Think Vape Finder 250C Review

Think Vape Finder 250C

The Think Vape Finder 250C is a 300W mod with absolutely amazing paint, and nice build quality. It holds 31mm atomizers with no overhang. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


First Impression out of the Box

DeucesJack: What’s up, everyone? DeucesJack, I’m at I got a new one for you. I got the Think Vape Finder 250C. This is a triple 18650 mod in that Reuleaux type of form factor. 300W, fires down to 0.1 ohm in power mode and 0.08 ohms in TC, 0.96 inch, TFT color display. It’s got that Evolved DNA 250C chipset in it, so you know it does temp control.

Let’s cut down low. Let me show you everything, up close and personal. We’ll come back on top and we’ll talk about it a bit. I’ll see you down low.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 Finder DNA250C Box Mod
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual

Alright, everyone! Welcome to the down low portion of this video. Today we’re going over the Think Vape Finder 250C. As you can see, I have the red edition.

Thinkvape Finder 250C Review

Let’s take a quick tour around the box. We got some Think Vape branding over there, a little bit of a look of the back panel over there, more Think Vape branding, a front view of the mod. On the back of the box, we see some specs. You can pause the video here, if you want to read them. Open the box up and inside you find a user manual. A little bit of an operating range there. If you want to pause the video here and read it, feel free to do so. We’re going to file this to the side. Let’s put the mod on deck for a second. We also have a black box within a box. Inside that box is your standard micro USB cable. Let’s put all that to the side.

From Top To Bottom

Let’s take a quick tour around the mod. Check out that beautiful red paint job. Really, really digging that. Not too crazy about the design on the back there. I don’t know what they were going for but a little wacky looking. I would have liked to have seen something a little bit more classier. On the bottom of the mod, we have some Finder 250C branding with some Think Vape branding. We have some board ventilation over here. Two star screws hold the bottom plate in place. On the front of the mod, we also have some more venting over here. Hexagon shaped fire button. Little tinny sounding especially for Think Vape, I expect a little more. Got a little bit of a mush to the button too, not as clicky as I’d like it to be.

Thinkvape Finder 250C Review

Here is your menu button, plus and minus button. We also have a micro USB port over here. Top side of the mod, has some weird stuff going on here. We got three hex screws that hold the top plate in place. See all these little divots here and everything? Not too sure how I feel about that especially if your over dripping juice gets in them, they can be a pain in the neck to clean. They really can. Top plate has a little bit of a recession here. Stainless steel top plate over here. Stainless steel threading, gold-plated, spring-loaded 510, which I would call a medium spring with a medium throw. Got some Think Vape branding on the top, over here, as well.

Thinkvape Finder 250C Review

25mm atomizers sit fine on here. Just as an example, let me show you the Vandy Vape Triple on here. You can see no overhang, even on the plate. Just a little, maybe a slight bit of overhang and I’m not even sure if you can see it but a 28 does look good on here. Let me show you what a 31 looks like. Here is the Steam Crave Glass RTA. You can see also, it doesn’t look terrible on there. If you look from the bottom, there’s definitely some overhanging but when you’re looking from the top or from the side, it does not look that bad. So I would say, you can get away with 31mm atomizers on here because of this wacky top cap. You can definitely get away with it.

Thinkvape Finder 250C Review

Here is your battery door. Inside the battery door, we got one, two, three, four, five, six, magnets that coincide with six magnets on the tray. Battery indicator markings are actually on the contacts themselves. I don’t know if you can see that. Top one over here is spring-loaded. The bottom two over here are spring-loaded as well and they do have battery indicator markings on them. Nothing on the tray and that’s going to be a con. They really should have put something on the tray and maybe something on the side here to show you clear up battery indicator markings.

