Vapevent Brooklyn 2018 – An Overview of the Latest Products from DotMod

DeucesJack caught up with Alex from Dotmod while we were at Vapevent 2018 in Brooklyn.In this video, he talks about their latest hardware and line of juices.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack from I’m here with Alex from DotMod. We’re going to go over some of the product that DotMod has, some of their hardware, including some of their juices. Alex, you want to tell us what we got here? What’s this gold mod here? Talk to me about it.

Alex: Alright, so what we got here were showcase our juices out here today. We have 4-signature juice line. We got dotChill, dotCream, dotLeaf and dotFruit. Our dotChill is kind of apricot chill. Good for the summer months that’s coming up.

DeucesJack: Nice!

Alex: Our dotLeaf is a nice chocolate pear tobacco. Really good for people who are just coming off cigarettes and everything.

DeucesJack: Transitioners, right?

Alex: Yeah. Our dotCream is very good blend of 5 different creams with some blackberry and currant.

DeucesJack: It is very good. It’s excellent. I’m vaping it right now. It’s fantastic.

Alex: And then we got our dotFruit. Everybody’s got to have a fruit line. Ours is like a coconut watermelon slushie.

DeucesJack: Nice, now what’s this here? What do we got here? We have a squonker?

Alex: Oh you got to show the white door.

DeucesJack: I had to.

Alex: So this are our limited edition Tiffany Blue squonk mod. Full mechanical mod, takes both 18650 and 2700 with the nice adaptor sleeve. Nice 10 mils, squishy…

DeucesJack: Square bottle, huh?

Alex: Square bottle with their dotMod logo in there.

DeucesJack: Nice.

Alex: These are actually our new plastic doors that we just released.

DeucesJack: Oh wow! They feel sturdy though. They don’t feel like typical plastic. They almost feel metal.

Alex: Yeah, polycarbonate plastic, real high quality. Same with all of our stuff.

DeucesJack: Nice, good magnets. Yeah, look at that.

Alex: I just got a few of [Inaudible 01:50] to showcase and then for our Tiffany Blue, we have a couple hundred left in stock. They’re almost out. Once they’re out, they’re gone.

DeucesJack: You know what Alex, I have a review, a friend of mine, that loves Tiffany Blue mod. He would go absolutely nuts over this. He really would. I don’t know why. I kind of make fun of him for it but he loves Tiffany Blue mods.

Alex: You’re not talking about yourself in the third person, are you?

DeucesJack: No, I’m not. I swear.

Alex: Ok.

DeucesJack: I’m more of a gold type of guy. What do we got here, with the gold? What’s that all about?

Alex: Here, we have out 75 watt single 18650 battery mod. Goes up 75 watts has proprietary chips set. We went through and look at some of the chips sets available whenever we were developing this and decided to come up with our own, kind of get the best of all the features that we really wanted.

DeucesJack: Wow! Solid feel man! Feels really solid in the hand.

Alex: Nice and solid, nice and light, really good, high-quality machining.

DeucesJack: Yeah, look at that. Nice battery tray, clean. Everything is nice. Wow!

Alex: On top, we have our standard tank. Single drop and coil tank. One of the best-tasting flavor tanks on the market.

DeucesJack: Alright, fantastic. Well guys, you heard it from the man himself, Alex at dotMod. Make sure you check out some of their juices. Check out their mods. Definitely check out that Squonker because that is a really nice squonker. I’m very impressed by it. It got a great feel. It got a great look. Give it a try, alright? This has been DeucesJack and Alex at dotMod. We’ve been in Brooklyn at the Vapevent. Make sure you check us out on our new forum, Make sure you check out my new YouTube Channel that’s under the Vaping Insider name. We’re going to be dropping review videos there real soon so hit the Subscribe button. We’re out of here. Deuces.

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