Vapevent Brooklyn 2018 – An Overview of the Latest Squonker from Aspire

DeucesJack caught up with Bobby from Aspire while we were at Vapevent 2018 in Brooklyn.In this video, he talks about their latest squonker.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack from I’m back in Brooklyn and I’m at the Vapevent and I’m back with my man, Bobby G., Right from Aspire. We’ve done this before right Bobby? What do we got here today? We got Aspire’s new Squonker called the Feedlink. Talk to me about this Bobby.

Bobby: So our brand new squonker called a Revvo Booster single 82650 battery setup on there, quarter turn bottle release on it.

DeucesJack: Look at that. Awesome.

Bobby: Easy fill top on system on a squonker I mean the bottle itself as well.

DeusecJack: Guys, the squonk bottle has like a hose or casing around it. So when you go, you got to put it in. You are not going to accidentally squeeze the bottle and squirt juice all over the place. Pretty ingenious. Really nice.

Bobby: Yeah it makes a lot of easier as well too.

DeucesJack: Now you said there’s a Revvo tank on that, right?

Bobby: It’s a Revvo tank.

DeucesJack: So you guys put a Squonk pin in a Revvo tank?

Bobby: Yes we did.

DeucesJack: Nice.

Bobby: So the Revvo Booster, so as you can see I actually bottom feed now versus the top filled system on the original Revvo.

DeucesJack: Right. Okay.

Bobby: So it makes a lot easier to go in and you know fills up the bottle very well and easy.

DeucesJack: Can I?

Bobby: So we just kind of redesigned a new air flowing on it and a little bit tighter air flowing because it gives you a lot more, you know, tighter draw in it. Better airflow and better flavor production as well too.

DeucesJack: This thing has a really solid feel to it guys. And look at that huge Squonk cut out. I mean it’s not just a little space for your finger I mean you can get two fingers in there and squonk this thing. I mean they did a good job on that. Look at resting panels, check that out. I mean from what Aspire told me you are going to have 4 different colors right?

Bobby: 4 different colors and initially going to release on them so yeah.

DeucesJack: Now, notice guys. Nose rings. Nose rings Bobby what’s the deal?

Bobby: It’s a safety regulated mech mod.

DeucesJack: it’s a mech mod, It’s a mechanical mod with some protection built into it?

Bobby: Exactly.

DeucesJack: Nice nice. Guys look at the form factor if you guys are thumb fires like me, check that out man. I mean this just got a nice form factor to it. It really does. very very impressive. I’m so glad you guys are able to let me show this on camera because Bobby I’m going to let them know a little secret. I’ve been seeing this for the last vape event. But they would not let me show them on camera right?

Bobby: Yes.

DeucesJack: Right? So now it’s finally ready to release Bobby.

Bobby: It is.

DeucesJack: When is it going to be released, Bobby?

Bobby: We are going to have an official release statement on it. Hopefully, within the next few weeks, that’s when we are thinking about. We did already take the first place trophy for the best Squonker at the Foxwoods Connecticut show as well.

DeucesJack: Nice.

Bobby: So we are definitely looking forward for the actual release date on it. So everybody can get their hands on one of these. Including me, because I don’t even have one yet.

DeucesJack: You don’t even have one yet? Oh come on?

Bobby: I don’t.

DeucesJack: Well, take that one.

Bobby: I wish.

DeucesJack: You know, do the five finger discount Brooklyn style. You can walk away with that bad boy. Okay guys, you saw it here first. This is DeucesJack Vaping Insider exclusive. That’s the new Squonker from Aspire, the Feedlink. I’m at the Aspire booth with my man Bobby G. we are at the Brooklyn New York at the Vapevent. Make sure you check out our new forum, and don’t forget to subscribe to my new YouTube channel at Vaping Insider and we are out of here. Deuces.

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