Tigertek NADA RDA Review

Tigertek NADA RDA

The TigerTek NADA 25mm RDA is made in collaboration with VapnFagan. It's easy to build and wick, it excels as a squonker and it’s got tons of airflow. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


First Impression out of the Box

DeucesJack: What’s up, everyone? DeucesJack at vapinginsider.com. Today, we have the Tigertek NADA RDA. NADA stands for Not Another Dripping Atomizer. This is made by Tigertek and Mark Fagan of the VapnFagan YouTube channel. He’s a very popular YouTube reviewer.

25mm in diameter, side and bottom airflow, 10mm deep juice well. Whoa! Very Drop-ish, very Digiflavor Drop like deck, definitely Drop inspired.

Let me show it to you downlow. We’re going to throw a build in it. I’m going to wick it up for you. We’ll put some juice in it and then we’ll come back on top. See you down low.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 Tigertek NADA RDA
  • 1 810 Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
  • 1 810 PCTG Widebore Drip Tip
  • 1 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1 Squonk BF 510 Pin
  • 3 Air Plug Screws (2.5mm/1.5mm/Solid)
  • 1 Accessory bag

All right everyone. Welcome to the down low portion of this video. Today we’re going to be going over the NADA RDA by Tigertek and VapnFagan. Let’s check this thing out. I’m going to show you the box real quick. I like that window over there. Over here, we have some Tigertek branding, some Tigertek social media stuff and contact information. Also, a scratch and sniff, Tigertek branding over there, some VapnFagan branding over there.

Tigertek NADA RDA Review

Now, this box man, I don’t know, this thing, it comes in a sleeve that you’re supposed to be able to push out like that. I could not get this thing open for the life of me. I think they glued it or something. You can see that there. Look, I don’t know what the hell was going on but this thing would not come off. So let’s file that to the side.

Let’s check out the RDA itself. Here is the RDA. Kind of has that iron made in front, you saw it on the box. We’re going to put this to the side for a second. But let me just show you it real quick. We’ll do a quick tour around it. Let’s put that to the side. Let’s take our foam insert out.

Tigertek NADA RDA Review

Here is your spare drip tip. Kind of like a frosted Ultem drip tip. Nice and tall. Thank you, Mark, I hate all these shorty drip tips that always come with everything. I like the fact that you put some tall ones in there, great job on that. Also, inside the box, you’re going to find some spare o-rings. I already installed the squonking pin but it would normally be in here. You see this big, see these big things that look like post screws. See that? Basically, what these are, these are air flow blockers. And you can kind of cut down the airflow in different increments. They’re all different sizes in there. And you also have a couple of spare deck screws as well.

From Top To Bottom

Let me show you the RDA. There’s that NADA branding, kind of like an Iron Maiden type of font. Nice tall drip tip with a little bit of texture to it. Some nice knurling on top here for your airflow control. You can see, you have four airflow slots. If you turn it this way, you can shut them down two at a time. Two on that, side by side. If you turn it this way, you can shut them down one at a time, just like that. Nice job on that. I like that.

Tigertek NADA RDA Review

On the bottom of the RDA, you’re going to see some NADA branding, some more VapnFagan branding and some more Tigertek branding. As you can see, we have some negative post screw over here. Gold-plated squonking pin that I installed, insulator ring here and stainless steel threading over here.

Tigertek NADA RDA Review

Here is your bottom airflow right there. That is non-adjustable. Over here at this point, it’s non-adjustable. Those airflow plugs that I showed you are the way that you can adjust your bottom airflow and I’m going to get to that in a second.

In order to take your top cap off, you just pull it off. It’s secured by one nice o-ring with really nice tolerance to it. Here is your 810 goon style drip tip. Again, I like the taller ones. Glad this isn’t really short. Great job on that.

Tigertek NADA RDA Review

On top, you’ll see NOT ANOTHER DRIPPING ATOMIZER. You’ll also see your goon o-ring inside, right there. That’s what NADA stands for, Not Another Dripping Atomizer. There are your airflow slots right there. Really nice job on the machining. They did a great job on that. Inside the top cap, you’re going to notice we got a little bit of a conical design there. A little bit of a doming going on. That definitely contributes to the flavor on this RDA. Here is your barrel section. Kind of on the thin side, but you know, it does the job. I haven’t seen it get particularly hot on me or anything like that. Overall, I have to say, the machining, so far, really really nice. Definitely been impressed with that.

