Xiaomi Taki Mini Review

Updated on: 2019-09-14


The interesting thing on this was the pricing. When I went to Smokdaddy.com, they sold these flavors individually at 9 bucks but you could also buy the 5-pack sampler that I just showed you, for $23. So my thing is, look, order the sampler first if you’re going to order something like this. You might like all 5 flavors, you might like only 3 flavors out of the 5 but even if you only like 3, you’re still ahead of the game if you order the 5-pack. Even if you gotta throw 2 out, you’re still getting 3 cheaper than if you pay $9 a piece. That’s the way I look at it. So if you are going to try this, definitely order the sampler pack and see what you like because it does have at least 3 good flavors. I can tell you right now. My favorite was the blueberry, my second flavor was the lychee, third was the coffee. But the coffee was actually a very close third, like I can interchange it with the lychee if I wanted to. It’s a really nice, heavy roasted coffee. 4th would probably be the tobacco and 5th would be the mung bean. While the mung bean wasn’t blah, it wasn’t like I wanted to throw up after vaping it, it’s just not something I would look to go buy. I’m not going to scour the internet for mung bean ejuice after vaping on that. But it was different, that’s for sure.


What’s up, Insider? DeuceJack at Vapinginsider.com. Today, we’re going to be going over disposable pod system. I’m talking about the Taki. The one really interesting thing about this video, you might want to stay tuned even if you don’t like disposable pod systems. You know why? I got a flavor in this pod system that I’d never ever vaped before. I’d never even heard of it before. It’s called Mung Bean. That’s right, man! We’re going to be vaping on some mung bean. Watch the whole video and see exactly what I think about this mung bean disposable pod.

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What’s In The Box

  • XIAOMI TAKI Mini Disposable E-cigarette

Xiaomi Taki Mini box

From Top To Bottom

I have no idea what this means right here: Both throwing electronic atomizer. I got a feeling they might be trying to say that it’s a dual sensor on it. That’s the only thing I can think of. I don’t know what ‘Both throwing’ means in the vape industry and I’ve been in it quite a bit. Maybe Taki can explain that to me.

Let’s open this up and check out that presentation. The presentation is actually really, really nice. You get 5 disposables in a box. This is the Blueberry, this is the Iced Lychee, Tobacco, here’s Mung bean. That’s going to be interesting because I have no idea what the hell a mung bean is. And this one is Ice Coffee. Let me take one of them out and show you how it’s packaged.

Let’s take the coffee out since it’s the easiest. This package is a little tough to get on camera because it’s so shiny. You can see this is the Taki or TK Mini. you can see it says it’s got nic salt 5% which would equate to 50mg of nicotine. There is their website right over there and here it is labeled Ice Coffee. Now what you do is you open this thin up and it all comes nicely sealed in this tin foil wrapper. So that’s not a bad job. I like that it’s sealed. Rip it right off like that and then it comes out of the packaging. It’s got another little boot on the end there but that stayed in the packaging. You can see, clearly labeled. You smell the coffee as soon as you pop that thing open. Jesus Christ, man. That’s got a strong coffee smell to it. And again, looks very generic.it almost looks like it’s engineered design, the outside of this. These big black leathers, it’s very industrial. Some people might like that. They might like the fact that they could simply look at the color and find out which part they can grab for which flavor. To me, I’d like to see something a little nicer. But you can see, clearly mark nic salt 5%. Again, 50 mg of nicotine. You got this little rubber piece right here. You pull that off and that’s why I think the box said both throwing because it looks like you got a dual sensor here in order for this thing to hit, when you take a drag on it. It does have a very cigarette-like drag to it. Very, very nice and tight. Definitely a cigarette type of draw. And it does fire right away which leads me to believe there is a dual sensor in there. But really, not a lot to go over. You can see, it’s pretty slim, pretty pocketable, pretty much an easy carry.

Flavor Profiles

Alright, Insiders! You saw the packaging up close and personal. Let’s vape some of these flavors and let’s talk about them.

Xiaomi Taki Mini coffee

First one I’m going to vape is the one that you saw me open up. This is the coffee one, the Ice Coffee one. Check this out. Very, very, very strong coffee flavor. The ice isn’t that bad. There’s not a lot of ice on it. You do get a little bit of it on the back of your throat but I’m getting a really espresso whole bean type of flavor on this thing. You guys know, I’m half Italian so I know espresso. This thing tastes like espresso. There’s no milk, there’s no sugar, there’s no cream, there ain’t no nothing in it. This is just straight-up bold coffee. And I got to tell you, I’m digging it so far. Just nice. It’s a nice vape, that’s for sure.

