Vapevent Brooklyn 2018 – An Overview of the Latest Mods from Asmodus

DeucesJack caught up with Joseph from Asmodus while we were at Vapevent 2018 in Brooklyn.In this video, he talks about their latest mods.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? Deuces Jack in I’m at the Vapevent in Brooklyn, New York. I’m at one of my favorite mod manufacturers’ booth. You guys know, I go hard-core with Asmodus. I always rock this stuff and in general, I really like all their mods. I got Joseph here from Asmodus. And since we’re in Brooklyn, we’re got to refer to him as Joey. Joey, you’re making me lose on camera. Where are we going to go over here, Joey? Show us of some of the new stuff we got here. Talk about this pumper. What do we got?

Joey: Okay, so this is the Pumper 18. It’s a squonk mod. It takes a 18650 battery, this squonking bottle actually comes out like this.

DeucesJack: How many mils is that, bro?

Joey: I believe it’s like 7 mils. 7 mils, so you take this out. Fill it up, dump it back in and pump it up. it has like a twisted lock.

DeucesJack: Mechanism?

Joey: See, you just twist and lock, just like that.

DeucesJack: Wow. That is fantastic.

Joey: So it’s pretty cool.

DeucesJack: And stab wood right?

Joey: Yeah. Stab wood and acrylic. I believe it fits up to 26, 24. This one is 24 and this one is a 26.

DeucesJack: And what is this going for? What is this 18651 going for right now?

Joey: This one is going for about 150, I believe.

DeucesJack: Guys, for stabwood mod, that’s a squonker guys. I mean, check out the forms factor. Check out how easy it is to squonk. I mean, that’s really nice and it’s different and it’s unique. I like that. It’s not that you go outside the box. I really like it. Now we have the same thing in the 21700?

Joey: 21, yeah. This one also takes a 2700. So this takes 21700.

DeucesJack: Guys, not that much bigger than the 18650. But you know, you got more juice capacity in this one or it’s just the same tank?

Joey: I think it’s the same tank.

DeucesJack: This is the same tank? Okay but so what? You got more battery for that?

Joey: Yeah. Yeah. That’s true.

DeucesJack: that’s where it’s at.

Joey: And then it also has all those regulated features from the Luna as well.

DeucesJack: Wow. Yeah. Look at the fire button. This is not like a Luna style vape?

Joey: Yeah.

DeucesJack: So you got to build for it?

Joey: Yeah.

DeucesJack: Alright. There’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, that’s fantastic. I love the Luna. That’s one of my favourite squokers. It was actually one of my mods-one of my squonkers of the year at the Vaping Insider. Now, I also wanted to go over this. This is the new EOS. Talk to us about this. I’ve just review this on Vaping Insider. It’s fantastic.

Joey: Yeah. so this one, this one is actually has the same chip as Dominican V2. Goes up to 180. It’s basically the same chip in a different design in a traditional box mod style design.

DeucesJack: Guys, if you like Dominican V2, but you want a different form factor, this is your ticket. If you want different form factor with stab wood, if I remember, both panels are replaceable, right?

Joey: Yes.

DeucesJack: And you could buy aftermarket the panels, and change the look. right?

Joey: That’s right.

DeucesJack: Okay now Joey, I have to ask you a question because I’ve been getting it a lot. I hate to put you on the spot. But the Lustro I love it. It’s fantastic. Is there going to be a firmware update, where we can individually turn off the light bar and the lighting button?

Joey: Yeah. There’s already a feature on there where you could turn everything off.

DeucesJack: You turn everything off? What about if I want to rock the button only and not the bar? Are you going to do an update for that?

Joey: Yeah we can.

DeucesJack: You can do that? Coz I’ve been getting a lot of questions on that since I dropped the review. People are like, ‘can you tell Asmodus I want to be able to shut the light bar off but keep the light button on?’ I’ve been getting a lot of requests there. I just want to put it out there.

Joey: That’s a good idea. We’ll look into it.

DeucesJack: Bring it to the higher ups to tell them to make it happen.

Joey: I will make it happen, for sure.

DeucesJack: Yeah. Alright. Cool man.

Joey: Just for you, man.

DeucesJack: Joey. I want to thank you. It’s always a pleasure man. Always like you again on camera. This is Deuces Jack on with Joey form Asmodus. We’re in Brooklyn. We’re at the Vapevent and we’re out of here. Deuces.

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