Thinkvape Finder 250C Review

Let’s put some batteries in here. On this side, you want positive side up on the back. Same here, they fit nice and snug and then for the last one, you want the negative side up over there and they fit in there like we’ve all seen on the original Reuleaux. Battery door got a lot of movement to it. Really not happy about that, especially at this price point. It does not move a lot when you use it but let’s face it, we expect a lot more from Think Vape. Look at that, look at that gap there. You see that? Come on, man! That thing shouldn’t move like that. That’s kind of ridiculous. I’m just really really shocked at Think Vape that they made a battery door like this that didn’t fit tighter.

Menu System

As far as the menu system goes, on the first screen, you’ll see your time your date and that it’s an Evolved chipset. Also, will show you your last resistance and your battery life right there, in percentage and your battery meter there. One, two, three, four, five, unlocks the mod and now you’ll notice it says Watts, wattage and settings.

Menu system is extremely easy. Use the up and down button to scroll to what setting you want to adjust. If you want to change your material, you highlight the watt section, hit the menu button and then hit your up and down buttons to go through the different presets. This is stuck how it came, you get Kanthal, Watts, Watts boost, Nickel 200, Titanium, Stainless Steel 316, Stainless Steel 430 and Replay mode. If you want to adjust your wattage, you highlight wattage, hit the menu button. You can adjust your wattage in 0.1W increments. It goes like that all the way through and it does scroll rather slow. It does go all the way up to 300W. It does not round-robin. Hit the fire button to confirm. Now if I want to change my settings, I scroll down to the settings, I hit the menu button and now I can go into the settings for my Atomizer, Puff Info, Diagnostics and System. There’s also a back button in order to go back and that’s it.

Thinkvape Finder 250C Review

That’s really the whole menu system. We could dive a lot deeper into the menu system but there are other videos that exist that do a real dive deep into the menu system. The nice thing about the 250C is unlike previous DNA chips, you don’t have to hook it up to a computer in order to adjust all the settings. You can adjust them all here through the settings menu. So that’s a big plus, especially for people who didn’t like hooking it up to a computer system. You can still hook this up to E-scribe and really personalize things like the screen and everything. It’s got a ton of customization that you can go over and it’s not that hard to learn but this is just the basics for the whole menu system that I just went over.

Let’s cut back on top. Let’s talk about it. Let’s vape on it and then we’re out of here. See you back on top.

General Thoughts

Alright, everyone! We’re back on top with the Think Vape Finder 250C. You saw it down low, man. Paint on this thing is absolutely amazing. Holds 31mm atomizers with no overhang. They got overhang on the plate a little bit but because of that wacky top cap, those ridges that they did, 31mm don’t look bad on it at all. So I’m going to say, that holds 31 without any overhang because it really doesn’t overhang. It might overhang on the platform, but it doesn’t overhang on the actual top plate because of the way they did it so I’m going to say 31s are good.

Thinkvape Finder 250C Review

98% output efficiency because of the DNA chipset. It’s got 2 amp internal balance charging. We don’t recommend that you charge a triple battery mod internally, though. Go get yourself a quality charger. We got reviews up for that. We’ll put some links in down below. As with all DNA boards, this one has E-scribe available to it. That’s awesome. This and the Yihi board are what I consider the two best top TC boards at the moment. Everything else, as far as I’m concerned is second tear. The other boards, the second tear boards have been getting closer and closer but these two still stand out.

Let’s get into the cons and pros.


First cons going to be, I showed you down low, man. That battery door, it’s got way too much play in it for the price of this mod. So we’re going to give them a con for that.

The next con is going to be the price point. It’s going to be a con. Some people look, look, it goes for about 140-150 bucks. That amount of money means different things to different people so for some people, that might not be expensive. For others, it may be. I still got to list it as a con.

Let’s get into the pros.


First pro is going to be DNA 250C. Enough said, I don’t gotta say anything else.

Three 18650s, pro.

300W mod, I don’t vape that high but some people do. If you want to, you can on this. We’ll give them a pro for that.

Build quality on this, except for the battery door, is really really nice. Paint on this is fantastic. They’re getting a pro for that.

Thinkvape Finder 250C Review

31mm fit with no overhang, pro.

