Vozol D1 Disposable Pod Review

Updated on: 2019-10-07


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at VapingInsider.com. Today, we’re going to be going over something a little different. I got the Vozol D1 disposable pod.Vozol D1 Disposable Pod

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Before we get into the review, I just want to point out, nowhere on the packaging does it say how many milligrams of nicotine this is and that’s definitely going to be a con.

Now let’s open this thing up. I’ve already opened it but I’m going to show you how it comes packaged and I left the packaging in there. It comes packaged sealed. Obviously, I ripped mine open. But here was another opportunity for them to put the milligrams of nicotine and they didn’t. They didn’t put it anywhere. Like I said before, that’s going to be a con. You tear this thing open, pop out your Vozol pod. Normally, when you have it opened when you first open it up, there’s this sticker covering that. I guess that’s to prevent any accidental firing. And you also have a rubber piece in here for, I’m sure, the same purpose. Vozol D1 Disposable Pod

You can see, nice color. I do like the fact that you can look at this and right off the jump know it’s green apple just by the coloring. I do like that. Nothing else going on here, really. This is just a simple disposable pod system. There is your draw piece, right there. For those of you who don’t like those flat draw pieces, it is very comfortable, it’s easy to draw. It does have a nice, smooth draw to it that we’ll talk about more up top. But that’s it. There’s really nothing much to go over here. Vozol D1 Disposable Pod

Let me show you the one place it does have the nicotine strength in it. You can see under the specs sheet, there’s your nicotine right there. 15mg of nicotine, and there’s also a 5% nicotine statement there which equates to 50mg. That’s really the only place you’re going to find any of the stuff, any of the specs. Nothing’s on the packaging. The milligram should definitely be listed on the packaging. Big, big con. I’m going to give them a slight pass on it because I think they’re pretty much a new company. I’ve never had anything from them before. But you guys gotta fix that. You gotta put the milligrams on the packaging. 

Now, let’s go back on top. I’m going to vape on both of these. We’re going to talk about the draw and the flavor.


Alright, Insiders! We’re back on top. Not going to do the cons and pros. We’re just going to vape on this thing and we’ll talk about it a little bit. Vozol D1 Disposable Pod

Right now, I got the apple, the green apple. This is a 15mg nic salt. Let me take a tune on this thing. It’s light vapor production. I get a nice green apple taste but it’s almost like a cross between a green apple and a green apple jolly rancher. That’s kind of how I’m feeling. It’s like a natural and the candy combined. I’m not crazy about the 50mg nic salts. That’s way too heavy for me. I don’t vape anywhere near that level. Apple’s really not my thing but it does taste accurate. 

Let’s move on to the iced mango, this is probably more my jam. Again, 50mg of nic salts and it’s got like, Dentyne ice with like a natural mango. You definitely feel that ice hit you in the back of the throat. It is a heavy ice. I can feel it right now. You can feel it going up through your nose and everything. It’s got a nice, natural mango flavor that’s kind of earthy. That earthy type of mango taste, that’s what this thing has. This is probably my favorite out of the two. I like this better than the green apple. The green apple was slightly harsher. This one’s a little smoother even though it has that heavy ice.


Vozol D1 Disposable Pod

  • 1 x Pod Device
  • 1 x User Manual


Basically the way you want to use something like this is you throw it in a bag or a pocket as a backup piece. You use it in a place where you need a nic hit but you don’t want to make huge weather systems. That’s where these types of pod systems come into play. That’s the way I’m going to use them. Overall, I’m getting a nice flavor off of them. They’re a little too heavy as far as nic content goes. I wish they were available in like a 25mg nic salt because 50 is just too much for me.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Vozol D1 disposable pod. It weighs in at 28g. It has a 1.2ml capacity. It’s good for 250 puffs and then you just throw it away. It has a 240 mAh battery, 50mg of nicotine. Protections include short circuits, overtime, and low voltage protection. There are 6 flavors available, American Tobacco, Mint, Iced Mango, Green Apple, Cool Melon, and Blueberry.Vozol D1 Disposable Pod

  • Size: 23 x 13 x 75mm
  • Capacity: 1.2ml
  • Battery: 240mAh
  • Resistance: 1.6ohmVOZOL
  • Classic Flavors: AmericanTabacco, Refreshing Mint, Iced Mango, Green Apple


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