Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

If you are looking for an absolutely fantastic kit with accurate power and temp control mode and phenomenal-looking mod and tank, then the Vaporesso Revenger Kit is for you! Click the buy now button for the Lowest Price Guaranteed + FREE Shipping.


First Impression Out Of The Box:

Like all Vaporesso kits, this box opens up like a book. On one side, you have a really nice USB cable and some manuals with a warranty card. On the other side, you have the mod, tank, spare parts and coils. I have to say though, this mod just looks beautiful sitting in the box. Mine is blue and black and it just looks gorgeous. The coloring on the tank is a dead on match as well. Can’t wait to put some batteries into this mod and try it out.

What’s In The Box:

  • One Vaporesso Revenger 220W TC Box Mod
  • One Vaporesso NRG Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One 0.15 ohm GT 4 Coil
  • One 0.15 ohm GT 8 Coil
  • Proprietary 14mm Bore Delrin Mesh Drip Tip
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Spare Glass and O-Rings
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

A little note about the user manual that Vaporesso provides. It really is archaic and all over the place. Vaporesso, you really need to hire somebody to do a better job with your manuals. The layout and wording need to be much better.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

From Top To Bottom:

The Mod:

Finally, China is starting to listen to us. The Vaporesso Revenger has a 510 pin that is mounted in the middle of the mod. It will fit any atomizers that are 28mm and below with no overhang. I really wish Vaporesso would have tapered the sides of the mod up and created a sort of platform so this mod could accept 30mm atomizers with no overhang. That being said, I am grateful for a center mounted 510 connection. Nice job Vaporesso.

The 510 pin is reminiscent of most Vaporesso 510 pins. It has smooth stainless steel threading. The pin itself is spring loaded with a good throw. The pin is also gold plated. All in all a very nice, high quality 510 pin.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

With the screen facing you on the right side of the mod, you have a rectangular shaped fire button. The side of the fire button that is closest to the top is raised more than the bottom part of the fire button. It almost creates the illusion of a lever. The fire button does have a nice tactile feel to it. It gives a satisfying click when used and it is very easy to find. The fire button does work well and the mod does fire very quickly.

I absolutely love the screen on the Revenger. It has what seems like a glass covering but it is definitely plastic. Vaporesso says it is using some sort of environmentally friendly plastic on the mod. The screen is bright but will give you a hard time in outdoor daylight conditions. The information displayed on the screen is as follows: battery meter, mode, material, ohms, volts, wattage, temperature, and a puff counter. All in all the layout of the screen is very nice and clean looking. One of the features I really love about the Revenger screen is the clock feature. You can choose to see the clock in traditional dial form or in numeric form. It’s a great feature to have on any mod and I don’t know why more mod makers don’t include it.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

Unlike most mods, but just like a typical Vaporesso mod, the Revenger is a 4-button mod. We have a fire button, the plus and minus buttons, and the mode button. The plus and minus buttons are located right below the screen. Together they form the shape of a stretched out U. In the middle of the U-shape, you have the fourth button, the mode button.

I really do wish Vaporesso would have taken full advantage of having a fourth button when it comes to their menu system. The menu system is quite archaic and not really user-friendly. Just to complete a simple task like adjusting your wattage in temperature control mode is absolutely ridiculous. The button clicks that you have to go through in order to make that adjustment is positively mind boggling. Vaporesso really needs to do a much better job with their programming on this fantastic chipset. Navigating a 4-button mod should be much easier than any 3 button mod menu system.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

Right below the plus and minus buttons, you have the charge update port. The Revenger does feature 2.5 amp charging. The data cable they provide supports 2.5 amp charging as well. I will say this, when you do charge this mod with a 2 Amp brick, it does charge pretty quickly. I also like the fact that while you’re charging, it shows you the individual battery percentages of each battery. It also shows the user how long each battery will take to attain a 100% charge. While I never recommend charging internally especially on a dual battery mod, it is a really nice feature to have in a pinch. I especially like the fact that Vaporesso took the time to display all the information that a vaper would need to know while charging. It is a really nice touch and I give Vaporesso credit for doing such a good job with the onboard charging. Even though you should own an external charger and charge your batteries externally.

On the bottom of the mod, there is some battery venting and some type of model number. Open up the battery cover on the side opposite of the screen and you will see three strong magnets on the back. Unfortunately, the back of the battery cover is all metal and I would have liked to have seen some type of insulation sticker to prevent a short should you have a tear in your battery wraps. The battery cover is easy to get off and there is a little ledge on the outside of the corner of the mod where you can get your thumb nail in and pull the battery cover off. Once the battery cover is on, it does stay in place very securely with no movement or battery door rattle.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

The battery sled is very clean but there is no battery strap. To be honest you really don’t need one because the batteries do slide in and out quite easily. There are clear battery orientation markings in the sled and the sled itself does look very clean. The top contacts on the battery sled are gold plated and spring loaded. The bottom contacts are button style contacts and they stay stationary.

