Timesvape Apex RDA Review

Timesvape Apex RDA Review

Timesvape Apex RDA


First Impression Out Of The Box:

I’m actually very impressed with the packaging on this RDA especially at this price point. When you open up the box, you realize that you get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy this RDA. It comes with three really nice drip tips. It also has a bunch of spare parts and some really heavy duty post screws. They even include a 510 drip tip adapter. It looks like whoever put this package together knew exactly what they were doing. I’m hoping this RDA performs half as well as the way it was packaged.

What’s In The box:

  • 1x APEX RDA
  • 1x 810 Resin drip tip
  • 1x 810 PEI drip tip
  • 1x 810 Black Delrin drip tip
  • 1x 510 Drip tip adapter
  • 1x Squonk BF pin
  • 1x Cleaning cloth
  • 1x Spare parts

Timesvape Apex RDA Review

From Top To Bottom:

Like I said in the introduction, you do get three drip tips with your purchase of the Apex RDA. The pre-installed drip tip is a Goon style, resin, multi-colored drip tip. The one included in my packaging is a beautiful green drip tip with shades of red and yellow in it. There is also an Ultem drip tip that is the same exact size as the resin drip tip. The third drip tip is a shorter drip tip that is a Doc style drip tip. It has some texture around the circumference of it and it is very comfortable to use. In fact, all three drip tips are extremely comfortable. They even included a 510 drip tip adapter, just in case you can’t find a DT in the box that is comfortable enough for you. You still have the choice of running all your traditional 510 drip tips.

Timesvape Apex RDA Review

The top cap has an opening for Goon drip tips and there is a nice thick o’ring inside of the opening. On the outer edges of the top cap, it has what looks like the flat sides of a nut that you would screw onto a bolt. It’s not really knurling but it’s got some flat edges to it like a nut that allows you to get a good grip on it in order to adjust your airflow. The top cap is held in place by one skinny o’ring towards the top of the interior. It does a great job of keeping the AFC in place but I would have rather had a thicker on in there.

Timesvape Apex RDA Review

Below the o’ring, there are two staggered, cyclops-shaped, airflow slots on each side. These slots coincide with twin cyclops shaped airflow slots that are on the the barrel. What the staggered airflow slots on the top cap allow you to do is close both airflow slots on the barrel, keep the top only open, keep the bottom only open, or keep both airflow slots completely open. It’s a great airflow system that gives you a wide range of adjustability. Interior of the top cap definitely has a conical design to it especially towards the top.

Timesvape Apex RDA Review

The barrel of the RDA has an Apex emblem on it that is a shark, breaching out of the water. On the other side, there is also some Apex lettering. In between the branding and the lettering, you will find two cyclops shaped airslots, one on top of the other. The bottom airflow slot is slightly wider than the top airflow slot. I was sent the black one for review and I have to say that the finish has held up quite nicely. I have put this RDA through quite a few cycles in my UC and it always comes out looking brand new.

Timesvape Apex RDA Review

The base of the RDA has two o’rings going around the interior circumference of it. The o’rings have a really nice tolerance to them. They do a good job of keeping the barrel in place. On the bottom of the base, there is some Apex branding as well as a serial number. There is also a copper 510 pin that is removable and can be replaced with the included squonking pin. I would have rather Timesvape stick to the standard gold plated 510. There is an insulator ring around the 510 and the threading around the 510 is made out of stainless steel. The 510 threading is very smooth and well machined. So far, this atomizer has sat flush on every mod that I have put it on.

The Deck:

The deck on the Apex is a little bit on the unique side. It has an almost tombstone-like look to it with M5 Kimi hex screws that are accessed from the sides. One of the posts is gold plated and the other is not. It’s a two-post, one-terminal-per-post design. I’m actually not too sure how I feel about building on this deck because, while I do like the size of the post holes, I don’t normally like to have one terminal per post. That forces me to share my leads with that one terminal. That’s the kind of deck this is and the terminal on each side is controlled by one big post screw. I get that they were going for simplicity but normally, I like having a separate terminal for each of my leads. It’s a nice sized deck that gives you plenty of room to build and you can get some pretty big flat wire builds in this deck.

Timesvape Apex RDA Review

The post on this deck are elevated off the bottom of the deck. That’s a great design because it ensures that when you are running the squonking 510, the juice that you squonked into the deck does not just go right back into the bottle. There is a step like configuration in front of the squonk pin that prevents the juice from going back into the bottle. The juice well is 3.8 mm deep and I really wish it were a little deeper.

Timesvape Apex RDA Review

I did not like the fact that this deck comes with the squonk pin pre-installed. If you are going to do that, you have to mark the box as BF RDA. It does not say that on the box. If you want to run this RDA in non squonk mode, you have to replace the 510.

