and then you might want to get the cotton down here a little wet, want to get that coil going, same thing over here, just get it kind of primed and ready for when you slap the RTA section on. Same thing over here, just paint that coil in that cotton, get everything nice and saturated. And now what we can do is give it a quick test fire, make sure we have vape and there we go, you can see we have vapor.

Uwell Fancier tank base

Once you’re all juiced and wicked up, all you have to do to put it together is just pop it right on the RTA section. No need to turn anything, nothing like that. That big o-ring is going to hold it in place. And now, this juice, the gravity is going to feed it into those wicking ports and you’re always going to have a wet coil, kind of neat.


Let’s get into the pros.

Very good flavor, pro.

Smooth airflow, pro.

Cloudy vape, that’s a pro.

Never really dry hits, the only way you get this thing the dry hit as an RTA is if the tank is empty otherwise it don’t dry.

It can be converted to an RDA, that’s a pro.

Comes with a squonk pin, pro.

Very versatile, you can go from RDA to RTA form, I like that, that’s a pro.

I’m going to give them a pro on the price point. $30, you get an RTA and an RDA, that’s pretty good, I think that’s a big win especially for people who want to try different things.

4ml juice capacity, pro.

Nice coils included, that’s a pro.

And it’s easy to build because it’s a velocity style deck. We’ll give them a pro for that.


Let’s get into the cons and the pros.

First con is going to be not all 810s look good on it because of that platform. Uwell, just make a flat platform, come on already with this nonsense.

No 510 drip tip adapter, that’s a con.

AFC ring is on the loose side, con.

I wish they provided a bottom glass that was clear. I would have liked to have just one with no frosting on it whatsoever. That would have been cool because I like to see my build deck and in atomizers like this.

The o-ring tolerance is when it’s in RDA form is a little bit on the loose side. It’s definitely big and tall so some people are not going to like that, we’ll give it a con for that.

And it’s really not a great squonker because when you’re running in squonk mode, it’s very easy to over squonk on it because of the bottom airflow.


The Uwell Fancier RTA/RDA is 24mm in diameter, it has a 4ml capacity. Like I said before, you can put it in RTA or RDA mode. It has a Velocity style deck with a unique wicking system in RTA mode.

  • Diameter 24mm × Height 56.3mm
  • Tank Capacity: 4 ml
  • Stainless steel, Pyrex glass, Silicone & PEI construction
  • 510 Connection
  • Gold-plated build deck
  • Two-post, dual terminal for single or dual coil builds
  • Side-secured hex screws
  • Threaded top-fill with a large slot
  • 810 PEI Widebore Drip Tip
  • Squonk capable BF 510 pin
  • Dual internal air tubes


That’s it, Insiders! That’s all I got for you guys today. Want to thank Vape Wild for sending this one my way. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Very good flavor
  • Smooth airflow
  • Cloudy vape
  • Never really dry hits
  • converted to an RDA
  • Comes with a squonk pin
  • Very versatile
  • Price point
  • 4ml juice capacity
  • Nice coils included
  • Easy to build
  • Not all 810s look good
  • No 510 drip tip adapter
  • AFC ring is on the loose side
  • Bottom glass not clear
  • The o-ring tolerance is big
  • Not a great squonker


Uwell Fancier
$29.00 $44.99

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