Vapor4Life Various Products Review

Vape4life Various Products Review

Vapor4Life Products

Vape4life basically sells the types of products that are for people that are transitioning from smoking. Visit their official website to see Vapor4Life products.

First Impression Out Of The Box:

Okay, I’m going to take you back and kick it old school. I received a bunch of stuff from Vapor4life. Most of the stuff is basically old tech but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a solid vape off of it. The stuff they sent me is very basic so I’m going to cover it all in one review. Vapor4life also sent me some juices to try out and even though they are not in the Nic that I normally vape, I’m going to take one for the team and drip them just to let you know how the flavors are.

What Is In The Review:

  • Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Cartomizer Kit
  • Vapor4Life Titan Kit
  • 4 Vapor4Life Juices – Peppermint, Coffee, Traditional Tobacco, and Kiwi Apple Strawberry

From Top To Bottom:

The Zeus:

Starting at the top, we have a medical grade silicone mouthpiece. It’s a comfortable mouthpiece but it’s on the large side. I would have preferred something much slimmer for a MTL setup like this. Underneath the removable silicone mouthpiece is a metal piece. It is nice and slim and I really wish they would have made the mouthpiece this size. I took a few pulls off the bare metal mouthpiece and it was much more comfortable. The problem is that piece was meant to be covered and it doesn’t really look good with the Silicone piece removed.

Vapor4Life Various Products Review

The metal part under the silicone mouthpiece is fully removable. I just wish they would have made this piece more finished so you could actually vape off of it. When you remove that metal piece, you will see the opening for the clearomizer. Vapor4Life calls it a smileomizer but in reality, it’s a clearomizer. This is actually interesting because I never really reviewed a clearomizer before. By the time I got into vaping, clearomizers were already old news.

With the top part open, in the middle, it looks like there is a skinny plastic straw that is surrounded by cotton. The coil is buried deep inside the cotton and there is also a piece of metal screening covering the cotton. In order to fill the clearomizer, you kind of have to take your time. It does hold 3.5 mls of liquid but it takes some time for the cotton to actually saturate and soak in the juice. It’s not a big deal but I can see why clearomizers aren’t as popular as they used to be.

Vapor4Life Various Products Review

Once the clearomizer is filled up and your cotton is fully saturated, you’re ready to put the metal piece back on and attach the clearomizer to the battery. The battery is an automatic 5 volt modified lithium-ion battery. I have to say that I have been pretty impressed with the battery life of this setup. It does have a regular USB port and I’m not talking about a mini USB port, I’m talking about the type of port that you used to charge your old Motorola flip phone through. The battery takes about 5 to 6 hours to charge.

I will say this about the clearomizer, I am a little surprised at its longevity. I have filled this thing about five or six times already and it’s still vaping pretty well. I have switched flavors as well and it has not been an issue. I do get a very satisfying MTL vape off of this setup even though the technology on it is old. The draw on it is very cigarette like. In fact, I would say this is probably the closest I have come to a cigar/cigarette type of draw when it comes to a vape product that I have tested. The draw is very smooth and even but at the same time, it’s got that certain amount of tightness to it that reminds you of a cigar or a cigarette.

The Titan:

Vapor4Life sent me two versions of their Titan e-cigarette. One is the manual that has a button on it and the other is the automatic that is draw activated. Both vape exactly the same and they also take the same cartridges. I was sent the peach cartridge as well as the tobacco cartridge. Both cartridges come in at 3.2 ohms resistance. The cartridges are sold in a 5-pack and they are packaged beautifully.

Vapor4Life Various Products Review

This is basically like a premium version of a Blu e-cigarette. It gives you the option of being able to switch from a bunch of different flavors while you are on the go. The cartridges are easy to carry and the flavors are actually pretty good. Vapor4Life has 21 different flavors available for this battery. There are also a bunch of ice flavors available, so there is something for everyone. This is an extremely simple system and it will probably appeal to smokers that are trying to transition over to vaping.

