Vapevent Brooklyn 2018 – An Overview of the Latest Hangsen IQ Pod Systems

DeucesJack caught up with Trevon from Hangsen and COV while we were at Vapevent 2018 in Brooklyn.In this video, he talks about their latest IQ pod systems.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack at We’re in my hometown again and I’m back with my boy from Hangsen and COV, Trevon. You might remember, we did a New York video before. We’re back again for part 2 and Trevon got some new stuff for us to go over. Trevon, you want to tell us about this ipad, ipod looking thing here? It looks pretty awesome.

Trevon: This is actually the i-mini. This is going to be out 4th generation pod system. It’s gonna be a close pod system. It’s got about 240 in-made battery. It’s a real nice, real small and convenient. What you got here is a 2 mil capacity pod. This is our prototype version so we’re going to be coming out with this in our 3rd quarter or 4th quarter of the year. Also, what we’re doing with this is we’re moving forward. We’re not looking back. We’re doing new things with the IQ series. This is just a new addition to it really nice small and convenient.

DeucesJack: That is unbelievable. Guys, this thing is so slim. It reminds me of that old school iPod where you had to do the circle thing and everything.

Trevon: Reminds you of the shuffle, yeah.

DeucesJack: Yeah, the Shuffle. That’s it. I couldn’t remember. It remind me exactly of the shuffle. That is fantastic and it’s a cloudy little thing, too.

Trevon: It actually packs like a hell of a punch too.

DeucesJack: yeah it’s got a hit to it.

Trevon: For such a small device, ir pack such a punch that you can’t believe it’s only 240 mod.

DeucesJack: Unbelievable. I love the colors. The colors are fantastic. Is everybody coming out with all these black pod systems [Inaudible 01:35] this is nice. This thing pops.

Trevon: Well you want a vape that identifies with you so what we ’re going to do is we’re going to come up with 10 different colors, make it more customizable. You know, control your vape. Have something fashionable with you that you can also use to get your nicotine fixed and packs a little punch to it.

DeucesJack: And how pocketable is this?

Trevon: Very pocketable. If I wanted to put it here, it’s gone.

DeucesJack: You can put this right in your shirt pocket.

Trevon: Exactly.

DeucesJack: It weighs nothing. Wow, look at that! You guys went with a usb charger [Inaudible 02:03]

Trevon: We’re with micro USB proprietary charging is the thing in the past. People want to be able to charge wherever they’re at. Weather in the car, they’re at work, right there in front of your hard drive, just plug it up. Micro USB is the way to go so went back to it. Ditch the proprietory from the level and went onto the Micro usb.

DeucesJack: That is the way to go. Now, is this a close pod system or an open pod system?

Trevon: This is the open pod system. You can put your favorite, they can go inside or you can just regular 7030 bled in there, it will vape just fine.

DeucesJack: fantastic. What else do we got here? We had some kinda new adaptor you were showing me before, right?

Trevon: Ok, before we get to this, I want to introduce something that’s going to push the 3 second IQ way ahead of the competition. So what we got here is the 3 sets. You are already familiar with it. We talked about it in the ECC so if you remember, we just got a regular open vape system, pull it out, you put your juice in there, got a little handshake. There’s no leak no [Inaudible 02:50] we upgrade that. We made the 3 sec, an IQ hybrid pod system. Meaning by hybrid, that you can put an open v or you can put a close pod from the level series, right here on the top. Sold separately, you’ll get an adaptor and it’s all blacked out so it’s nice and clean. You just put one of your level pods right here inside the top. Once you plug it in, place the whole adaptor inside, and just like that you have the coolest pod system.

DeucesJack: See man, that’s what I love about your company. What I love about Hangsen is that they’re cutting edge.they do things differently, they think out of the box. That’s fantastic that you guys built that type of versatility into one system. You don’t see companies doing that. You guys did.

Trevon: Hangsen, the IQ series, stands for Innovation and Quality. As you can see on our tagline, we have innovation and quality back there. So it’s all about pushing the new brand forward. Making sure we’re doing something that nobody else is doing on the market. So what we like to do is make it more convenient. Wise switch to device just because you want to go open vape system? No, we got you covered. Open or close, the 3 sec is going to get the job done for you.

DeucesJack: Now that’s fantastic. Now, what else? What’s next after that?

Trevon: Now that I’ve explained that, we can get to this. This is the IQ power pack. What you can do with this is charge it, you got your IQ logo there, you got your 4 LED lighting to indicate where your battery level is. What you’d do is you take your level right here which is your everyday. This is like your everyday pod system. Stick it right in there and it charges up.

DeucesJack: And it charges 3 of them at a time?

Trevon: No, see. What this is for, is you got a flavor right, you vape your whole pot. This is only 0.9 it’s not a heavy hitter on the mils. So what you’d do is you take another one, maybe a different flavor that you’re convenient with, that you like a lot. Stick it right in here. You take another flavor. If you like menthol. So now I got menthol, tobacco and a blueberry. I’ll strap this bad boy on and I can vape one to go or I can pull it out, or I can take the whole thing out. And switch my flavor as I please.

DeucesJack: No kidding! Looking at that. Can I vape those flavors while they sit in there?

Trevon: I can vape with just like this.

DeucesJack: No I’m talking about the other flavors.

Trevon: Well I blew it out. You need a battery for that.

DeucesJack: Ok, I didn’t know there was a battery. That’s why I asked you.

Trevon: This is going to be [Inaudible 05:06]

DeucesJack: So those are just holders for your other flavors.

Trevon: Yes. If I don’t want to rip open a new pack, I just go ahead and grab the flavor each or take a variety pack which we also provide for you.

DeucesJack: Absolutely.

Trevon: And we take one of each flavor, one two and then put my battery in number one and I’m good to go.

DeucesJack: Because right now I carry my flavors loose around in my pocket or in the pocket of my bag. That’s fantastic. Everything’s neat and in one spot.

Trevon: Like I said, innovation and quality, it’s a high-quality battery pack. Again, we have a USB, micro USB charging port down there and you also have a [Inaudible 05:43] for the mill adaptor so that you can plug anything else that you want to charge in there. So if this is on full power and I need my iPhone to charge or whatever or I just want to charge the 3 sec on the side, just plug it in.

DeucesJack: It’s a charging bank too.

Trevon: For any device that has a micro USB capability.

DeucesJack: That’s a homerun. That’s a win. That’s fantastic. Wow!

Trevon: So here at IQ, we’re trying to do things a little bit differently. We are moving at a fast pace. We had a private conference last year towards the end of the year and we introduced the 1st generation which is this. So you see, we’ve come so far from just this in 6 months. Imagine what we’re going to be doing by the end of this year.

DeucesJack: Absolutely, I’ll tell you what, you guys are impressive when I saw you in ECC. this has just blown me away. It’s only been what, a month since ECC?

Trevon: A month since ECCa and we got this. I don’t even know this is going to be here. I had no idea this is even going to be here but this going to be one of my most favorite pocketable pod systems/ it’s just so convenient pack of punch but the whole series is just growing. It’s growing at a rapid pace.

DeucesJack: I want to thank you for spending some time with me. It’s always a pleasure. You guys have seen this done before with Trey and I. we’re always on video together. I want to thank him for showing us all the nes stuff. That’s it man, we’re out of here. This has been DeucesJack and Trey from Hangsen at Vapevent in Brooklyn New York. Make sure you check us out on our new forum, Yours truly is taking YouTube real soon. Studio is built. That’s going to be under the Vaping Insider Channel. Go there subscribe. Check it out. Trey and I were out of here. Deuces.

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