Voopoo Alpha Zip Review

Updated on: 2019-09-15


This is basically a Drag 2 in a different skirt. That’s really what it is. It’s in a different housing, same type of chipset. I think it’s better looking, I think it’s more comfortable to hold. I think it’s a nicer looking mod than the Drag 2, in my opinion. So basically, if you’re a fan of the Drag 2 but you didn’t like that gaudy branding on it and you want something that looks a little classier, definitely check out the Voopoo Alpha Zip. I think it’s a better looking mod.


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at vapinginsider.com. Today, we got another review, from one of my all time favorite companies. We’re talking about the Voopoo Alpha Zip. Basically a Drag 2, but the big question is, is is better looking? Make sure you watch the whole review, find out exactly what I think.

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What’s In The Box

  • ALPHA ZIP 180W Box Mod
  • 1 MAAT Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 0.13ohm MT-M1 Single Coil
  • 1 0.2ohm MT-M2 Dual Coil
  • 1 Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 Spare Parts Bag
  • 2 User Manuals
  • 1 GENE Chip Card
  • 1 Warranty Card

Voopoo Alpha Zip box

Quick Tour

Voopoo Alpha Zip leaning

Let’s open this thing up and we’re just going to go over the mod today. Because I reviewed the Maat tank on its own, we’ll post a link up in the description. Check that out. Kind of neat, black and grey checkerboard. I’m digging it, I like it. Look at that. Kind of nice looking. Funny thing, though, this part right here, the part with no texture, it’s very schmutzy. I wish they would have textured out the black pieces. A little bit of subtle Voopoo branding over there, good on you, Voopoo.

Voopoo Alpha Zip back side

Same thing on the other side. They curve this mod off, it doesn’t have the rough features that the Drag 2 has, although it has the same exact chip. Check out those buttons, nice and clicky. I definitely like them. I like that little x in the middle there so you can kind of feel where your fire button there. Big up button, big down button, micro USB port, nice size screen, just a real nice job as far as feel on the hand goes. It does feel a little chunky but it’s very comfortable to hold. Nothing much going on on this side. On the bottom there, you can see, we have some board venting and we have a fingernail tab in order to get our battery off. We’ll go over that in a second.

Voopoo Alpha Zip bottom

From Top To Bottom

Voopoo Alpha Zip mod

On the top side, you can see, again, Voopoo with their off-centered 510. Not crazy about the positioning of it. I wish they would have just centered it but it’s not terrible. It’s not as bad as the Drag 2. Two star screws holding the plate in place, stainless steel plate, stainless steel threading. This is a gold-plated 510 that I would say has a loose spring with a medium throw to it. Put a 25mm atomizer on here, see how it does, 25mm atomizers, no overhand whatsoever. But that’s going to be about as big as you can go. Anything over that is going to have some overhang.

Voopoo Alpha Zip mod top

Getting back to the bottom of the mod, there’s your fingernail tab right there. Pop that off. You can see you got that big, huge Voopoo battery strap. You have 2 really nice magnets over here holding everything in place and a non-conductive material on the door, just in case of your battery wraps has a tear. I do like that. I also like this little lip here. Kind of keeps the battery door in place a little better. Nice job on that.

Voopoo Alpha Zip battery door

What cracks me up is they know enough to put Voopoo on the battery strap but they don’t know enough to make the battery markings in white. Voopoo, it seems more important to me that the battery markings be in white as opposed to your branding. You know better than that. It’s a con.

Voopoo Alpha Zip tank

On top, we have spring-loaded, gold-plated battery contacts on both sides. On the bottom, we have button style contacts, also gold-plated. Let’s pop some batteries in here. Take your battery door cover, boom! Slips right in there. No movement, no movement this way. Probably one of the best battery doors Voopoo has ever made. I don’t know why they couldn’t do that on the Drag 2. Screen’s a little bit on the dim side, not going to lie. It does scroll in 1W increments, all the way up to 180W and it does scroll rather slow considering it goes in 1W increments. It does not round robin.

Voopoo Alpha Zip sub ohm tank

Menu System

Size Comparison

I wanted to do a quick size comparison. Of course, since it has the same exact chipset, I wanted to compare the Alpha Zip to the Drag 2. You can see, the Drag has that resin panel on there. Different buttons, same exact chipset. I actually like the Alpha Zip better. I think it’s a better looking mod. Doesn’t have that stupid branding on it. Pretty much the same size. And I also think the Alpha Zip, believe it or not, is more comfortable in the hand than the Drag 2/ So if you don’t like the looks of the Drag 2 but you like the performance of it, definitely check out the Alpha Zip.

Another mod it compares very favorable to is the Ehpro Cold Steel 200. Very similar type of shape to them. Similar type of feel in the hand. The Ehpro cold Steel is much heavier, though. But they both have that same type of bulkiness to them which I really like.


First pro is going to be, look at it. I just think it’s much better looking than the Drag 2, in my opinion. Just a nicer looking mod without any of that loud branding. Nice job, Voopoo. I think it’s got better build quality than the Drag 2.

It fires fast.

TC on it is actually good, just like the Drag 2.

It’s got all the bells and whistles that you want and you expect from a chip nowadays.

Easy menu system.

It’s got a nice feel in the hand. Nice and chunky, yet smooth. I’m digging it. I gotta give it a pro.

Even though we didn’t go over in this review, I did a separate review of it, we’ll put a link down below. The tank that’s included in the kit, that Maat tank, it’s an awesome tank. If you’re going to buy this, make sure you buy it in kit form because that tank is well worth the extra few bucks.

And the last pro is going to be that battery door. Unlike the janky one on the Drag 2, this one is about as solid as they come. Nice job, Voopoo.

That’s it, Insiders! That’s all I got for you on the cons and pros. Let’s talk about this one a little bit. Let’s bottom line this one.


Alright, Insiders! Let’s get into them cons and pros.

Frist con is going to be that screen. It’s tired, it’s a little dim. I don’t like it. I wish it was a little brighter. It’s a con.

And the only other con I got to this one, I’m still not a fan of that whole fit mode thing. I wish Voopoo would just do away with it.

That’s it on the cons, though. Not much to complain about here. Let’s move on to the pros.


Let’s go over some of the specs for the Voopoo Alpha Zip mod. It measures in at 85mm x 51.3mm x 25.5mm. It is a dual 18650 mod with a 180W maximum output. It will fire down to 0.5 ohms. It has that legendary gene chipset. Protections include over time, over protection, over temp, over charge, low discharge, short circuit and it has balanced charging. We highly recommend that if you buy this mod, you buy it in a kit form with the Maat tank. We did do a full review of it. There’s a link in the description below.


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That’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out. Deuces.

  • The look
  • Fires fast
  • TC is good
  • Nice and chunky, yet smooth
  • Battery door
  • The Screen
  • Whole fit mode thing


Voopoo Alpha Zip
$77.95 $84.95

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