Vapevent Brooklyn 2018 – An Overview of the Sol Pod System

DeucesJack stopped by the Sol booth while we were at Vapevent 2018 in Brooklyn.In this video, we had an overview of the Sol Pod System.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? Deuces Jack at We’re in my hometown, Brooklyn, New York. And I’m at the Sol Booth. We’re going to go over this banging little pod system because I just hit it and I couldn’t believe how hard this thing actually hitch. You want to take it away and tell us what we got here?

Speaker 2: Sure. Thanks bro. Alright. The Sol, all the pods, the 2 milliliters in size comes with the ceramic coils. You could chain vape the whole thing all the way down to the bottom. You’re going to get delicious hits. All the pods are color-coordinated. The pink is watermelon. Green is spearmint, Brown is tobacco.

DeucesJack: And I got the mango.

Speaker 2: He’s loving the mango right now.

DeucesJack: I got the mango.

Speaker 2: You’ll also have the USB charger on the bottom. So you don’t have to search for any proprietary charger.

DeucesJack: Nice.

Speaker 2: You could vape it as you charge it. People really love that. And the 2 mil pod every millilitre makes a difference. And as Jack noticed, it does hit a lot harder. It makes a big difference.

DeucesJack: It really does. It is actually one of the cloudier pod systems that I’ve used better that are this style. You know what I’m saying?

Speaker 2: Yes. Absolutely.

DeucesJack: It’s almost as cloudy as like a [Inaudible 01:15] pod. It’s pretty cloudy.

Speaker 2: That thing does hit hard, yeah.

DeucesJack: And this is what that reminds me of but in a different form factor. It’s very, very similar it is.

Speaker 2: We’ve been to a bunch of prototypes and we definitely tried coming out when the product was right. not just when the time was right.

DeucesJack: Now, you said the battery life on this? How–

Speaker 2: 350 milliamp power. Charging is about forty minutes. I get to my day. Absolutely.

DeucesJack: You get to the whole day with it? and charging from dead to full?

Speaker 2: Forty five minutes.

DeucesJack: That’s not bad. And you just plug it on to any old USB?

Speaker 2: Exactly.

DeucesJack: You don’t have to worry about carrying around one of these chargers. That’s the one thing I hate about pod systems that are coming out today. They all have these proprietary magnetic chargers.

Speaker 2: And you lose it, you’re done.

DeucesJack: I got to carry it around with me. It’s just another hassle. If I, you know, I normally have a cable like this from my phone so I don’t have to worry about it.

Speaker 2: Exactly.

DeucesJack: That’s fantastic man. You guys heard it– oh wait, hold on a second. Let’s go with some of the flavors.

Speaker 2: Sure.

DeucesJack: We got the Mango. The mango like a natural mango.

Speaker 2: Very fresh.

DeucesJack: Okay,

Speaker 2: Taste almost like an Alfonzo mango. So, very ripe.

DeucesJack: Yeah. I would say so.

Speaker 2: That’s a four pack of mango. Our spearmint. Very smooth.

DeucesJack: Is that like a Wrigley spearmint gum?

Speaker 2: Exactly. Almost like a double mint. Very spot on.

DeucesJack: That’s cool.

Speaker 2: A watermelon is our most popular seller right now.

DeucesJack: And the tobacco?

Speaker 2: The tobacco was not avoidable. You don’t have to avoid the tobacco. It’s very good. It’s a little creamy. People love the tobacco.

DeucesJack: Is it like, kind of like almost RY4 [Inaudible 02:23]?

Speaker 2: I would say more like a VCT.

DeucesJack: Okay.

Speaker 2: Not nutty like the RY4. No caramel.

DeucesJack: Okay. Alright. That sounds like a real solid flavor line up. Are you going to get a have any more flavors releasing?

Speaker 2: There are also more flavors coming we’re working on the strawberry, and a lychee, maybe a new menthol as well. There are some more flavors coming.

DeucesJack: I want a raspberry.

Speaker 2: I’ll think about it.

DeucesJack: I want a raspberry.

Speaker 2: I’ll work on that. A blue raspberry?

DeucesJack: Nobody does raspberry anymore. Now it’s just a regular and natural raspberry. Nobody does raspberry anymore.

Speaker 2: I was a fan of raspberry back then.

DeucesJack: Yeah. I love raspberry vape. I love raspberry custards that’s why you guys, should do that because it would be a big seller.

Speaker 2: Well, we are partnering up with some really good juice manufacturers so we could probably whip up anything to make a good work and hoping people love it.

DeucesJack: That’s awesome. well. I want to thank you for spending some time with us and going over with the pod system. I appreciate it. Guys you just heard it here at Vapervent Brooklyn New York. This is the Sol it hits, really well for a pod system. Make sure you check it out. Make sure you check out our new forum. Make sure you check out my new YouTube channel. It’s going to drop it about a week or two. Okay? I’m doing it in conjunction with VapingInsider. It’s going to be Deuces Jack reviews. Check it out. We’re ought to here. Deuces.

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