It’s got that funky like wacky top plate with those grooves in it, that I’m kind of digging because it’s a little different so I’m going to give them a pro on that.

The battery door on this one is interchangeable with the OG Finder 250. That’s awesome because for those of you that bought the OG one and maybe you bought a couple of accessories, you had different doors that you like to rock, well now though, you didn’t waste your money because you can put them on this mod. I like that. That’s a pro. Great thinking, Think Vape.

Thinkvape Finder 250C Review

Fully customizable chipset via EScribe. You can make all your adjustments on the mod if you want to but if you really want to get down to the nitty-gritty, you can hook this thing up to E-scribe and basically whack everything around, any way you want. That’s awesome, they’re getting a pro for that.

Beautiful screen, we’re going to give them a pro on that.

Replay mode, replay mode on this is absolutely awesome. For those of you who don’t know what replay mode is, it’s basically when you take a nice vape off of this like when you get that hit and you’re like, “Wow! That was fantastic!” You can go to replay mode and have them replay that same exact hit. It’s an awesome feature. Definitely check it out. If you own a newer DNA, the C ones, the color ones, if you haven’t already.

Battery life on this is the last pro. It’s 3 18650’s battery life on this thing is fantastic. I’m normally at around 85W and I get like two days off of this thing. So that’s a great job by Think Vape.

Conclusion & Outro

I really can’t say anything more about this. It’s a great device, definitely DeucesJack approved. That’s for sure.

Make sure you check out the link down below. This mod was sent to me by Element Vape for the purpose of this review. We’re going to have a link to their website. You can just click on it and buy it right there. They got it at a great price.

We’re also going to have a link to the juice that I was using today, Vape Wild, Blue Harvest. It’s like a blueberry watermelon lemonade. Really, really good, nice summertime vape. Make sure you check it out. We’ll also have a link to all forum, Hey man, give us that thumbs up. Hit that sub button. Hit that notification button.

Sorry folks, I did have to do a little bit of a cut in a few days later. Let me explain, I already got one of these, the red one you saw from Element Vape. However, in the meantime, Think Vape also sent me a yellow one before I was able to release this video. So instead of doing a giveaway on this video, what I’m going to do is I’m going to take this beautiful yellow Think Vape Finder 250C from Think Vape themselves, and I’m going to include it in the grand prize for a 1000 sub giveaway. So make sure you stay tuned.

Before we go, I just want to give a big thanks to Element Vape and Think Vape. Both of them sent me one of these for review. We’re going to have a link to both of their respective websites down below.

We’re going to see you guys on the next one. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here, deuces.

Think Vape Finder 250C

The Think Vape Finder 250C is a 300W mod with absolutely amazing paint, and nice build quality. It holds 31mm atomizers with no overhang. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


Pros & Cons

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • DNA 250C
  • Three 18650s
  • 300W mod
  • Build quality
  • 31mm fit with no overhang
  • It’s got that funky like wacky top plate
  • battery door interchangeable with the OG Finder 250
  • Fully customizable chipset via EScribe
  • Beautiful screen
  • Replay mode
  • Battery life

  • battery door
  • price point

  • Triple High-Amp 18650 Battery Platform – Not Included
  • Patented Evolv DNA250 Color Chipset
  • Wattage Output Range: 1-300W
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F
  • Min Kanthal Resistance: 0.1ohm
  • Min Temperature Resistance: 0.08ohm
  • Preheat Functionality
  • Intuitive 0.96″ TFT Full-Color Display
  • Highly Responsive Three Adjustment
  • Reverse Protection System
  • Upgradeable Escribe Software
  • 98% Output Efficiency
  • Cell-by-Cell Monitoring
  • Cell Balancer
  • Atomizer Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Low Voltage Step Down Protection
  • Onboard Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Micro-USB Port – 2A Balance Charging Capability
  • Stainless Steel 510 Thread Point
  • Spring-Loaded Nickel Plated Brass 510 Connection

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