Rincoe Manto Kit Review

Rincoe Manto Mod

The Rincoe Manto Mod has a 2-inch screen, centered 510, easy-to-use interface and a great battery door. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


First Impression out of the Box

DeucesJack: What’s up, everyone? DeucesJack at vapinginsider.com. Today, I got a new kit for you. I got the Rincoe Manto kit. You remember that review I dropped on that little pod system that Rincoe Ceto? They just came out with a dual 18650, 228W kit, comes with the Metis tank and a mesh coil.

So let’s dive down. Let me show it to you up close and personal. Let’s go over the tank, the menu system, the whole nine yards and then we’re out of here. See you down low.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Manto 228W Mod
  • 1 x Metis Subohm Tank(Pre-installed with hive coil)
  • 1 x 0.15ohm Mesh Coil
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Spare Parts
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 2 x User Manual

All right, everyone! Welcome to the downlow portion of this video. Today, we’re going to be going over the Rincoe Manto. I don’t know if you remember, I did that Rincoe Ceto pod kit. This is from the same company, says it got a 3d user interface. Take a quick tour around the box.

Rincoe Manto Kit Review

On the back of the box, let’s you know, we have one Manto 228W mod, USB charging cable, one Metis sub ohm tank, 1.15 ohm mesh coil, spare parts, two user manuals and a warning card. I got the rainbow one, a little bit of social media and a bar code over there.

Rincoe Manto Kit Review

Let’s see what we got. We’re going to take the mod out and put that to the side for now. Underneath the foam insert, we have a whole bunch of paperwork. In the box, you get a Rincoe quality certificate, a Rincoe Metis tank user manual, a Manto user manual, an after sale service and warranty card, a battery warning card. You also get a rather long micro USB cable for charging and updates, a spare parts pack that includes spare o-rings, as well as 510 drip tip adapter, and here is your Metis tank.

From Top To Bottom

The Tank

Let’s go over the tank real quick. Bottom airflow, three airflow. AFC is very smooth with stoppers on both ends. Whatever you do on one happens on the other two. On the bottom of the atomizer, we have some Designed by Rincoe branding, gold-plated 510, insulator ring, stainless steel threading.

Rincoe Manto Kit Review

On the top side of the atomizer, we have a goon style drip tip, 810, very nice. Don’t forget it also comes with a 510 drip tip adapter. This one has the o-rings on the outside of the drip tip but there’s also an o-ring on the inside so your regular goons will fit just fine. I have tried it. A little bit of knurling on the top cap here, give it a little twist. Very very smooth. Little bit of Rincoe branding over here. Twist it off and there are your fill ports right here and here, big enough to accommodate any juice bottle on the market. We have a bubble glass right here. In order to access your coil, like any other sub ohm tank, you twist the bottom off and voila, there is your Metis coil.

Rincoe Manto Kit Review

Now if you’ll notice, this one has some mesh inside. This is a mesh coil. Nice juice ports over here. Here is your coil. Here are your juice ports. This is the 0.15 ohm coil good for 40-100W. Very smooth threading. Says right here, Hive Coil Metis. They did not put the material of the mesh. I wish they would have. That’s going to be a con. We want to know what type of material we’re vaping on. In order to install your coil, you simply screw it into your base and the threading is very smooth.

Rincoe Manto Kit Review

The Mod

Here is the Manto mod. Some Rincoe branding up here, plus-minus button and your micro USB port for charging and updates. One thing I will warn you about, this is a fingerprint magnet. Let’s start off on top as usual.

Rincoe Manto Kit Review

On the top side of the mod, we have a little bit of a raised platform here. See that? We have a stainless steel plate over here. Stainless steel threading, gold-plated 510 connection with what I would call a medium throw with a medium spring to it threading inside is very smooth. All of my other atomizers have sat flush on it. You can fit 25s on here without any overhang.

Rincoe Manto Kit Review

Here is your fire button. Rectangular style fire button with rounded corners, definitely raised on the top side, but it’s comfortable to fire on the first 50 percent of it. If you try to fire here it will not click. You kind of got to be more than halfway up on it.

Little bit of Manto branding on the backside. Rainbow over here. On the bottom of the mod, we have some venting for batteries and we also have a little fingernail tab right here, in order to get the battery door off, like so. Once the battery door is off, you’ll notice there are three strong magnets, two on the top, one on the bottom that coincide with magnets on the battery tray. You’ll also notice clearly marked plus and minus battery indicator markings. The top side battery contacts are gold-plated and button style. The bottom side are gold-plated and spring-loaded. Really nice and clean battery tray. They also have some type of plasticky cover here on the back just in case your battery wraps have a tear. It won’t short them out. Good job on that, Rincoe.

Rincoe Manto Kit Review

Let’s put on some batteries in it, and go over the menu system. Positive side up over here. Put the bottom side of the battery down first because that’s where the spring loaded contacts are, same over here. Batteries are installed. Hear that nice click? Great job on that, Rincoe.

Here is your screen. Manto branding, separate battery bars, wattage, puffs, ohms, voltage and your puff counter in seconds. Goes all the way up to 10 seconds. Plus and minus button here. Goes in 0.1W increments all the way up to 228 and it does round robin.