Vapor4Life Various Products Review

In all honesty, this is not something I myself would go out and buy. Not because it’s a bad setup but because I’m not at that point in my vaping journey right now. I happen to be way past that point. This is for people who are just getting off of cigarettes and want something that’s extremely similar. I think it’s good for those types of transitioners because it gives them a lot of choices as far as flavors go. The draw is also extremely similar to that of an analog cigarette.

Vapor4Life Various Products Review

The Juice:

When I first received these bottles, they reminded me of the bottles that I tested from Vaporfi. They look like almost the same exact bottles and to be honest, the juice tasted very similar as well. I’m really not too crazy about the labeling on them because they’re kind of hard to see. The background on the label is a dark blue and the flavor lettering is done in black. Sometimes I actually have to hold the bottle up to the light to see what flavor I have in my hand. I don’t know why they didn’t make the flavor lettering white like the rest of the lettering on the bottle. That would have made things a lot easier to see.

Vapor4Life Various Products Review

The first flavor that I tried was the kiwiapplestrawberry. It’s a nice solid flavor and even though it’s in a stronger Nic than I normally vape, I did enjoy it. However, because I’m used to vaping anywhere from 1.5 to 3 mg of Nic, when I popped this juice into my atomizer, I could definitely feel the difference. You get the kiwi and apple taste right away, on the front of the pull. On the exhale, I get nothing but sweet, natural, strawberry. It’s Blended very nicely and the flavors do go well together.

Vapor4Life Various Products Review

The next flavor I tried was the Natural Tobacco. This is a really smooth tobacco juice. I’m normally not a tobacco vaper but this one is really nice. It has a very mild sort of earthy taste to it. I almost taste a little bit of caramel as well. Not to the point where I would classify it as an RY4 but it definitely has a touch of sweetness to it. Definitely one of the better tobacco juices I’ve vaped, especially when we are talking about straight up tobacco juices. This was the first flavor that I put in the Zeus and I have to say, it was extremely enjoyable when paired with that setup.

The third flavor I tried was the coffee flavor. This is an authentic coffee that tastes kind of like an espresso. Not a super strong espresso but an espresso that is on the weak side. It has a very authentic coffee flavor and I actually enjoy it with a cup of coffee. It’s definitely a well-done coffee flavor, which, in general is a very tough flavor to nail. This flavor goes extremely well with any type of MTL setup.

Vapor4Life Various Products Review

Last but not least, I tried the peppermint flavor. I’m really not a peppermint type of vaper. In fact, I really don’t like any type of ice or mint vapes. However, I can still comment on how accurate the flavor may be for those of you that you like that sort of vape. The best way to describe this flavor is, it tastes like Wrigley’s Doublemint gum. It has that same type of peppermint flavor with the same type of sweetness that the gum has. If that’s your type of flavor, you are really going to enjoy this one.


I found this review quite interesting and educating for someone like myself. I never vaped on a cartomizer before and it was definitely an experience to actually try it out. I was actually surprised at the quality of vape I was able to achieve off of something that is really kind of old when you compare it to all the new stuff coming out now. I did get a nice smooth and MTL hit off of the Zeus. I also like the Titan because it did bring me back to the days when I was a smoker. The flavors that they included in my package were very good and I did get a satisfying vape off the Titan as well.

All of the juices that they sent me were very solid. I probably would have liked them a lot better if they were in a lower Nic or actually had zero Nic. The flavors were well-blended and I found them to be extremely accurate. Vapor4Life basically sells the types of products that are for people that are transitioning from smoking. They seem to specialize in MTL setups and if that’s the type of vaper that you are, you’ll probably get a very satisfying vape off of the products that I spotlighted here.

Vapor4Life Products

Vapor4Life basically sells the types of products that are for people that are transitioning from smoking. Visit their official website to see Vapor4Life products.

Pros & Cons:

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • Good MTL Products
  • Smooth Draw
  • Easy to Use
  • Great For Transitioning Smokers
  • Good Flavors
  • Well Blended
  • Good Battery Life
  • Clearomizers last long
  • 21 Different Flavor Cartridges

  • Old Tech
  • Takes A While To Charge
  • Flavors On The Bottle Are Tough To See

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