Vapevent Brooklyn 2018 – An Overview of the Latest Flavor Profiles from Bad Drip

DeucesJack caught up with Ken from Bad Drip while we were at Vapevent 2018 in Brooklyn.In this video, he talks about their latest flavor profiles.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody, DeucesJack at I’m here in Brooklyn, New York and I am at the Bad Drip booth and you know I’m comfortable behind here because I’m a bartender by nature. So as soon as I saw this man, that’s what I do for a living. I had to step behind the bar again. And I got Ken here from Bad Drip and he’s going to go over some of the flavors. Ken, you want to take it away? Tell the people what we got here?

Ken: Sure, couple of new flavors coming out from Bad Drip. We took off Farley’s Gnarly, added ice out for menthol version.

DeucesJack: Nice.

Ken: They came infor about almost a month out from the released on that one.

DeucesJack: That’s a popular flavor, that Farley’s flavor, man. I remember that.

Ken: It’s huge. It’s the best seller from the Bad Drip line so add the menthol, get really good feedback so far on it.

DeucesJack: Heavy menthol or light?

Ken: Just light menthol. It’s got a nice finish to it, nothing too overpowering. Still gets the original flavor of Farley’s in it so it’s great. We did the same thing with Pennywise coming from the Clown. Best seller out of the Clown line. Now, our new iced out version. We’ve got Black Cat coming from Geeked Out. Actually when we first release this, we ran out of the flavoring. Man, it was so good, we were down for about a week because it just flew. We could not keep this in stock. But they were back up, plenty to go from now on there.

DeucesJack: What’s the flavor profile on that? Why do you ran out of the flavoring?

Ken: Yes, sure. It’s kind of like a Blueberry Slushie flavor. Real nice. A lot of good feedback. We can’t keep this on shelves right now.

DeucesJack: A lot of coolada or a lot of cooling agent in it or no?

Ken: Oh no, no cooling agent.

DeucesJack: No cooling agent at all?

Ken: No.

DeucesJack: So it’s almost like a melted slushie then, huh?

Ken: Yeah, oh yeah.

DeucesJack: Oh, cool man, really nice. I like that man. Blue raspberry is my deal, too. I’m going to try that before I leave.

Ken: Yeah, for sure.

DeucesJack:What else do we got here, Ken? Talk to me.

Ken: The usual. We got five or four lines total that come through. Bad Drip’s the big dog that comes in the pill bottle. [Inaudible 01:46] inside of them. Clown’s up to 8 flavors at this point. Director’s Cut, we got a new flavor coming out in the next couple of months. Should be doing well so we’ll release that with some teasers in the short term. We’ve got 4 flavors over with Geeked Out so anything you’re looking for, we can definitely provide.

DeucesJack: You guys are all over the place for sure man. You guys got everything covered huh?

Ken: I do. Anything you need.

DeucesJack: I’ll tell you what guys, I just drip that sweet tooth from the Clown line, is that from the Clown line?

Ken: Oh yeah.

DeucesJack: That’s my absolute favorite juice that they made. Raspberry Cotton Candy and it is absolutely banging in your face flavor. Fantastic, man! I always enjoy that one. I really do.

Ken: Yeah sure. Anytime you need some, let me know.

DeucesJack: Cool man. I appreciate it. Ken, I appreciate you spending some time with us at Guys, make sure you check out their juices. They’re all high quality juices. They got something for everybody so make sure you look them up and check it out. Look at the link below this video because we’ll have a link to their website. Also, check out our new forum, and make sure you check out my brand new YouTube Channel. I’m going to be dropping my honest reviews in the Vaping Insider YouTube Channel so go there and hit the subscribe button and the reviews will be up real soon. Ken and I are out of here now. Ken, we’re going to do this Brooklyn style, alright? We’re out of here, deuces! There we go baby.

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