Sigelei Great Wall (GW) Review

Sigelei GW Review

Sigelei GW

If you are the type of a person that likes big mods and you like to run big tanks, the Sigelei GW would probably make a good addition to your collection. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


First Impression Out Of The Box:

All I can say when I pulled this thing out of the box is ‘wow, what a big mod.’ This is really a handful. Then again, it’s exactly what you would expect from a dual 21700 mod. It does have a nice shape to it but make no mistake about it, this is a big mod.

I was a little surprised at the packaging. I received two of these mods for review and one of them came with a set of Sigelei 21700 batteries installed and the other had no batteries. I’m not sure if Sigelei is selling this as a kit, one with batteries, and one without. I have not been able to find any information on it and all of the listings that I have seen list it without any batteries. So, they might have provided some batteries for the reviewer samples because 21700 batteries are kind of tough to get your hands on right now.

What’s In The Box:

  • One GW Box Mod
  • Two 18650 Adaptors
  • One Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual and Warranty Card
  • One mod came with batteries installed, the other did not

Sigelei GW Review

From Top To Bottom:

Starting off at the top of the mod, we have a center mounted 510 connection. This 510 connection will hold a 28mm atomizer without any overhang. You can get a 30mm atomizer on it but there will be some slight overhang on the back side of the mod. It is the type of overhang that will only bother the most anal retentive users. It’s a shame that Sigelei didn’t beef this mod up a little bit more on the top plate, so it is able to hold 30mm atomizers without any overhang.

Sigelei GW Review

The GW does have a stainless steel plate going around the threading of the 510 connection. The threading is nice and smooth and so far, all of my atomizers have sat flush on it. The 510 pin is gold plated and it has a nice stiff spring to it, with what I would call a medium throw. So far, I have enjoyed running my Aromamizer Plus and Vandy Vape Triple on it.

Sigelei GW Review

On the backside of the mod, there is some Chinese writing with what looks like a tree. On both sides of the mod, in the tubing with a battery is held, you will see some artwork on the outside of that tubing. They look like Chinese scenes from The Great Wall of China. There is also some Chinese writing on them. I have no idea what the writing says but it is on there. To be honest, I could definitely do without Chinese writing on a mod that I am using in America.

Sigelei GW Review

The battery door for the GW is located on the bottom side of the mod. The compartment is made for 21700 batteries. It also accepts 20700 batteries. With one of the mods to fit, I have had no issues with any rattling or battery door rattle. On the other mod that they sent, I did have some significant battery and battery door rattle, no matter which batteries I used. So it seems like the QC on this mod may be a little bit of an issue. Because one mod had significant battery and battery door rattle while the other had none. They also include an adapter so you can run 18650 batteries in this mod but I have no idea why you would want to do that. This mod is extremely big, especially if you’re only going to run 18650 batteries in it. I would do that only if I was in a pinch and did not have access to 21700 batteries yet.

Sigelei GW Review

The door on the GW is the push down and out sort of door. It is hinged and on the inside, it has gold plated button style battery contacts. The battery contacts are clearly labeled plus and minus. Inside the battery tubes, we have two gold-plated spring loaded battery contacts. There are no battery orientation markings inside the tubes. There is some indirect venting on the battery door but I definitely would have liked to have seen more.

Sigelei GW Review

On the front side of the mod, we have a large oval shaped fire button with some Sigelei branding on it. It looks to be made out of plastic but it does have a very nice quick and feel to it. It is also a nice size button that is perfect for thumb firing.

Sigelei GW Review

Right below the fire button, we have a screen that is laid out in vertical form. It is a .96-inch TFT color display. I like the font that they used and the way that they laid it out. It has plenty of information on it and the font is large enough to be easily readable. On the screen, you’ll be able to see your resistance, voltage, locked or unlocked, watts, temperature, puff counter and individual voltage of each battery. There is also a battery meter at the bottom of the screen.

Sigelei GW Review

Below the screen, we have two diamond-shaped plus and minus buttons. They are very small for a mod of this size and I think Sigelei would have been better off going with much bigger up and down buttons. They have a nice clicky feel to him but I still wish they were bigger. Right below the diamond-shaped up and down buttons is where the USB port is located. This port is for charging and updating. However, given Sigelei’s track records with updates, I wouldn’t count too much on an update.

The Look, Feel, and General Aesthetics Of The Mod:

This mod reminds me an awful lot of the Vfeng. It’s like a bigger, more smoothed out version of that mod. It has the same overall shape but it doesn’t have the corners and edges of the Vfeng. It actually has a very comfortable form factor and even though it’s big, it is comfortable to hold. I do like the way it feels in the hand but I could have definitely done without all that Chinese writing all over my mod. To me, that amounts to some pretty ugly branding.

Sigelei GW Review

When you do run 21700 batteries in this mod, it is pretty heavy. This is not what I would call an all day carry but at the same time, it’s not so big that I would classify it as a coffee table mod. It’s the type of mod you would take in the car with you on a long trip because of the extended battery life and the fact that you probably wouldn’t have to swap out batteries too frequently. Because of its size and weight, it would probably do really well in a nice-sized cup holder.

