Vapevent Brooklyn 2018 – An Overview of the Latest Flavor Profiles from Medusa

DeucesJack caught up with Vishal from Medusa while we were at Vapevent 2018 in Brooklyn. In this video, he talks about their latest ejuice flavor profiles.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack at I’m in Brooklyn New York, my home town. I’m with Medusa Distribution and we’re going to go ever some of the Flavor Profiles. We’d keep it 100. Vishal here is going to be our guide through the flavor town. So Vishal, you want to tell us what we got here? We’d keep it 100, talk to me a bit.

Vishal: Alright, let me start in the beginning. How are you guys? I’m Vishal Nayak. This is the flavor Krunchy Squares. This is the one that started it all.

DeucesJack: Nice.

Vishal: This is the reason we’re still alive. This is the cinnamon cereal everybody loves. This is the one that started it all, the OG. Next one is the Kiwi Berry killer. This is the kiwi strawberry.

DeucesJack: Ooh, I like that!

Vishal: Real sour, punch you right in the mouth.

DeucesJack: Nice!

Vishal: Next, we got the Mallow Man. Some marshmallow cake, I mean, just one vape and you know what? You’ll fall in love instantly.

DeucesJack: Wow!

Vishal: Next, we got another one. This is also one of the ones that started it all. This is the Pink Candy. Like the Pink Taffy and the flavor speaks for itself.

DeucesJack: Is it like a Laffy Taffy? Like that kind of Taffy?

Vishal: Strawberry Pink Burst.

DeucesJack: So almost like a Starburst?

Vishal: Starburst, sorry.

DeucesJack: Ok, cool.

Vishal: Alright, now this is the Blue Slushie. By far, the best seller. Ask anyone about it. They got it in their shop no matter what. If they don’t, they need to. It is a blue raspberry slush like you get from the local convenience store.

DeucesJack: Does it have any type of cooling agent in it or is it like a melted slush?

Vishal: This is the OG. Just like a melted slush.

DeucesJack: There’s no ice, no [02:02] no nothing?

Vishal: No, we’ll get to that just in a minute.

DeucesJack: I’m jumping ahead, am I Vishal?

Vishal: You’re jumping ahead my man.

DeucesJack: How dare I am!

Vishal: It’s all right.

DeucesJack: Ok, let’s go.

Vishal: The next one is our fairly new flavor. Less than a year old. This is strawberry milk. This is like a new hue or a strawberry flick, very delicious.

DeucesJack: Everybody’s got a strawberry milk. That’s the sell out flavor, right?

Vishal: You know what, try ours and you won’t be disappointed.

DeucesJack: Everybody got one but you got to cater that outside of the market. It’s a very popular flavor of juice. It’s just– nobody can blame you for that.

Vishal: Exactly, very popular.

DeucesJack: Ok, what’s that?

Vishal: The next one is the Peachy Punch. Spring is here. It may not look like it outside but it is here. The weather is warm enough. We got the Peachy Punch. Peach strawberry, very refreshing.

DeucesJack: Now, is that the one I jumped ahead to? Because i see iced.

Vishal: This is the one.

DeucesJack: That’s the one I flopped on?

Vishal: This is the one. So Blue Slushie did so well. Everybody loved it. The feedback was great so we came out with the iced version. You get a little hint of menthol in the end and it’s a perfect compliment to the original Blue Slushie.

DeucesJack: Is it heavy or light, on the menthol?

Vishal: It’s fairly light.

DeucesJack: Fairly light, so almost like an ice?

Vishal: It’s medium.

DeucesJack: Ok, alright. That’s fair enough.

Vishal: But it’s very good. Everybody loves it so far. Alright, it’s another new flavor of ours.

DeucesJack: Oh look at that!

Vishal: Vanilla Almond Milk. It’s amazing. What else am I supposed to say about it?

DeucesJack: Nice! You like vanilla and almonds, you’re going to like this, right?

Vishal: If you like any type of milk or desert flavor, you’re going to love this one.

DeucesJack: Nice, awesome! Well guys, there you go man. You heard it from the man himself at Medusa Distribution, Vishal. He just ran down the whole flavor profile for us. Vishal?

Vishal: Guys, look out for Blue Slush Lemonade and Blue Slush Tropical coming in the next few months.

DeucesJack: Any chance there’s a raspberry flavor?

Vishal: Both killers. Raspberry? I mean–

DeucesJack: I’m dying for a raspberry.

Vishal: We don’t have any plans in it but maybe we’ll make something happen for you.

DeucesJack: Nobody does raspberry anymore, Vishal. It just doesn’t happen anymore.

Vishal: Maybe, we’ll make it happen.

DeucesJack: Alright, cool man! Well like I said, you heard it from the man himself, we were here at the Medusa Distribution booth with Vishal. Make sure you check out some of their juices. They’re all real solid. Make sure you check out our new forum, And also, check out my new YouTube Channel that’s just about to drop. It’s under the Vaping Insider name. Go there and click ‘Subscribe’ because we’re going to be doing the reviews that only DeucesJack can do. Honest, upfront and in your face. We’re out of here. Deuces.

Vishal: Always keep them 100.

DeucesJack: There you go.

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