Tigertek NADA RDA Review

Here you have your deck section, you have some hex deck screws over here. They seem to be of nice quality. You have two o-rings over here that hold the barrel in place. Look at that nice deep juice well. That juice well is nice and deep. You have basically a Drop style deck. It’s almost like a kind of a cross between the Drop and the Dead Rabbit. Over here, where you can get in with your wire clippers and clip your leads if they’re sticking out. I kind of like these decks. In fact, I said it in my written review. I said the Drop deck was a game changer and it was going to be a deck that’s going to be copied and people are going to do different iterations of it. I said that the minute I saw that deck. It was definitely a game changer. This is one of those decks that really takes a lot from the Drop.

Tigertek NADA RDA Review

Over here is where you have, see these holes right here? That’s where those plugs go. You can screw them in and you can either shut down some of that airflow or you can shut it down completely depending on which screw you use. That’s kind of cool, man. I like that. Very innovative. I would never shut this down, though, because I did try it shutting them down and I didn’t like the flavor. I’m a bottom airflow guy. I’ll take bottom airflow over any other type of airflow most of the times, on most RDAs. If anything, I’ll shut down the side airflow before I shut these tubes down. But you have the option of doing it if you want to.

I’m not going to do a build on it because this is just a real easy deck to build on. That is what you want your build to look like. Something like that right. And I’m going to show you when I put the barrel on, see that? See how that airflow is right in front of my coil? That’s exactly how you want to run this.


Let me show you how we wick this thing up. Cotton we’re going to be using today is Native Wicks Platinum Blend. Now in this particular RDA, you’re going to need long wicks because it’s got that almost Dead Rabbit stylish Drop type of deck. So you want to use long wicks in order to hit the bottom of that juice well. Take yourself a nice long piece. Give it a twirl on one end. Nice and pointy and send it through just like that. Now, what you want to do is you want to cut your cotton right below that last o-ring, just like that. Same thing on the other side, measure it out just below that o-ring, just like that. Now you take your other side, do the same thing, make yourself a nice little point and send that cotton right through the coil. You want to cut this wick right even with the other one. Same thing over here just like that. Now you take your cotton tool and you just give them a little scootch. Same thing over here, scootch them in and there you go. Turn it around, do the same thing on the other side. And there you go now you’re all wicked up.

Juice we’re going to be using today is Spiked Chai. This is a really interesting juice. Kind of has like a caramel, vanilla, creamy sort of chai taste to it. I’m not a chai tea drinker but I like this juice, man. Believe me, this one’s really good. Want to take your dropper and you want to wet those wicks up really nice, get them nice and saturated. Fill that juice well up a little bit. I didn’t even pulse these coils yet and this stuff already smells fantastic. Let’s get them nice and wet and now you’re ready for your top cap.

Make sure you situate that top cap right in front of that coil just like that. Take your top cap, slap it on, slap your drip tip back on and now we’re ready to vape.

Tigertek NADA RDA Review

Before we go back on top, I almost forgot something I want to show you. See your squonking pin in there, right there? See that gold piece that’s sticking up? It’s a raised squonking pin. So that’s kind of neat because some juice stays on the bottom of this beautiful big well and doesn’t necessarily go back into the squonk bottle when you’re using it as a squonker. Nice job on that, nice attention to detail.

Let’s cut back on top, let’s talk about it. We’re going to vape on it, cons, pros and then we’re out of here. See you back on top.

General Thoughts

All right, everyone! We’re back on top with the Tigertek NADA RDA. You saw it downlow, man. This thing’s just as easy to build on as the Drop. It’s super super easy to build on. You get three sets of airflow plugs. One 1.5 ml set. A 2.5 ml set and a solid set just in case you want block off that bottom airflow. That might be an option for a lot of people that like to squonk. They don’t like bottom airflow RDAs. So if you want to squonk with this, you can leave it open if you want to. You just got to be careful not to over squonk. If you’re worried about that, just plug it up and you’re good to go.

Tigertek NADA RDA Review

Easy to build, easy to wick. I think it excels as a squonker. It’s a nice squonker. It’s got tons of airflow. Comes in stainless steel, gunmetal black, black and stainless steel and then stainless steel and black. So you got two two-tone options which I kind of dig.