Building And Wicking:

This is the type of deck that you want to run your big, flat wire, exotic coils on. It’s got some pretty big post holes that can accommodate almost any type of flat wire build. The only bad thing about this deck is you do have to pre-cut your leads before you mount your coils. It’s not a big deal, in fact, building on it is very similar to building on a postless deck. You have to get your lead length down first before you attempt to mount your coils.

Once your coils are mounted, you can tighten down those big beefy hex screws that are included with this RDA. The screws that they use on the Apex have to be some of the best that I have ever used on any RDA I have reviewed. In fact, I can’t believe the quality of those screws especially at this price point. After your coils are positioned, you can start wicking the RDA. There is plenty of room for your cotton on the deck of this RDA and it is extremely easy to wick.

How Does It Vape?

I was really pleasantly surprised at how well this RDA actually vapes. When I first saw it, I have to admit that it didn’t look like it was anything groundbreaking or special. However, once you load some coils into this RDA and start vaping it, you’ll see that it has really good flavor and the clouds are absolutely massive. I’ve had this RDA for about a month now and I have had the chance to put multiple builds inside of it. I get really good flavor off of it and the clouds are just spectacular. I love the twin airflow slots and the range of adjustability that it gives you when it comes to the airflow. You can go from an extremely airy DL hit to a pretty restrictive DL hit. I love the fact that you can adjust each airflow slot individually.

The RDA does hold an ok amount of juice and you can just blurt your juice right down the middle. You do have to be a little careful because the juice well isn’t exactly the deepest and you can over drip on this RDA. The same goes for it as a squonker. It is a very competent squonker and it does come set up that way but you do have to be careful not to over squonk because the juice well should have probably been a little deeper.

With both airflow slots open, the Apex RDA has gobs of airflow. You airflow hogs are going to absolutely love this RDA wide open. Personally, I prefer it with just the bottom airslot open. I find that when I run it that way, the flavor really pops and it definitely gets more intense. For me, with both airflow slots open, the flavor is severely lacking but the clouds are absolutely massive. I’m more of a flavor chaser than a cloud chaser, so I prefer running this RDA in flavor mode. It’s also very flavorful with just the top airflow slot open but I prefer that bottom airflow sort of flavor.

What Would Have Made It Better:

  • Deeper Juice Well

It’s not an ultra shallow juice well but I think it could have been a lot deeper. I think if the juice well was deeper, that this would have gone a long way in making this RDA truly special. It’s a very good RDA just the way it is but the juice well needed to be deeper.


I like this RDA a lot and I especially like it at the price point that I’ve been seeing it at. I think it’s one of the best bang for the bucks on the market today. I also like the fact that it’s nothing overly complicated. They just took a really solid design, machined it well, and made it all work well together. It’s nothing fancy but it vapes beautifully. That’s what you get when you buy the Apex RDA, you get a extremely solid performing, no nonsense RDA.

If you are looking for a well built RDA that has a wide range of airflow adjustability, that is easy to build and wick, then this might be the RDA for you. It comes with 3 drip tips and a 510 drip tip adapter. It looks good on most mods. It performs extremely well and if you want it to be, it’s a cloud-chucking beast. You can fit large builds inside the deck and the deck screws are some of the best that I’ve ever seen. This one is DeucesJack approved.

Timesvape Apex RDA

If you are looking for a well built RDA that has a wide range of airflow adjustability, that is easy to build and wick, then the Timesvape Apex RDA might be the one for you. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


Pros and Cons:

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • 3 DT’s
  • 510 DT Adapter
  • Machining
  • Finish
  • Airflow Range
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Squonk Pin Included
  • Can Take Massive Coils
  • Great Post Screws
  • Smooth Airflow
  • Tons Of Airflow
  • Very Good Flavor
  • Massive Clouds
  • Plenty Of Extras
  • Great O’ring Tolerance
  • Easy To Build
  • Easy To Wick
  • Airflow Slots Can Be Adjusted Independently
  • Conical Design

  • Shallow Juice Well
  • Pre Installed Squonk Pin
  • Copper 510

  • Height: 32mm (with Resin drip tip)
  • Outside Diameter: 25mm
  • Thread: Gold-plated BF pin/ Copper 510 pin
  • Drip Tip: 810 PEI/ 810 Black Delrin/ 810 Resin drip tips
  • Material: Food grade 304 stainless steel
  • Color: Black, Silver, Gold, Rainbow
  • First RDA designed by Nick Adams in USA
  • Hex posts build deck with M5 Kimi screw and 3.8mm juice well
  • Including gold-plated Squonk BF (bottom feeder) pin and copper 510 pin
  • Adjustable twin cyclops dual airflow system
  • Three kinds of 810 drip tips
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel

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