Best Sub Ohm Mods & Box Mods of 2018


Aleader Funky 160 – $49.99

Best Sub Ohm Mods Aleader Funky 160click-best-price

  • Interchangeable Resin Face Plates
  • Power Output: 1W-160W
  • 0.9″ OLed Display Screen
  • Full Temperature Control Suite (NI, TI, SS)
  • Water Resistant screen

Every once in a while, a sub ohm mod comes along that sets a new standard in some type of category. Whether it be in performance, price point, looks, or ergonomics, they are normally far and few in between. The Funky 160 by Aleader is that sub ohm mod. This sub ohm mod is one of the best sub ohm mods in terms of price that you will be able to find in the vaping market today. Not only does it have beautiful interchangeable resin faceplates but it has a maximum output of 160 watts as well.

The Funky has a beautiful .9 inch OLED display and it is capable of firing all of the materials that are standard for temperature control vaping. It also has a preheat setting so you have the choice of firing it in soft, standard, or powerful mode. For the sloppy drippers out there, the 510 connection does have a catch cup and the screen is water resistant. It also has 2 amp onboard charging with plenty of battery ventilation.

When scrolling through the wattages of this sub ohm mod from 5 to 99.9 Watts, it will scroll in .1 increments. After you pass 100 Watts, it will scroll in one-watt increment all the way up to 160 Watts. The Funky 160 has a battery cutoff protection of 3.2 volts. The Funky 160 measures 54 mm x 26 mm x 88 mm. It has a total weight of 6.6 ounces and it will fire coils as low as .1 ohms in wattage mode. In TC mode, you can fire as low as .05 ohms. It has a temperature control range of 200 degrees to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This sub ohm mod is beautifully designed and packed with a ton of features at an extremely affordable price point when you compare it to other mods in its subcategory. Check out one today for a Funky vaping experience.

Smoant Battlestar – $44.09

Best Sub Ohm Mods Smoant Battlestarclick-best-price
  • 1 to 200W
  • Full Temperature Control Suite
  • TCR Functionality
  • OLED Display
  • Reverse Battery/Low Resistance/Low Input Voltage/Short Circuit/Overheating Protection

As far as we are concerned here at Vaping Insider, the Smoant Battlestar was probably the sleeper sub ohm mod of the year for 2017. This sub ohm mod has a maximum output wattage of 200 Watts. It is ergonomic, has a full temperature control suite, and it is extremely well built. The Battlestar will feel great in your hand. Not only is the form factor fantastic but this sub ohm mod is a little power house. It can fire as low as .1 ohms and as high as 1.3 ohms. It has a temperature range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and it has a maximum output voltage of 8.4 volts. Along with the full temperature control suite, you also get TCR functionality with 3 memory slots. Believe us when we tell you the TC on the Battlestar mod is indeed legitimate.

One of the really nice things about the Battlestar line of mods is there is an enormous choice of colors you get to pick from. Not only are there a bunch of colors but there are also different finishes. For instance, if you choose the camo series, it has a sort of rubber like finish on it. If you go with the painted series, it’s more of a matte type of paint job that has proven to be very durable. If you go with the gold, copper, or silver, it’s more of a raw metal finish that has been brought to a high polish shine. So as far as style goes, there is a Battlestar mod that will fit each individual’s style, looks, and vaping needs.

Best Sub Ohm Mods Tesla Steampunkclick-best-price

Tesla Steam Punk 120 – $49.95

  • Firing modes: VW/TC Ti/TC Ni200/TC SS316/TCR
  • Wattage mode output range: 7W to 120W adjustable in 0.5W increments
  • TC mode output range: 200℉ to 600℉ or 100℃ to 300℃
  • Wattage mode resistance range: 0.1Ω to 3.0Ω
  • TC mode resistance range: 0.05Ω to 1.0Ω

Whether you are into the steampunk look or not, there’s no denying that this sub ohm mod is a looker. It is extremely aesthetically pleasing and it gives off an opulent, regal, yet mechanical type of look. The body of this sub ohm mod is enamoured with gears that look like the innards of a clock. This mod has that neo victorian look that just screams quality when you hold it in your hand. Even the color options on it all enhance the look in their own way.

Underneath this elegant-looking mod beats the heart of a full temperature control suite board that can be fired up to 120 watts. The Steam Punk has a temperature control range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and it has a maximum current output of 35 amps. You can fire the Steampunk as low as .1 ohms in power mode and as high as .3 ohms. In TC mode, you can fire it even lower at .05 ohms and as high as 3 ohms. It also has a preheat function that the user will find very helpful when it comes to heating up large, massive, exotic, coils. The Steampunk has the ability to save up to three profiles. So, not only does the Steampunk mod perform well with tons of great features but it looks great while doing it. The Steampunk is available in copper, brass, black, and grey. Get one today and class up your vape gear collection.

