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Vaptio C-Flat Review

Updated on: 2017-10-24


I really like it when companies develop systems like this. This is a simple device with one button operation. This is the type of device that would convert a smoker over to vaping. The reason a device like this can do that is because it’s simple to operate and easy to use. The more people we convert from smoking to vaping, the stronger we become as a community. So, I am all for devices like this that can bring smokers over in droves. Not only is this a good device for the beginner but it’s also great for the vaper that needs a stealthy set up in their arsenal. This is the type of device that you can take with you in a shirt pocket and vape places where you probably shouldn’t. We all need a device like that in our arsenal and this is definitely one of the better ones.

I also like the fact that you get two pods with it so you can fill one up and put it in your pocket while vaping on the one that is actually in the device. That’s definitely a plus with this system. If you want to switch flavors or you just run out, you simply reach in your pocket and grab your fully-loaded pod.

If you are in the market for a stealthy little setup, then I would definitely check out the Vaprio C-Flat. It is one of the better pod systems that I have tested so far. I also like to support companies that do things different and innovative, so far, Vaptio is proving to be one of those companies. I have tested every product that they brought the market so far and they have yet to disappoint me. So, if you’re taking a long trip soon and you know you’re going to be in the airport, or if you need to convert a person you love over to vaping, or maybe you just need a stealthy set up for yourself, definitely check out the Vaptio C-Flat. It’s DeucesJack approved.

First Impression Out Of The Box

As of late, Vaptio has been coming out with some stellar gear so when I heard that they would be developing a refillable pod system, I was excited about that. The Vaptio C-Flat comes in a nice box that is two-tiered. As soon as you open the box, you will see the C-Flat mod itself. Underneath the mod and a plastic piece that holds, it is an extra pod and a USB cable. There are also some warning books with an authenticity card and a user manual. My first impression when I opened the box was, how am I going to describe this thing to my readers. It has an extremely unique shape to it that is definitely going to be tough to describe. I will do my best in the next few paragraphs to explain how it looks but I am thankful for pictures on this review.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 Fully Assembled C-Flat Mod
  • 1 Spare C-Flat Tank
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Vaptio C-Flat Box


  • 350mAh built-in battery
  • 15w max output
  • Resistance range 0.8-1.2ohm *Replaceable 1.5ml pod
  • Coil resistance 1ohm
  • Duck Bill mouth piece
  • Pass-through
  • Built-in dual function button
  • Dimensions: 120.5mm x 24.9mm x 15.1mm
  • 5v/500mAh USB quick charging <1.5h
  • Overheat protection, short circuit protection, over vaping protection
  • Available colours: Champagne Gold-White/Red-Black/Black

The Mod

Describing the shape of the mod is probably going to be the toughest part of this review. I would say it is rectangular in shape but on the widest flat side of the mod, that side sort of levels up to a point. Giving that one side the illusion that it is actually two sides. That is the best way I can describe it but I’m sure you’ll understand once you see the pics in this review.

Vaptio C-Flat Parts

On the front of the mod, we have a fire button with a circle in it. Right below that, there is some Vaprio branding and an LED indicator. When the LED indicator is green, it signifies that the mod is fully charged. Right near the LED indicator, on the side opposite the drip tip, there is a charge port. The C-Flat features of 350 mAh battery and it can go from dead to a full charge in 90 minutes.

Vaptio C-Flat Charge

The mouthpiece on this mod is a little different than most that we’ve seen on other pod systems. Vaptio is going with a duckbill type of drip tip. They claim that if you use it with the hole towards the bottom of your lip, you will be able to MTL it. If you use it with the hole facing your upper lip, you will be able to DL hit this device. To be honest, I really didn’t notice a difference either way when I vaped it. Both ways felt exactly the same to me. The drip tip itself is very smooth and it feels very comfortable in your mouth. The mouthpiece does come off a little too easily and I would have liked to have seen some sort of click or snap in system for it.

