Seize The Zipper Blackout Squonker Review

The Zipper Blackout By Seize Mods Review

The Zipper Blackout By Seize Mods

The Zipper Blackout By Seize Mods is built absolutely beautifully and it works extremely well. If you are into those premium squonk mods, you definitely owe it to yourself to check it out. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


First Impression Out Of The Box:

When you first open the box to your Zipper Blackout mod, the first thing you notice is there’s a bunch of stuff in there. It’s a very complete squonker and definitely more on the premium side than other squonkers that I have reviewed. The other thing you notice when you put the mod in your hand is the fact that it is super smooth, especially for a 3D printed mod. Most of the 3D printed mods that I have reviewed have had that rough sort of texture to them. Not the Zipper Blackout, this thing was polished to a smooth finish.

The Zipper Blackout by Seize comes very nicely packaged and with quite a few extras in the box. The box has a slide out sleeve and once you take the box out of the sleeve, you need to take the top off of the box. Take the top off and you will see your Seize Zipper Blackout mod sitting in a foam insert along with a 510 spanner, two spare buttons, and two beauty rings.

What’s In The Box:

  • MM510 Connector
  • MM 8.5ml Super soft Bottle.
  • 2 Halos ~ 22mm and 16mm
  • 3 buttons ~ Original (fire prevention), Nipple and Seize Logo
  • Seize 510 Nut Spinner Lock
  • Copper Contacts
  • Multi-coloured battery sticker and clear wrap
  • 14mm Nylon Spanner

The Zipper Blackout By Seize Mods Review

From Top To Bottom:

The Zipper mod comes with a Mod Maker 510 as well as a Mod Maker squonking bottle. The 510 pin is a squonking pin because this is a squonking mod. It is spring loaded and it has a very short, stiff throw to it. The stainless steel platform around the 510 pin is 16 mm wide and the threading on it is extremely smooth. The mod will hold 24 mm atomizers with no overhang.

On the inside of the mod below the 510, everything seems to be made out of brass. The connector that goes into your squonk bottle tube is made out of stainless steel and it is a nice length. I have to be honest, I’m not too crazy about the squonking bottle itself. It is definitely on the stiff side and I would have preferred something a little softer. Especially at this price point, I think Seize could have done a better job on the squonk bottle. The squonk bottle does hold a respectable 8.5 mls of juice.

The Zipper Blackout By Seize Mods Review

The Blackout comes with 2 beauty rings. They are also 3D printed and they come in two different sizes. One of the beauty rings is 16 mm in diameter and the other is 22 mm in diameter. I really don’t have any 16 mm atomizers so I have been using the 22 mm beauty ring quite a lot. I use it with my Wasp Nano and I absolutely love the look of it. I also use it with my Pulse 22 from Vandy Vape. I think the beauty rings are a really nice touch especially on a premium mod like this. The last thing you want to do on this mod is get any type of atty rash. It’s just too pretty of a mod to mark up with any kind of atty rash.

Another thing that kind of bothered me about the squonk bottle is the metal cap is very close to your copper contact, especially when you are pressing the button. It bothered me so much, that I actually pulled the copper contact out and put a piece of electrical tape around it. I think Seize should have used some type of insulator on this part of the contact. I want to be clear that when I used the mod without the electrical tape on the contact, it never actually touched the metal cap but it was close enough for me to have some concern.

The Zipper Blackout By Seize Mods Review

All of the contacts on the interior of the mod for the battery are made out of copper. We have all seen this design before. We have an L shape going down from the fire button to the positive side of your battery. Between the 510 connection and the inside top of the mod, we have another battery contact that goes to the negative side of the battery. I do like the fact that they did use copper contacts but with that superior conductivity comes maintenance. I’m sure sooner or later, these contacts are going to have to be cleaned up. The Blackout takes a single 18650 battery.

My overall impression of the interior of this mod is that Seize did an absolute bang up job. This thing is put together tight. Seize used all of the available room on the interior of this box mod. There is absolutely no wasted space. By doing this, they created a really nice little compact squonking mod. The other little annoyance I have with the interior though is the fact that there is no battery strap. This is one of those mods where you kind of have to bang it against your palm in order to get your battery to come loose. I would have liked to have seen some sort little strap in order to make removing your battery easier. Especially since this mod only opens up from one side. Because of that, there’s no way for you to take off the other side and push your battery out. It definitely could have used a strap.

The Zipper Blackout By Seize Mods Review

The battery door on the Zipper is an absolute thing of beauty. They put a lot of thought into the battery door and it definitely shows. On the interior of the battery door, there are three magnets that attach to your battery when it is installed. There is also a cut out on the interior that is sort of shaped like a U and it cradles your squonking bottle when you install the battery door. Every time you put this door on, it gives you a very satisfying click that lets you know it is solidly in place.

There is a big zipper, 3D printed into the battery door, that goes from the top of the squonking hole towards your atomizer. It’s a nice touch and it does give the mod some texture. The squonking hole is a little bit on the small side but I have had no issues getting my thumb in there or any other finger in order to be able to squonk. That’s another thing that I really love about this mod, Seize sells a bunch of aftermarket acrylic doors that just look absolutely fabulous. Along with the doors, they also sell different buttons in different materials so you could really go crazy with your matchy match game. I love choices and Seize gives you plenty of them with this mod.

The other unique thing about the door is the way it is designed. It kind of has these jigsaw-like looking pieces on each corner that actually snap into cutouts on the body of the mod. They do a great job of keeping the door in place and there is absolutely no wiggle or battery door rattle. There is also no gapping at all when it comes to the battery door. This thing stays in place and it fits absolutely perfectly.