Xiaomi Taki Mini tobacco

Next flavor, let’s stay in line with the espresso. This is the Flue Cured Tobacco. Let’s give it a rip and see what it tastes like. I’m not taking big hits because this is 50mg of nic. I got to tell you, though. That tobacco was actually kind of nice. It’s a mild tobacco, it’s a little bit on the sweet side. Almost like a pipe tobacco, a little bit like a pipe tobacco, little sweet. Not too sweet, not that sickly sweet type of tobacco but it’s right in the middle as far as sweetness goes. But the tobacco is actually really nice and really flavorful. I’m enjoying it. It’s nice and light. It’s not a heavy, heavy tobacco. Not a bad flavor at all.

Xiaomi Taki Mini blueberry

Let’s move on to the one that I think is going to be my favorite. This is Ice Blueberry. You guys know I love blueberry vapes. Let’s give this thing a hit, see what it tastes like. Ooh, that’s actually really nice. Very, very accurate. More like a candy blueberry than a fresh blueberry but it got very, very little ice to it. Not a big ice hit on it at all. You do feel it a little bit in the back of your throat. Not as icy as the coffee but it’s a nice candy, the blueberry. I can vape that one all day. It’s actually really good.

Xiaomi Taki Mini lichi

Let’s move on to the next one. We’re going to be trying the Ice Lychee. Lychee is kind of tough because I don’t always like lychee flavor juice and I’m not a fan of ice as most of you know. So far, three of these have had ice in them so let’s give this thing a vape and see what it tastes like. Oh, that’s really nice. That’s got a nice, light lychee flavor. also very light on the ice. I can see myself vaping this in the summer. That’s actually an accurate lychee juice and it tastes really nice as well. I’m definitely digging that one. Probably my second favorite, next to the blueberry, so far.

Xiaomi Taki Mini sweet mung beans

Now, for the piece de resistance, let’s try this Mung Bean out.Funny thing is, I got a quick little story for you on this one. I have no idea what the hell a mung bean is. So when I read the description on the Smokdaddy website about this flavoring, it said, let me read it. Sweet mung beans as if back to the hot summer alley selling mung bean popsicles of your childhood. I have no idea what the hell is going on in Asia that they’re selling mung bean popsicles in alleyways on hot summer days. I can tell you this for sure. I’m from Brooklyn and I ain’t never seen no mung bean popsicles being sold in the alleyways and if they were, I probably wouldn’t eat a popsicle sold in some alley. But let’s give a rip, let’s see what it tastes like because I’m curious to see what mung bean tastes like because when I looked it up, they look like peas. They’re actually in the pea family. They’re legumes and they are also pretty nutritious. Apparently, they are filled with nutrients and antioxidants and they use them like stir fries and soups and stuff like that in Asia. so let’s give this thing a hit. Let’s see what it actually taste like. Wow, that’s kind of weird. I am getting some slight ice but I’m getting a very earthy, it almost feels like I’m vaping some sort of vegetable that still has dirt on it. I’m getting a very earthy taste. It’s clean earthy taste. It’s not like I’m vaping dirt itself but definitely has that earthy. Earthy tone to it. Kind of like that same tone that some of the mango juices have. They have that earthy tone but this doesn’t have any sweetness to it. I’m not tasting a lot of sweetness. I’m getting a lot of that earthy tone That’s the best way you can describe it. It’s really like no other juice I’ve ever vaped. It doesn’t taste like a fruit. It actually taste more like a tobacco. It actually taste more like an earthy tobacco than it does a fruit or a vegetable. Very, very weird. It’s not unpleasant in any way. It’s just like no other flavor I’ve ever vaped. That’s the best way I can put it. Kind of weird. It really is.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Taki TK Mini. it measures in at 16.4mm x 7.4mm x 94.2mm. It has a capacity of 1.5mls. This is a closed end system and it is disposable. Once you’re done with it, you throw it away. You’ll get 400 puffs per unit. It does have a 280mAh battery, 50mg of nicotine salt. It’s available in Tobacco, Mung Bean, Ice Coffee, Ice Lychee and Ice Blueberry.

  • Size:16.4*7.4*94.2mm
  • Atomizer capacity: 1.5ml
    Smoking times:about 300 puffs
  • Battery capacity :280mAh
  • Main ingredients: natural glycerin / medical propylene glycol/food grade spices
  • Nicotine content: 50mg/ml
  • Taste: Classic Tobacco / Cool mung beans / Cold Extract Coffee / Ice Sweet Lychee / Ice blueberry


That’s it, Insiders! That’s all I got for you today. Not a lot to go over. This was a short, little, quick video, but I think it was an important video because I think a device like this is definitely going to help a lot of people get off of those cigarettes.

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We’re going to see you guys on the next one. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.



Xiaomi Taki Mini
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