Vapevent Brooklyn 2018 – An Overview of the Latest Flavors from Rounds

DeucesJack caught up with Ivan from Rounds while we were at Vapevent 2018 in Brooklyn.In this video, he talks about their latest e-juice flavors.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack at I’m in Brooklyn with the Vapevent. I got Ivan from Rounds here. And we’re going to go with some other flavor profiles. But I just want to warn you. I tried the raspberry cheesecake. And you guys know, I love raspberry vapes, and it is phenomenal. So make sure you check out the raspberry, if you take anything from this video, get the raspberry cheesecake.
Ivan, now that I’ve endorsed the Raspberry cheesecake..

Ivan: Yes. Absolutely.

DeucesJack: and said that it is the DeucesJack approved. Maybe you want to go of all with the other flavors that we have here.

Ivan: Yeah. Absolutely. Not a problem. So, we start with the squares because obviously, we started off with the raspberry cheesecake. In that is a pair of flavors which is basically our savory line.

DeucesJack: Right.

Ivan: Aside from the Raspberry Cheesecake, we have the Cookies and Cream squares which is a Cookies and Cream cake pop.

DeucesJack: What kind of cookie?

Ivan:Cookies and cream is kind of, that Oreo type flavour.

DeucesJack:Biscuit dry type of cookie Oreo?

Ivan:Well, more or less an Oreo. So it has like a chocolaty goodness.

DeucesJack:So it has a little bit of chocolate?

Ivan: Yeah.

DeucesJack: Okay. That’s it. That’s what I was getting at. I don’t know if we were talking about a vanilla Oreo, or —

Ivan: No. It would be the traditional Oreo.

DeucesJack: Okay.

Ivan: The stuff that we grew up with, we split it in half. You know what I mean?

DeucesJack: Yeah

Ivan: And then, going one over would be cones so we go from savoury to creams. And in that, we have a Strawberry Banana Cream.

DeucesJack: Okay.

Ivan: It’s more like a good humor bar with the touch of banana at the back end. And then we also have a honeydew Melona bar which is kind of like an Asian 50-50 bar. So you get a honeydew cream and you’re getting a slight cooling effect in that one.

DeucesJack: In both of them?

Ivan: Yeah.

DeucesJack: Okay.

Ivan: And then, we have one that’s called Sherbert which is not obviously the proper spelling but that’s the way that people pronounce it. So it’s a childhood sherbet going out of Robison’s or wherever you may have gone to get it.

DeucesJack: And that’s my second favorite e-juice here guys. That Sherbet is fantastic. I tried it in Foxwood and spot on Sherbet.

Ivan: Thank you.

DeucesJack: What else we got now?

Ivan: We have rounds and rounds ice but they’re basically the same flavors just with menthols. This is our first line and what we came out into the marketplace with so right now we only have with the four flavors. The Apple Kiwi which is a simple, on this line we pretty much focused on like simple combinations of fruits for all the vapes.

DeucesJack: Natural flavours or candy flavors?

Ivan: More natural. More natural. So that way, you can vape it all day and you don’t burn through the hundred mills so that way, there’s no getting sick of it.

DeucesJack: Alright.

Ivan: We also have Blue Mango and that is a Blueberry Mango. Water Dragon which is our top so, which is the Watermelon Dragon fruit and then we have the Peach Medley which is comprised of multiple peaches.

DeucesJack: And now the Blueberry Mango sounds interesting because you really don’t see that combination a lot.

Ivan: That’s very unique.

DeucesJack: That’s kind of unique.

Ivan: Yeah. Absolutely. We try to do something a little bit different, something that’s not so common. So that way, we can kind of have an appeal and kind of gain a little interest, and intrigue from our clients and the end users.

DeucesJack: Awesome. Awesome man. Well, guys, I got to tell you. I haven’t tried everything on the line yet but I will. The once that I have tried are absolutely fantastic and I’m hitting the cookies and cream next. Ivan, I want to thank you for spending some time with us. Guys, you heard from the man himself, Ivan at the Rounds booth. We’re in Brooklyn. We’re at the Vapevent. Make sure you check out on our new forum, forward/forum. Make sure you check out my new YouTube channel. You can go and subscribe. I haven’t tracked the video yet but that’s coming soon. We’re out of here. Deuces.

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