Vapevent Brooklyn 2018 – An Overview of the Kilo Pod System

DeucesJack stopped by the Kilo booth while we were at Vapevent 2018 in Brooklyn. In this video, we get an overview of the Kilo Pod System.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack at I got Dilan. I’m in at Brooklyn at the Vapevent and I’m at the Kilo Booth. We are going to go over the kilo pods system. Dilan, you want to tell us a little bit about these pod system and how does it works?

Dilan: Of course, we actually have a very, very large pod. That’s one of the first thing you got to notice. So when you pop this out right here, mines actually. Let’s use this one, you pop this one out here it’s going to be fully pod, its 1.5 ml. so it’s actually very large, in comparison to a lot of the others out there. So it’s going to last in for a while, actually, I was vaping mine for about 3 and a half day, one pod. So I mean, and I vape very heavily so I mean–

DeuscesJack: Close system?

Dilan: Yes, close system actually, so non-refillable but it’s actually great flavors behind it. You know, we’ve won a lot of awards from our flavors and whatnot so that sounds very well for us. Another really cool thing about it is this micro usb down here.

DeucesJack: Look at that.

Dilan: So we’re going to see this micro USB that just makes it 100 times more universal. We didn’t go like a lot of the other guys you could say one with the proprietary charger. So ours is a 100 times more universal for the end user and they are going to love that much more.

DeucesJack: Right, because more people have micro USB in their bag or they carry it around.

Dilan: Exactly! For their Amazon like sites at home or something, they got it somewhere, right? So that makes it as much easier, simpler form and it’s much easier to buy because you already have the charger for, you know?

DeucesJack: I know it’s a very popular system in, I know it’s popular because like you said, I always hear great things about the flavors, so tell us about some of the flavors that we have here. What are we talking about we got strawberry? Ripe strawberry or Candy?

Dilan: This is just like a ripe strawberry. It’s not kind of give you a candy flavor. It’s going to be a beautiful blend of strawberry actually. Not too harsh of a hint, these are actually 45 of mg so 4.5 so it’s not too harsh of a hit. It’s not going to kill your throat or anything but you are still going to feel it and you are going to get that full flavor taste.

DeucesJack: You are going to get that satisfaction which is what most pod vapors are looking for, right?

Dilan: Exactly. Exactly.

DeucesJack: Now this one is one of my most favorite. I tried most of them but I like the dewberry fruit. I think it’s just banging.

Dilan: Well dewberry fruit. This is actually one of our new releases as well so I mean dewberry fruit is very new it’s a great blend of the fruits, you know the honeydew melon, the strawberries the blueberries–
DeucesJack: It’s a bowl of fruits salads.

Dilan: Exactly! It’s just an amazing blend of all of those fruits together. So this has been an amazing one for us as well. Now if you want to come over the lemon berry, lemon berry has its own class. I think its lemon berry ice and it’s got its small hint of that menthol that’s just not too much to make you scared of the mint but enough to give you that little hit. So it’s great on that aspect of it. And the crowd really loves it. The market loves it so far this is one of the popular flavors.

DeucesJack: Citruses tough to inhale man. I got to try that one.

Dilan: let’s get you a test of it because it definitely I’m very sure you are going to be in love with the lemon berry. You’re going to love it.

DeucesJack: And then that is just a straight up menthol tobacco?

Dilan:Yeah, so this is solely for our tobacco smokers, tobacco vapers guys that are transitioning into the vape game right? So you are going to want a menthol, a lot of the guys that did smoke cigarette or whatever the case is, they smoked menthols. So we wanted to be able to cater to those people as well. We spent a lot of time working on this flavor and it’s actually a beautiful blend as well.

DeucesJack: And menthol is very popular in pod.

Dilan: It definitely is.

DeucesJack: In general or–

Dilan: It definitely is. I mean–

DuecesJack: I mean circles.

Dilan: Right. It’s just the same as you know, you want to have your menthols, you want to have your regulars and you still want to have some fruity flavors as well. Or candy flavors as well so you can pretty much work with all market that works with everybody. Make sure that everybody is pleased with the flavors that you are putting on.

DeucesJack: What about the nutty one? What’s that one all about?

Dilan: Nutty is actually a surprising flavor. A lot of people are surprised of the taste of it because the taste of it is so good.

DeucesJack: Really?

Dilan: Really. A lot of people.

DeucesJack: A nutty kind of turned me off but now that you tell me to try it.

Dilan: well have you ever tried vanilla almond? Yeah it’s comparable to nutty. And it’s very smooth it’s not an overpowering flavor of the nuts.

DeucesJack: so you are not going to get dry flavor?

Dilan: No!

DeucesJack: Because that’s why, that turns me away from most nutty flavors. That dryness.

Dilan: The thing is you are going to get a little bit of the sweetness because it got the vanilla almond in it as well.

DeucesJack: Okay. Fair enough.

Dilan: So it’s a nice sweet smooth mixture of all those flavors together there instead of feeling just like an almond. So it’s going to give you a better blend, it’s going to give you a fuller flavorful taste ad it’s actually pretty amazing.

DeucesJack: Nice. Nice. And then this smooth tobacco I’ve tried and let me tell you something, that is absolutely one of the smoothest flavors I’ve ever had.

Dilan: Definitely.

DeucesJack: It is named appropriately. It is smooth.

Dilan: You know and it’s smooth and we take so much time working on our flavors. You know we don’t want to want to just put something out that’s just kind of put on together right there. So worked on smooth tobacco for a long time, a very long time. And I agree with you, it is one of the smoothest tobaccos out in the market right now.

DeucesJack: You know Dilan, we are in Brooklyn right? And that one? I’m going to take one of these pods ang I’m going to grab the one with smooth flavor, I’m going to go down in one of the cafes sit with one of you know one of the good fellas there and have a cup of espresso and vape my smooth tobacco.

Dilan: Exactly! Feeling like a mad man.

DeucesJack: That is what it reminds me. It’s a coffee. It’s a, it does not have any flavor but it goes

Dilan: It goes good with the coffee. Exactly.

DeucesJack: It goes fantastic with a coffee. Absolutely and a strong coffee like an espresso.

Dilan: You are right on that one.

DeucesJack: That’s exactly what I got when I took a hint of it and I was like wow.

Dilan: Definitely.

Deucesjack: This will go nice, and you know me I’m a Brooklyn boy. I’m not a Starbucks guy. I got to go to a café. To me putting coffee in iced should be illegal.

Dilan: I know exactly what you mean. As Brooklyn’s style, you know?

DeucesJack: So I tell you what Dilan, I appreciate the time you spend with us man.

Dilan: Of course.

DeucesJack: It was great to finally go over this pod system and actually see this in person. I’ve been hearing a lot about it. Guys, you heard it straight from Dilan at Kilo. Make sure to check out the pod system. Make sure you check out all the flavors because they are really pretty good and make sure you check out our new forum, and don’t forget to subscribe to my new YouTube channel under the Vaping Insider name. Make sure you go there and hit the subscribe button because we are going to be dropping reviews there soon and I’m sure Dilan is going to get me a Kilo to review there as well. All right? This has been DeucesJack and Dilan. In Brooklyn, at the Vapevent and we are out of here.

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