Vaptio C-Flat Vape

The Pod

Vaptio uses a disposable, refillable pod in this system. It is plastic and it has a squarish kind of shape to it with rounded off edges. There is a part that protrudes with 2 o’rings and that part goes into the drip tip on the mod. Around that top piece, there is a silicon plug that you lift in order to fill the tank. Once the tank is full, you put the plug back in place. After the tank is filled and all plugged up, all you do is slide it into the mod itself. Because of the unique shape of the Pod, it can only go into this system one way. I like the way that Vaptio did that. It’s idiot proof.

Vaptio C-Flat Pod

Inside the Pod, you can see your coil. It is a tiny little coil that ohms out at 1 ohm. Since the mod itself can only do a maximum of 15 watts, there really is no need for a lower ohm coil. The pod will hold 1.5 mls of liquid. Battery life is excellent because this pod system runs above ohm. I tend to use my higher Nic juices in it. I normally vape anywhere from 1.5 to 3 Nic but when I use this pod system, I use my 6 Nic tobacco juices.

The Look, Feel, And General Aesthetics Of The Mod

This is a slick-looking little pod system. It has a unique look that I am kind of digging. It is definitely very pocketable and it is light enough to slip inside a shirt pocket. Also, it is slim enough to put in a front jeans pocket as well. It feels nice and light in the hand and it is also very comfortable to fire and vape on. Definitely a stealthy little device that can easily be used in airports or places where you are kind of trapped but you still want to be able to vape to get that Nic fix. For that type of situation, this mod is absolutely perfect.

Vaptio C-Flat Feel

The Menu System

There really is no menu system on this pod system. This is a one button mod. 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off, and hit the fire button to vape. That’s it, that’s the whole menu system.

How Does It Vape

This is a nice stealthy little vape. Granted, this is made for undercover vaping or for the type of people that like a draw that is extremely similar to a cigarette. It has a nice tight drawer that you can definitely MTL. Yet, at the same time, if you pull hard enough, you can definitely DL this device as well. It will be a restricted DL hit but it can be done. I like that about the C-Flat. I like the fact that it is extremely versatile and you can use it differently in different situations. I definitely enjoy vaping my higher Nic juices in this device as opposed to other devices. It just seems to give me a really nice smooth hit when I’m using double the Nic that I normally vape. This device does go extremely well with tobacco types of juices. It just gives you that nice cigarette type of feeling without all the carcinogens.

I have been using the C-Flat a lot with my morning coffee. I love vaping tobacco juices in the morning with my coffee. For me, it just brings me back to a time when I was a smoker and I find it extremely satisfying. I also like using this mod when I go out to have a beer. Something about having a tobacco juice with a beer that I still enjoy and it also brings me back to the time when I was a smoker. I love using this mine in those types of scenarios.

What Would Make It Better

  • A Different Drip Tip

While the drip tip on the C-Flat is very comfortable, I do wish they included a secondary one. I wish they included one that was more squared off and with a draw hole on the front as opposed to the side. This way, I don’t have to consciously make a choice as to which way I am going to vape this device. Most of the time, I leave it with the draw hole facing down but there have been times where I have grabbed it and vaped it the other way. I would rather have seen that hole more towards the front of the mouthpiece. This way, I could get a draw exactly like I would from a cigarette. Other than that though, this is one fine, refillable pod system.

  • Small
  • Pocketable
  • Looks good
  • Ease of use
  • Charges quickly
  • Refillable pod system
  • Can be used with higher
  • Nice juices
  • Stealthy
  • Good battery life
  • Versatile draw
  • Needs a secondary drip tip choice
  • Drip tip comes off a little too easy


Vaptio C-Flat
$39.99 $50.00

DeucesJack is head of reviews at Vaping Insider and has become known as one of the best reviewers in the industry. He pulls no punches and always gives an honest and unbiased opinion on the products he reviews. Since the launch of our youtube channel in 2018 he has put out a review video every single day.