Vapevent Brooklyn 2018 – An Overview of the Latest Flavors from Skwezed

DeucesJack caught up with Min at VPR Collection booth while we were at Vapevent 2018 in Brooklyn. In this video, he talks us through their line of their latest e-juice flavor profiles.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack at We’re in my hometown, Brooklyn, New York and I’m at VPR collection booth with Min. He’s going to go over some of the flavor profiles that we have here. Min, you want to take it away and tell us what you got?

Min: Yeah, for sure. Our original line consists of fresh fruit flavors. First over here we have our grapefruit. What we’re trying to accomplish with our fruit line is that fresh feeling, right? So there’s a hint of menthol in our grapefruit. It’s not really menthol but it’s more of a cooling–

DeucesJack: Man, I have to tell you, I tried that juice about five minutes ago and the first thing I said to one of your guys was grapefruits, that’s a tough flavor to nail and let me tell you something. That thing is solid, man. I really enjoyed that juice.

Min: For sure, it does extremely well for us. Our next flavor which is our top seller is our greep apple. Again, it gives that fresh crisp green apple flavor and spearmint as well soit have a little bit of a cooling agent in there. It has that real fresh bite. Peach, it’s good old peach. There’s not very many good peaches out in the market so we decided to make a peach and this is probably one of the best sellers that we have in our line as well. Overall, in general, our fruit lines is catered to the masses just because it’s fruit based.

DeucesJack: But they’re fresh fruits, right? They’re not like cady bases at all, right?

Min: Exactly.

DeucesJack: Ok, great.

Min: And then now you have our more exotic fruit which is our lychee. Some people call it lichee.

DeucesJack: I call it lichee. In Brooklyn, we call it lichee, man.

Min: So it’s lychee or lichee, either way. Call it whatever you want to call it but it’s a little bit more exotic. Not a lot of people know what that fruit is but it’s kind of like the strawberry of like the Southeast Asia.

DeucesJack: It’s sweet.

Min: It’s very sweet, exactly. That pretty much completes out fruit line. We do have a mango flavor that’s releasing.

DeucesJack: You don’t have that with you here, man?

Min: We don’t have it here yet. We don’t have it here. We actually killed at ECC when we launched our least introduced. The mango, we only had a very small set but after so many shows and so many people, we only had like a 100 milliliter that we just completely killed, right? And then we have our cream flavor or crea line.

DeucesJack: I didn’t try that yet. I’m a cream kind of vaper but I’ll definitely try that before I leave.

Min: We definitely want to cater to 2 different groups. You have your fruit category and then you have your cream. The first flavor is our milk tea. It’s an Asian type of drink. It’s really creamy and a hint of tea. You have our next one which is our Pistachio Milk. It’s for someone that is looking for more unique creamy experience.

DeucesJack: almost like the pistachio ice cream but no cooling?

Min: Yeah, exactly. No cooling. None of this adds cooling in it. We wanted to tackle each category. The fruit and the cream base.

DeucesJack: But man, you guys might be the only guys that aren’t doing a lemon vape. Everywhere I go there’s a lemon this, lemon that, right? I like the fact that you guys are going your own way. Any chances- because I’m also a raspberry freak. I love raspberry vape. Any chance you’re going to do a raspberry vape?

Min: We actually have some more flavors in the pipeline that we’re going to launch. We’re just going through the testing phases or at least finalizing it but we definitely have a lot more plan in the pipeline.

DeucesJack: Ok, it’s not in front of us but I make sure my camera guy gets it in the v-roll, I tried your popcorn. You have a caramel popcorn and a sweet and salty, right? I tried the caramel and it’s spot on crackerjacks. It brought me back to my childhood. It’s fantastic.

Min: Thank you.

DeucesJack: And I’m going to try the sweet and salty before I leave but what made you come up with a popcorn juice? I’ve never even seen one before.

Min: You know, it was just kind of one of those things where we had some guys, our flavor designers. They just came up with a really good flavor. We know that was going to be an instant hit because everyone around us was vaping it, right? We just decide to launch it.

DeucesJack: And it’s unique. Nobody carries a popcorn flavor. That’s fantastic. I want to commend you on a unique line because everything in here is like nothing that I have ever tasted before which is fantastic. I noticed too you don’t have a strawberry sell out juice, huh?

Min: No, we didn’t want to go with something that simple, right? Because everyone has the strawberry. I get it. It’s like kind of like one of those flavor profiles that have been done too many times. We want to go with a little bit different. I know that a lot of people have done green apple and peach but they’ve never done it like the way that we have.

DeucesJack: I agree. There you have it, folks. You heard it straight from the man, Min at VPR collection. Make sure you check out these juices. Make sure you check out our new forum, Also, stay tuned for DeucesJack YouTube channel that will be coming very very soon.We are outta here. Deuces.

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