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Vapefly Fantasy Mini Review

Updated on: 2017-07-10


Just like with the full size Fantasy tank you really can’t go wrong because of the coil systems they decided to use in their tanks. I do like the fact that they’ve taken two well known tanks and combined them so that you can use both coils in one tank. What Vapefly did is really quite ingenious. They’ve basically taken two great tanks and created a tank that will accept both coils and is extremely versatile. I also think that the Vapefly Fantasy mini looks better than both of the tanks that it was made to emulate. I also love the compact size and the way it looks on most mods.

So if you’re the type of vapor that really doesn’t like to go above 100 Watts? If you’re the type of vapor that values flavor over clouds? If you’re the type of vapor that puts a premium on versatility? Well, then I would say that the Vapefly Fantasy Mini is a definite addition for you.

But Deuces, How Does She Vape?

Both coils for the Fantasy Mini will provide you with a more than satisfying vape. While I do get a very good vape off of both coils I do prefer the M8 over the M2. Right now I have the M2 in my Fantasy Mini atop my Smok G150, I am ohming out at .2 ohms and I am running the tank at 50 watts in power mode. I get a very flavorful, dense, saturated, vape. I think this is a great coil for the people who are comfortable in the 50 to 85 watt range.

First Impression Out of the Box

Packaging is well done. Everything is on one level laid out side by side. The tank looks like a fancy version of the Big Baby Beast by Smok. Looks like you get two coils in this package. Both coils seem to be very different. One comes pre-installed in the tank.

What’s in the Box

  • 1*Fantasy Mini tank
  • 1*M8 octuple coil head (installed 0.15ohm)
  • 1*M2 double coil head (0.5ohm)
  • 1*Replacement glass tube
  • 1*User manual
  • Spare parts

Vapefly Fantasy Mini Review box

From Top to Bottom

The Fantasy Mini has the same exact drip tip as the full-sized Fantasy. It also has the same exact type of filling method. This is a side-fill tank that you simply twist and pull to reveal the side fill port. There is a little bit of knurling around the top cap that was not present on the full-sized Fantasy. As I’ve said on numerous occasions and in many of my previous reviews, I am not a big fan of side fill tanks. It is not a deal-breaker for me but I would prefer a top fill tank as opposed to a side fill tank. I just find in my personal experience that side fill tanks tend to get a little messy with certain types of bottles. They work fine with all the newer needle nosed bottles but when you use droppers and bullnose-type bottles, it tends to make a mess on side fill tanks.

There is some branding on the inside of the glass but it’s subtle and well done. The Fantasy Mini also went with that cage style look but the bars are straight and not on a slant like they are on its bigger brother. The bars themselves inside of the tank are made of stainless steel construction.

Vapefly Fantasy Mini Review top

The Fantasy Mini also has a short chimney that goes into a narrower 510 setup that your drip tip plugs into. It probably contributes to the overall flavor of this tank because the vapor production does not have a long way to go. While I do like the traditional 510 drip tip fittings, I have been leaning more towards 810 drip tips. I like tanks that come with an 810 drip tip as stock and then include a 510 drip tip adapter. I feel this gives the vapor a wide range of choices with what type of drip tips they are able to use. I would have liked to have seen that on this tank instead of just a 510 drip tip connection.

The base has some knurling on it with two airflow slots. There is no clickiness to the airflow at all but there are stoppers on each end. The bottom of the atomizer has some Fantasy branding on it and the 510 pin is non-adjustable. The 510 threads are very smooth and the pin itself is gold plated.

The Coils

.15 M8 Coil

This is basically the Baby Beast coil that is compatible with either the Big baby Beast or Baby Beast coils by Smok. Nothing surprising here, this coil is for the mid-range cloud chucker. I’m a big fan of Smoks Big Baby Beast and Baby Beast tanks. I like them both but I do prefer the Big Baby Beast because of its larger capacity. The fantasy Mini is more in line with the Big Baby Beast tank. I love the coil that comes with it. I feel that this coil gives you a great vape without sacrificing clouds or flavor. It’s one of those middle-of-the-road coils that just does a fantastic all around job.

.5 M2 Coil

This is the coil that is compatible with the Atlantis tank. Let’s face it, this type of coil is a little long in the tooth but it is tried and true. It does provide a more than decent Vape and this coil is readily available in most vape shops. In the Fantasy Mini, this coil screws into an Atlantis adapter that then screws into the base of the tank. You will get a good vape off of this coil but at the same time, it’s nothing earth-shattering. I prefer the Smok family of coils much more over the Atlantis coils. This coil is for the vaper that wants a more subdued vape.

I know there is an RBA section available for the Baby Beast and the Big Baby Beast. I would have liked to have seen an RBA section included in the tanks packaging. I have no idea if Vapefly has decided to develop one, but if they do in the future, I would suggest to them that they included with the tank.

Vapefly Fantasy Mini Review coil


  • Sanitary hidden side-hole easy refill system
  • No leaking twist-open and twist-lock design
  • Two coils different vapor, compatible with SMOK TFV8 Baby family & Atlantis tanks
  • Type: sub ohm tank
  • Material: Stainless steel+pyrex tube
  • Resistance: 0.15ohm(50 – 120 watts), 0.5ohm(40 – 70 watts)
  • Size: H58*W25mm
  • Capacity: 4ml
  • Thread: 510

  • Versatility of coils
  • Flavor
  • Construction
  • Looks
  • Clouds
  • Compact size
  • 510 drip tip
  • Only 510 drip tip compatible
  • Side fill
  • No RBA section


Vapefly Fantasy Mini
$16.00 $24.00

DeucesJack is head of reviews at Vaping Insider and has become known as one of the best reviewers in the industry. He pulls no punches and always gives an honest and unbiased opinion on the products he reviews. Since the launch of our youtube channel in 2018 he has put out a review video every single day.