Menu System

In order to access the menu system, 1 2 3, now you’re in the menu system. You can scroll between variable wattage mode, TC mode and settings. Let’s go into TC mode. In TC mode you have the choice between nickel, titanium, stainless steel and TCR that you can adjust manually. If we go into stainless steel, you’ll see, my degrees are in Fahrenheit right now and my wattage is down here. We can go up in 5-degree increments all the way up to 600 degrees. If we want to change the wattage in temperature control mode, all we do is hit the minus button and the plus button together and you’ll see the wattage turned green and now I can adjust it up and down all the way up to the full 228 watts.

Rincoe Manto Kit Review

Back into the menu system, we’ll go into settings. Here’s where you can adjust your brightness, your screen timeout and your color. Colors that are available are green, teal -shoutout to my boy Anthony Vapes- purple, pink, red, orange and yellow. And here is where you can factory reset it. Show you the brightness, the screen is very bright it can also be very dim but I love this screen. I think it’s fantastic.

In variable watt mode, you have a choice between minimum, normal, high and maximum. I normally keep it on normal and there you go.

I just want to put it next to some other popular similar mods. This is the Smok X Priv, this is the Vaporesso Revenger. Very much in the same genre as that because they are all like full-screen mods. Really really dig these types of mod. I think Rincoe did an awesome job especially for something that was their first effort.

Let me show it to you all put together. Nice job. It’s just a good looking kit.

Rincoe Manto Kit Review

Let’s cut back on top, let’s vape on it. We’re going to talk about it for a bit, cons, pros and we’re out of here as usual. See you back on top.

General Thoughts

All right everyone. We’re back on top with the Rincoe Manto kit. You saw it down low man. That screen is drop dead gorgeous. One of the best screens I’ve ever seen. It’s just beautiful. They did a great job laying it out. Love the very user-friendly menu system. I like that and the color on the screen just pop. Awesome, awesome screen. I can’t say enough about it.

Rincoe Manto Kit Review

This thing fires extremely fast. You just touch that button, do you hear that? Listen, it just goes really really fast. I like that. Looks great. I think the looks on it are absolutely phenomenal. Yeah, it’s a fingerprint magnet but when it’s polished up it looks great. Also, the tank has a great flavor to it. They did a great job with those mesh coils. We’re going to give them kudos for that. TC on this is actually really good. I’ve been getting good TC off of it just using the stock settings. Very very impressed with that part of it.

Let’s get into the cons and the pros.


I don’t have a lot of cons. My biggest con on this thing is that it’s a fingerprint magnet. That’s really it. Otherwise, I don’t have a lot to complain about on this thing. I like the tank, I like the mod.

Let’s go on to the official pros.


First pro is going to be that huge 2-inch screen, big pro on that.

Centered 510, pro.

Holds 28 ml with no overhang, pro on that.

Fires super fast, pro.

Round robins in temperature control or wattage mode, I’ll give them a pro for that for sure.

Great battery door. That battery door is one of the most solid I’ve ever seen. Awesome job on that. They really did a great job on the battery door.

Easy to use interface. This thing is as simple as it gets. You got to be an idiot if you can’t navigate this thing in two minutes. Pro for that.

I’m going to give them a pro for the looks. I think it’s a great looking kit.

I’m also going to give them a pro for those great mesh coils. These mesh coils have some really nice flavors to them and the cloud production is insane pro on that.

Rincoe Manto Kit Review

Let’s give them a pro on the TC. The TC is, it’s very very good. I’m shocked that a company’s second device and they came up with one that has such a nice TC. They did a very good job on it. I’m going to give them a pro for that.

And I’m going to give them a pro on the overall build quality of the tank and the mod. Pro for that.


And that’s it man. That’s really all I got for you today. I like reviewing the really nice kits because they’re easy to review because there’s not a lot to go over. They just work well and this is one of those kits.

Make sure you check out our link down below. It’s the way you can buy it.

We’ll also have a link to our forum vapinginsider.com/forum. And hey man, if you found this review helpful, do us a favor. Hit that thumbs up button, hit that notification button, hit that subscribe button. We’re keeping it 100. We give you real reviews everyday here. I’m putting content on this channel.

We’ll see you on the next one. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

Rincoe Manto Mod

The Rincoe Manto Mod has a 2-inch screen, centered 510, easy-to-use interface and a great battery door. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


Pros & Cons

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • 2-inch screen
  • Centered 510
  • Holds 28 ml with no overhang
  • Fires super fast
  • Round robins in temperature control or wattage mode
  • Great battery door
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • looks
  • great mesh coils
  • overall build quality

  • fingerprint magnet

  • Manto measurements: 89 x 47 x 31 mm
  • Metis e-juice capacity: 6 mL
  • Screen: 2 inches
  • Battery type: dual-18650 batteries
  • Drip tip: 810
  • Thread: spring-loaded 510

Deuces Jack is a well-known member of the VapingUnderground forums where he quickly became respected for his honest opinions and willingness to help other members. He is now a regular content contributor for Vaping Insider. When he’s not vaping or unboxing the latest products for review, he can be found riding motorcycles close to his home in New York.

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