Turbo from The Mamasan Talks us through their Flavor Profiles

We spoke to Turbo amd Pandora Blue while we were at the National Vape Expo 2017 at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut. In this video Turbo gives us an overview of The Mamasan line.

DuecesJack: Hey everybody, this is DuecesJack with vapinginsider.com and we are here at Foxwoods Resort & Casino for the National Vape Expo and I am here with The Mammasan, Los Angeles California E-juice. And we’re going to talk a little bit about the flavor profile.

Turbo: Absolutely my name is Turbo and this is Pandora Blue. Here you’ve got your Guava Pop, Bruce Leechee, A.S.A.P. and Purple Cheescake. Purple cheesecake, that’s basically your rich, creamy Filipino Yam cheesecake. Phenomenal, sounds crazy right? Yams, not so much, he tried it he said holy shit. So A.S.A.P., these are for you Jolly Rancher Freaks. With a little bit of Kulada, It’s really going to take you there; you get that Strawberry Hi-Chew taste. You Hi-Chew Freaks, gonna nail it. Bruce Leechee, who likes Terpenes? Actually it has this little hint but you know what it does, Sunshine Sweetened Philippine Mango Delicately Balanced with a Crisp Lychee flavour and then to top it all off you’ve got your candy. Guava Pop. Asian Guava hard candy finished with a Sweet Juicy Peach. I mean you really can’t go wrong there’s something for everybody here. Come out to Foxwoods 6 and 7, today and tomorrow and come check it out.

DeucesJack: That was DeucesJack at VapingInsider.com and we are with Mamasan and I’ve got to tell you, that Guava Pop is something special, you should definitely check it out. Thanks a lot.

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