The Board:

Sigelei is using their proprietary board in the GW mod. DW was capable of 257 watts and it will fire down as low as .1 ohms. It has a full temperature control suite that includes Ni, Ti, SS316, SS317, and an adjustable TCR function. It also has a preheat setting available to it in power mode. The GW has a temperature control range of 200 degrees to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a weed and lock resistance function that you have to use in temperature control mode.

The Menu System:

The menu system on the GW is pretty simple. Click the fire button 5 times to end to the main menu system. Use the up and down buttons to navigate through the different sub menus. Once you land on the submenu that you want, hit the fire button to enter that submenu and use the up and down buttons to navigate within that Submenu. In order to read and unlock the resistance, you need to hold the up and down buttons together. To adjust the preheat, you simply hold the up and fire button until the preheat screen appears. Once the preheat screen appears, you use the up and down buttons to make your adjustments. To lock the resistance, you hold the down and fire button until the red lock symbol appears. To unlock the resistance, you do the same button combination until the unlock symbol appears.

Sigelei GW Review

How Does It Vape?

As always, I vaped it next to my triple battery DNA mod to see if it was actually hitting the full 257 watts. I have to say that in power mode, throughout the full range of wattage, it did feel fairly accurate. It may be a slightly cooler vape above 200 watts when compared to a DNA device. I would definitely say that it’s coming very close to the advertised 257 watts. Definitely close enough to not be able to notice that much of a difference as far as heat goes.

In TC mode, it did vape decent but it also had a degree of inconsistency to it. That is probably because of the fact that you are not able to adjust your wattage in TC mode. Had Sigelei given you that choice, it probably would have been a much more accurate mod in TC mode. Sometimes, it vaped very well in TC mode and other times it had a tough time ramping up the coils. I would have definitely appreciated more control in the form of a wattage adjustment on this chipset. For that reason, I have to rate the TC as merely okay.

What Would Make It Better:

  • Wattage Adjustment In TC
  • Better QC
  • Less Chinese Branding
  • Pull That 520 Closer To The Front

I’ll just keep bringing it up until companies start listening. If you want to make a legitimate TC mod, you have to give vapors the choice of adjusting the wattage in TC mode. Any time, any company does that I will always give them a con for it. Even if the mod vapes well without that feature, I will still give them a con because TC vapers want control of that aspect of their Vape.

Since the battery doors differed so much in the way that they worked and function, I have to give them a con on the QC of this mod. Sigelei really needs to tighten things up as far as the battery door and tolerances go.

What’s with all the Chinese branding? I understand the mod is called the GW and that GW stands for Great Wall but that doesn’t mean that I want a whole bunch of Chinese branding on my mod. We’re not in China, this is America and I really don’t appreciate having to walk around with that sort of branding on my mod. Even though it is on the subtle side, I think they should have left it off the mod.

I have no idea why Sigelei did not go the whole nine yards with the 510 on the GW. They should have pulled it up towards the front a millimeter or two and it would have been able to fit 30mm atomizers without any overhang. It just doesn’t make any sense why they made the mod able to fit 28 mm mods without any overhang but they didn’t go all the way and accommodate 30 mm atomizers.


This was a tough one that I’m kind of on the fence about. While I really like the form factor and the fact that it takes 21700 batteries, I would have liked to have seen things tightened up a bit from a quality control standpoint. Definitely, have to make some adjustments to that battery door and get that thing shored up. It performs well in power mode but the performance in TC mode is pretty inconsistent.

If you are the type of a person that likes big mods and you like to run big tanks, this would probably make a good addition to your collection. You also have to be the type of vaper that really only vapes in power mode. If that’s what you are and what you are looking for, then you might want to consider the Sigelei GW.

Sigelei GW

If you are the type of a person that likes big mods and you like to run big tanks, the Sigelei GW would probably make a good addition to your collection. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


Pros & Cons:

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • Big Mod
  • Centered 510
  • Color Screen
  • Nice Fire Button
  • Accurate In Power Mode
  • Nice Form Factor
  • Takes 2×700 Batteries
  • 18650 Adapter Included
  • Preheat
  • TCR
  • Holds 28 mm Atomizers With No Overhang

  • Branding
  • 30 mm Atomizer Overhang
  • QC Is questionable
  • No Wattage Adjustment In TC
  • Big

  • Sigelei Chip Set
    • 10 to 257W
    • 1.0 to 7.5V
    • 0.05 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Temperature Control Suite
    • Ni200 Nickel Support
    • Titanium Support
    • SS316L Support
    • Adjustable TCR
      • Fine Tune Temperature Output
    • Preheat Functionality
    • Resistance Read and Lock
    • 200 to 570 Degree Fahrenheit Range
    • 0.1 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • 0.96 Inch TFT Color Display
    • Output Temperature
    • Output Wattage
    • Output Voltage
    • Material and Mode Selection
    • Atomizer Resistance
    • Output Current
    • Battery Life Indicator
    • Adjustment Lock
    • Puff Counter
  • Sliding and Locking Bottom Battery Access Door
    • Accepts Dual High Amperage 18650/20700/21700 Battery
    • Sold Separately
  • Zinc Alloy Construction
  • 20mm Stainless Steel 510
    • Spring Loaded Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • 93mm by 57mm by 36mm

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