Mid Range

Best Sub Ohm Mods Vaporesso Revengerclick-best-price

Vaporesso Revenger – $69.95

  • 5 to 220W Output
  • OMNI Board 2.0
  • Six Total Output Modes
  • Sleek and Beautiful Chassis Design
  • Four Button Control

Vaporesso has a new flagship sub ohm mod called the Revenger. Of course, along with a new flagship sub ohm mod comes a new version of the Omni board. The Revenger goes up to 220 watts and it features the new 2.0 version of the very popular Omni board. Vaporesso made some significant improvements on their already popular board. They tweaked the temperature control on this board and now it has gotten so good that we had to feature it on our top
sub ohm mod article. They’ve also added a customized wattage curve as well as a customizable temperature curve feature to this device. The Revenger will fire as low as .05 ohms and as high as 5 ohms. It has a maximum voltage output of 8.5 volts and of course, it has the smart VW mode that users of the Omni board have come to love.

Not only did Vaporesso make improvements under the hood of the Revenger sub ohm mod but they have updated the look significantly. Vaporesso is using an IML injection mold which they say is environmentally friendly and allows for greater quality of graphics that traditional decorating methods would not allow for in the past. I don’t know about all that but one thing’s for sure, it is an absolutely beautiful sub ohm mod. It comes in some great colors and it has a very sleek futuristic look to it. Right now, the Revenger mod is available in black, blue, and red. The Revenger measures in at 45 mm x 89 mm x 28 mm. So, for a dual battery mod, it is extremely pocketable and easy to carry. Check out a new Vaporesso Revenger and see what all the hype is about.

Geekvape Aegis – $74.95

Best Sub Ohm Mods Geekvape Aegisclick-best-price
  • 1 to 100W Output
  • Temperature Control Suite
  • Military Standard 810G-516.6 Shockproof System
  • IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof System
  • Low Voltage/Current/Output Short Circuit/Load/Low Resistance/Overheating

The Geekvape Aegis sub ohm mod is what I refer to as a trendsetter mod. What I mean by that is every so often, a sub ohm mod comes around that does something totally different and innovative. It does it all well and it is often copied or imitated. Enter the Geekvape Aegis. This is really like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Yes, there have been mods made that have had claims of durability and ruggedness but nothing near the specs that the Aegis puts out. Not only is this sub ohm mod shockproof but it is totally waterproof and dustproof as well. We know because we’ve tried it here at Vaping Insider. We have put it through our own torture test and it came through with flying colors. Plus, we are sure that you’ve seen it go through all kinds of abuse on YouTube as well. Our prediction is, you will see a lot of companies in the very near future try to copy the ruggedness of the Aegis.

The Geekvape Aegis takes a 26650 battery and it has an old-school screw-in type of battery cap. It has an 18650 adapter and other battery caps are available that will allow you to run the Aegis with a 20700 or 21700 battery. It will fire as low as .05 ohms and it has a maximum voltage output of 9 volts. The .96 inch screen is very rugged and the firing button on this sub ohm mod is just absolutely phenomenal. It has a full temperature control suite and it will support Ni200, Ti, and SS 316. The principal materials used in constructing this sub ohm mod are zinc and aluminum as well as some type of rubberized chassis. The Aegis measures in at 37.8 mm by 46.8 mm by 88 millimeters. It is available in a few different colors such as black and yellow, brown and silver, camo and gunmetal, and black on black. If you are in the market for a real rugged type of device, the kind that you can take to work and bang around on a construction site, then you should definitely check out the Geekvape Aegis.

Smok Alien – $44.99

Best Sub Ohm Mods Smok Alienclick-best-price
  • 6 to 220W Power Output
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Extra Large OLED Screen
  • Innovative and Ergonomic Firing Mechanism
  • Measurements: 44mm by 30mm by 85mm

In this section, we’ve been talking about once-in-a-while sub ohm mods that turn out to be trendsetters. Well, you can chalk the Smok Alien up in that category as well. I can’t remember a form factor or shape that has been copied as much as the Smok Alien mod has. You know what they say, when they’re copying you, you know you’re doing something right. That has definitely been the case with the Smok Alien. Not only does the Smok Alien have a phenomenal form factor but it has the performance to back it up as well. The Smok Alien has a maximum power output of 220 watts and a maximum voltage of 8 volts. It has a preheat setting that Smok has become famous for and it is firmware upgradeable.

Along with all those features I have listed, the Smok Alien mod also has an extra large OLED screen that is laid out beautifully and has been poorly imitated by quite a few companies out there. Smok also used its firing bar that they have made famous in the vape community, allowing Smok to make its way up to our best sub ohm mod category. Wrap all this up into a 44 mm x 30 mm X 85 mm package and you have a winner. The Alien is available in so many colors that I can’t even list them here. One thing is for sure, you will definitely be able to find a color scheme that suits your needs and style. There’s a reason everybody owns a Smok Alien. If you don’t, then you are definitely missing out. Pick one up today and find out for yourself why this is one of the best sub ohm mods ever made, often imitated, but never duplicated.