Let’s get into the cons and pros.


First con is going to be that bottom airflow. I wish they would have done something different. I really wish they would have went with an AFC ring. Just something different. I don’t like those plugs they’re pain in the neck because you got to move your coil. Got to take your coil out in order to install them. I think they should have come up with a better way to adjust the bottom airflow.

That brings us into the next con. Those airflow reducers, they’re pain in the neck to use man because you got to move the coil out of the way. I don’t like that. I’m giving them a con for that.

The airflow is kind of loud and a little turbulent when you have all the airflow holes open. So I’m going to give him a little bit of a con on that. It’s not a big deal, doesn’t bother me. But some people that’s definitely going to bother.

Let’s go on to the pros.


First pro is I think it’s a good-looking RDA. I really do, I like it. I like the fact that you got a 510 drip tip adapter in there and two drip tips, we’ll give them a pro for that.

Nice o-ring tolerance, look at that. It’s not too tight, it’s not too loose. I think it’s just perfect. We’ll give them a pro for that.

Wide range of airflow options and configurations, pro.

Nice machining, pro.

Tigertek NADA RDA Review

Drop style deck, hey man, you guys saw it in my written review. I said it in my written review when the drop first came out. I said, other companies are going to take this deck. This is the new Velocity type deck. You remember, for a long time, all we saw were Velocity decks while the Drop deck, it deserves all the props it gets because it’s a fantastic deck. And that’s not a con that’s it’s Drop inspired. So I’m going to list it as a pro.

Nice post screws, pro.

10 ml deep juice well, pro.

Forgiving as a squonker if you plug up those bottom air flows holes, pro.

Beautiful finish, I like the finish. It held up nice in my ultrasonic cleaner. We’ll give them a pro for that.

Nice flavor and great vapor production, pro.

Great price point man, 30 bucks this thing’s our win at 30 bucks. Go get yourself one.

Two kinds of post screws. You get hex post screws and flat head post screws. I like that, I like the options. I prefer the hex but hey, some people like the flat and they’re there if you want them.

And that’s it, folks. That’s all I got for you today on the NADA RDA.


Make sure you check out the link as to where you can buy it. We’ll have one down below. We’re also going to have a link to this Spiked Chai juice that I used. This stuff is phenomenal. Definitely check it out if you’re into those vanillary type of tea vapes. You’ll like this one.

We’ll also have a link down below to our forum vapinginsider.com/forum. And hey, man. Remember, you’re into no promotion zone. We give it to you straight all the time here. We’re pumping out contents like crazy. Do us a favor. Give us that thumbs up, hit that subscribe button, hit that notification button. This way you know every time we drop a new review.

We’ll see you on the next one. You guys keep living that vape life. Deuces.

Tigertek NADA RDA

The TigerTek NADA 25mm RDA is made in collaboration with VapnFagan. It's easy to build and wick, it excels as a squonker and it’s got tons of airflow. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


Pros & Cons

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • good-looking RDA
  • Nice o-ring tolerance
  • Wide range of airflow options and configurations
  • Nice machining
  • Drop style deck
  • Nice post screws
  • 10 ml deep juice well
  • Forgiving as a squonker
  • Beautiful finish
  • Nice flavor
  • great vapor production
  • Great price point
  • Two kinds of post screws

  • bottom airflow
  • airflow reducers
  • airflow is kind of loud and a little turbulent when all the airflow holes are open

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 10mm Deep Juice Well
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Spacious Build Deck
  • Unique Four Post Design
  • Side Secured via Large Hex Screws
  • Single or Dual Coil Configuration
  • Massive Airflow Control System
  • Airplug Screws for Precise Adjustment Control
  • Dual Slotted Side Airflows – Feeds Underneath Coil
  • Adjustable Top Side Airflow in Top Cap
  • Extended Squonk BF 510 Pin
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection
  • Available in Full Stainless Steel, Full Black, Full Silver, Black, Stainless Steel

Deuces Jack is a well-known member of the VapingUnderground forums where he quickly became respected for his honest opinions and willingness to help other members. He is now a regular content contributor for Vaping Insider. When he’s not vaping or unboxing the latest products for review, he can be found riding motorcycles close to his home in New York.

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