Vapevent Brooklyn 2018 – An Overview of the Latest Flavor Profiles from Bluebird

DeucesJack caught up with Sammy from Bluebird while we were at Vapevent 2018 in Brooklyn. In this video, he talks about their latest flavor profiles.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack at I’m in Brooklyn, New York. This is my house baby and I got Sammy here and we’re going to go over some of the flavor profiles from Bluebird. I don’t know how many Bluebirds are actually are in Brooklyn but I found one here so let’s check it out.
Sammy, tell us about that flagship flavor that I know and love so well that’s been around for years, the Bluebird.

Sammy: Yes, it’s been around for years. We started with just the one flavor, Bluebird. It’s a berry cheesecake crunch and it’s still our best seller to this day. It’s an all-day vape that people can’t get enough of.

DeucesJack: And rightfully so because it’s fantastic. I vape that all the time and I like it a lot man.

Sammy: It’s the best.

DeucesJack: It is. It’s a great juice. What’s next? What came after the Bluebird?

Sammy: After the Bluebird, came Redbird. It’s a strawberry cheesecake frosted cereal. Right here.

DeucesJack: Oh, that one, ok.

Sammy: Yes. In order from my oldest to newest here.

DeucesJack: Alright, you guys are organized!

Sammy: Oh yeah, Bluebird, Redbird, these are just for the testers. They actually come in the glass bottles here. Redbird is a strawberry cheesecake froste cereal. Then came Yellowbird. It’s a lemon cheesecake corn puff.

DeucesJack: You guys were doing lemon before it was popular, before everybody else was doing lemon, right?

Sammy: Oh yes!

DeucesJack: Because now everybody else does lemon and ice. That’s the big thing. At Foxwoods, I heard a million times, ‘but our lemon is different.’

Sammy: We were before the rest, for sure.

DeucesJack: What’s after the lemon now?

Sammy: After the lemon, we came out with Luckybird which is marshmallow cereal milk. The first 3 birds are kind of like a trio. They’re all cheesecakes. The next came Luckybird, the marshmallow cereal milk and Lovebird is our newest flavor. Just came out for valentine’s day last month. It’s a strawberry cereal milk. We don’t have any 3 milligram here. We don’t have it in our shop. We don’t have it in our warehouse because our first two shipments came in and immediately went out.

DeucesJack: So the Luckybird is like a lucky charm.

Sammy: Exactly.

DeucesJack: and strawberry, what is that like?

Sammy: It’s like the remix of the Luckybird with the think lucky charms with strawberry milk instead.

DeucesJack: With like quick strawberry milk instead.

Sammy: Exactly.

DeucesJack: That’s cool. I can vape that. And what’s the last one?

Sammy: We have one salt flavor. It’s like the Luckybird but nic salt. it come in 25 and 45 milligrams.

DeucesJack: Pod systems!

Sammy: Yeah, you can put it in the pod. Exactly.

DeucesJack: Nice! It sounds like you guys have all the basics covered.

Sammy: Exactly. We’re doing it all.

DeucesJack: Awesome! Sammy, I want to thank you for spending some time with us at

Sammy: Vaping Insider, baby!

DeucesJack: This has been DeucesJack at vaping insider with Sammy from Bluebird.

Sammy: Brooklyn.

DeucesJack: Make sure you check out some of their flavors because I can guarantee you, they are all solid because I tried them all. Make sure you check out our new forum, Make sure you check out my new YouTube channel. That’s going to be under the Vaping Insider name. We’re going to be dropping my real reviews there. Real, honest reviews there, real soon. Hit the Subscribe button. Sammy and I, we are out of here. We’re taking the Bluebird out.

Sammy: #bluebird is the word.

DeucesJack: Deuces.

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