The Zipper Blackout By Seize Mods Review

On the front of the mod, we have the fire button. It is also 3D printed and the great thing about this mod is in the box, you get three different choices when it comes to the firing button you would like to use. The one that comes pre-installed has a locking mechanism on it and a Seize emblem. There is another convex button with no emblem but it also a locking mechanism. Finally, there is a little nipple-style button with no locking mechanism at all. All of the buttons are 3D printed and the same color as the mod. Again, whoever designed this mod understands that vapers really like choices. As I said before, Seize also sells different buttons, made out of different materials, and in different colors.

While I found all of the buttons included in the package very comfortable, I have to say that I do prefer the one with the locking mechanism and without the emblem. It just feels the best out of all of them. No matter which button you choose, they all have a rather short throw and they do not require a very firm press. In order to lock the mechanism, you simply grab the button by the edge and turn it. That’s it, now you cannot fire the mod. In order to be able to fire your mod, grab the button by the edge again and turn it in the opposite direction. Very simple and very effective.

The Zipper Blackout By Seize Mods Review

With the button facing you, on the right side of the mod is where the battery door is and we already went over that in great detail. On the left side of the mod is where you will find a cut out by your battery that is cut out in the letters that spell Seize. Not only does this provide battery venting but Seize also included a multicolored battery wrap. So, if you install this battery wrap, when that battery is in the mod, you can spin the battery and have the lettering of the Seize cutout change color to match your atomizer or drip tip. It’s a neat little feature that yet again shows the thought that went into the development of this mod.

Not only does the cut out serve an aesthetic purpose and provide you with plenty of venting but it also looks absolutely fantastic. Right under the branding of the battery cut out, there is also a zipper emblem. On the part of the mod where the cutout is, there is also an extreme curve that wraps around the mod. This gives the mod such a great feeling in your hand that I can’t really describe in words. This is definitely one of the most comfortable squonkers I own, if not the most comfortable squonker I own. The form factor on it is absolutely fantastic and so is the build quality.

The Look, Feel, and General Aesthetics Of The Mod:

This is definitely the most comfortable squonking mod that I own. I just think the looks of it and the overall form factor is absolutely phenomenal. It’s not just a square box. It’s got some curves and contours to it that make it feel awesome in your hand. Not only does it look and feel great but it also is built extremely well. This is a well-designed, great-looking, awesome form factor mod.

The Zipper Blackout By Seize Mods Review

The texture on this mod is also like no other 3D printed mod I own. It is extremely smooth and that definitely contributes to the great feel in your hand that this mod gives off. Not only is it smooth but it does have some texture by the cut out and the zipper on the door. It is easy to hold and extremely easy to carry. This is a very compact squonking mod that hits really well.

How Does It Vape?

I have had no issues with the way this mod hits. This is a very simple mechanical squonker, so you should be very familiar with Ohm’s law before you attempt to use a mod like this. It hits really well and I feel like I do not get any significant voltage drop out of it at all. All of my 18650 batteries fit inside the mod beautifully and it just vapes extremely well.

I absolutely love running my Wasp Nano on this mod. The reason I like it is because I wind up using the 22mm beauty ring and I think it just sets that atomizer off when you put it on top of this mod. It’s just a perfect combination. I have also run my Pulse 22 on top of it with a lot of success as well. Right now, I have a single Clapton inside of my Wasp Nano, ohming out at .18 ohms and the vape I get is just absolutely beautiful. It hits hard and it can chuck the clouds. I’m also getting great flavor but that is more of a product of the RDA than the mod.

What Would Make It better:

  • Needs A Rubber Insulator On The Contact Near The Bottle Cap
  • Better Squonk Bottle

This section was extremely tough for me in this review. There is really not much wrong with this mod. I did mention that I felt better after I put some electrical tape around the part of the contact that is near the metal cap of the squonk bottle. It’s something that I bring up but to be honest, it’s really not going to affect the vape quality of this mod, it’s just an observation that I made and one I felt needed to be addressed.

The only real con that I can find on this mod is the fact that the squonk bottle is on the cheap side. It’s not soft at all and I think Seize should have outsourced a much softer squonk bottle, especially at this price point. It’s almost a shame that they included such a cheap squonking bottle in such a great mod. That bottle really doesn’t do this mod justice. Fix that Seize.


I don’t know, did I gush enough in this review for you to actually get the point? This is one of my favorites squonkers, hands down. It is built absolutely beautifully and it works extremely well. There really isn’t much more I can say about it. The only thing I have to do right now is hunt down a squonk bottle that will actually fit, in order to make the experience better. I definitely need something a little softer. If you are into those premium squonk mods, you definitely owe it to yourself to check out the Zipper Blackout by Seize mods. This one is DeucesJack approved and it will most definitely make my list as one of the squonkers of the year.

The Zipper Blackout By Seize Mods

The Zipper Blackout By Seize Mods is built absolutely beautifully and it works extremely well. If you are into those premium squonk mods, you definitely owe it to yourself to check it out. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


Pros & Cons:

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Extreme Attention To Detail
  • Great Battery Door
  • Customizable
  • 2 Spare Fire Buttons
  • Button Lock Feature
  • Copper Contacts
  • Mod Maker 510
  • Capacity
  • Smooth Texture
  • Plenty Of Venting
  • Multi Color Battery Wrap
  • 2 Beauty Rings
  • Compact
  • Excellent Form Factor
  • Extremely Pocketable
  • This Thing Hits

  • Copper Contact Comes Close To The Bottle Cap
  • Squonk Bottle Needs To Be Softer
  • No Battery Strap

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