High End

Best Sub Ohm Mods SX Mini Q Classclick-best-price

Sx Mini Q Class – $149.95

  • YiHi SX450J BT Chip Set
  • Temperature Control
  • TCR Functionality
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Micro USB Charge and Update Port with 2 amp charging

You want a premium sub ohm mod, with a great chipset, with superior build quality, and awesome TC? Well, look no further because here it is. The Yihi SX Mini Q Mini, powered by the SX450J BT chipset. This sub ohm mod is just awesome and checks off all the categories that any vaper deems important. It will fire up to 200 Watts. It has intelligent taste curve with a 5-bank memory. It’s one of the top performing TC chips on the market. It’s Bluetooth compatible and it has 2-amp balanced charging. I mean really, what more could you really ask for? This is one of those mods that just oozes quality when it comes to every aspect of the mod. Buy the Q Mini and all your other mods will just sit there because you will always be reaching for it.

The form factor on the Q mini is also what sets it apart from most sub ohm mods on the market today. It just feels great in the hand. You can thumb or finger fire this mod and either way, it’s just as comfortable as can be. Of course, Yihi uses a phenomenal 510 that is gold-plated and spring-loaded. You can fit atomizers up to 24 mm on the Q Mini and it will give you an awesome vaping experience. If you are in the market for an ultra premium mod that does nothing but perform, then definitely check out the SX Mini Q Mini 200 watt box mod. It is available in black or red and I promise it will not disappoint. Get one today, but be aware, this is our top mods of out of the best sub ohm mods article for a reason. Once you start using, you won’t be able to settle for less.

Best Sub Ohm Mods Squid Industries Double Barrelclick-best-price

Squid Industries Double Barrel – $79.99

  • 5 to 150W Power Output
  • 0.47 Inch OLED Screen
  • Slide Away Battery Door
  • One Button Control Face
  • Spring Loaded 510 Connection

We will be the first to admit that as far as features go, there is not a lot to the Squid Industries Double Barrel. However, sometimes in life, less is more and the simple things are just better. That’s definitely the case with the Squid Industries Double Barrel. What we have here is a beautifully machined device that is capable of 150 watts of hard-hitting power. It has a small .47 inch OLED screen and it only has one button. That one button is used to fire the mod as well as adjust the wattage. This is a power-mode-only mod and you adjust the wattage by rotating the firing switch left or right. It has a beautiful spring loaded 510 pin that has a really nice throw to it. Any tank up to 24 mm will look phenomenal on the Double Barrel. Because of its shape, even a 25mm tank will look great but there will be a slight overhang around the edges of the mod. Not a big deal, and it will only bother the most finicky vapers.

The Double Barrel just feels great in your hand and it is a high quality piece. It is designed to look like the barrel of a shotgun and it definitely accomplishes that goal. Whether you want to thumb or finger fire the Double Barrel, it will feel comfortable either way. At first, it was only available in black or champagne but now, Squid Industries has added a new color that they call Army Green. Truth be told, all three colors look fantastic. If you’re a power mode vaper and you are into the best sub ohm mods without a lot of bells and whistles, you should definitely check out the Squid Industries Double Barrel. Just make sure you check it out soon because they do have a tendency of selling out all over the place. If you can find one, definitely pick it up.

Revenant Vapes Cartel 160 – $149.99

Best Sub Ohm Mods Cartel Revenantclick-best-price
  • 5 to 160W Output
  • OMNI Board
  • Temperature Control Suite
  • Sleek and Beautiful Chassis Design
  • Four Button Control

The Cartel 160 is a collaboration between three companies that the vape community knows well. Vaporesso, Cartel, and Revenant Vapes got together to bring you the stunning Cartel 160 TC box mod. It will fire as low as .05 ohms and it has a maximum voltage output of 8.5 volts. Since it is using the popular Omni board, it does have a Smart Variable Wattage feature that recommends a starting point according to the resistance of your coil. It also has a full temperature control suite and it is capable of firing Ni200, Ti, and SS 316. If you have used an Omni board before, you know that it takes full advantage of a 4-button control panel. It is one of the things that has made the Omni board one of the best sub ohm mods because with the fourth button, you really don’t have to use a lot of button clicks in order to access the menu and make adjustments.

Not only does the Cartel 160 perform but it looks phenomenal while it is performing. The Cartel 160 has a gorgeous two-line .91 inch OLED display. It has a stainless steel frame with a beautiful unique full resin body. There aren’t too many mods on the market that look better than this mod. All of this is packaged into a 92.5 mm x 51.2 mm x 26.2 mm box mod. It is a classy-looking mod that looks and feels great in your hand. Color choice is the luck of the draw but the good news is I have yet to see an ugly one. Pick yourself up a Cartel 160 and you will have one good-looking, awesome-performing mod.

The Best Sub Ohm Mods in 2018 Include:

  • 1 – Aleader Funky 160 (Budget)
  • 2 – Smoant Battlestar (Budget)
  • 3 – Tesla Steampunk 120 (Budget)
  • 4 – Vaporesso Revenger (Mid-Range)
  • 5 – Geekvape Aegis (Mid-Range)
  • 6 – Smok Alien (Mid-Range)
  • 7 – SX Mini Q Class (High-End)
  • 8 – Squid Industries Double Barrel (High-End)
  • 9 – Revenant Vapes Cartel 160 (High-End)

For more, check out our guide on box mods for 2019.

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