On the side opposite of the screen, there is some Vaporesso branding on the bottom of the exterior of the battery door as well as some Revenger branding on top. That exterior of the battery door seems to be covered in the same glass-like material that is used to go over the screen. On the side of the mod opposite the fire button, there is nothing but a black stripe going down the middle of that side. Overall, I think the Revenger is an extremely classy, elegant looking mod.

The Tank:

The tank included in the kit is the new Vaporesso NRG tank. Vaporesso looks to have hit the ground running with this tank because they already have five coils available. The tank is very reminiscent of the Smok Big Baby Beast. That is what it reminds me of when I look at it.

The drip tip is made of delrin and it has a spit back guard in it. There is only one drip tip in the kit but there is also a 510 drip tip adapter. So you can run all of your traditional 510 drip tips. The stock drip tip is a wide chuff cap style drip tip. It also has o’rings around it even though it is an 810 style drip tip. It very much reminds me of the drip tip on the Smok Beast line of tanks (See previous reviews). The only difference being, there is a spit back guard on the bottom of the drip tip. The drip tip is nice and comfortable and the spit back guard seems to work as I have experienced no spit back at all. All my Smok Beast line drip tips do fit on my NRG tank.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

The top cap is a slider style. There is an arrow indicator on one side of the top cap. Simply push the top cap towards the arrow and the top cap slides up and slightly to the left. This will reveal one kidney bean shaped fill port with a gasket around it. The fill Port is a decent size but it could get a little messy with a bullnose type of juice bottle. Droppers and needle nose bottles will have no problem at all.

The chimney on the NRG tank is a wide bore chimney and it is very short. It screws directly into the top of the coil head. So the vapor does not have a long way to travel before it hits the vapers mouth. I’m sure this contributes to the excellent flavor the NRG tank is capable of.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

The base of the NRG tank is a screw-in style base. In other words, you screw your coil heads directly into the base of the NRG tank. The threading on the inside of the base is very smooth and all of the coils have fit into the base securely with no leaking. Around the exterior of the base, there are two air slots. This is a pretty airy tank and again I would compare the airflow to the Smok Big Baby Beast tank. The AFC has a smooth action to it and stoppers on both ends. One of the innovative things Vaporesso did with the base of the NRG tank was that they made it Delrin. I like that Vaporesso tried something different with the base and to be honest it actually works very well. The Delrin base of the NRG tank definitely helps lessen the effect of heat transferring between the mod and tank. On the bottom of the base, there is some NRG branding. There is also a non-adjustable 510 pin with some smooth threading done in stainless steel.

The Coils:

As I said earlier in the review, Vaporesso has hit the ground running with a nice family of coils. So far they have five coils available for the NRG tank. Unfortunately, I only received 2 out of the 5 coils in my kit so I will only be able to talk about 2 of the 5 coils available. Should I receive the other coils in the future, I will update this review.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

The first coil I tried was the .4 ohm GT4. Vaporesso has this coil rated from 40 to 80 Watts. They say that it is best between 55 and 65 Watts. I have been vaping the GT4 coil right around 50 to 55 watts. I get a nice flavorful vape and the clouds aren’t too bad either. It is a very flavorful coil that will provide most users with a very satisfying vape but compared to the GT8 coil, clouds are a secondary concern for this coil. Lower wattage and flavor are they key objective for this coil.

The second coil I used was the Vaporesso GT8 coil. This is a .15 ohm coil with a rating of 50 to 110 Watts. Vaporesso says that this coil is best between 60 and 80 Watts. I tend to run this coil right around 85 Watts. I have vaped it at 110 watts and it does do a fine job of keeping up especially while chain vaping. I just find that at 110 Watts, it’s a little too warm for my liking. The overall quality of the coil is just fantastic. I get a really great, flavorful, saturated, cloudy vape from this coil at 85 Watts. That is exactly where I like to be with this coil and how I like to vape. I do like this coil much better than the GT4 coil. I find it has much better flavor and better clouds as well.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

The Look, Feel, and General Aesthetics Of The Mod:

There are no two ways about it, the Vaporesso Revenger Kit is definitely a looker. Yes, it definitely has that Smok Alien type look but I think it looks like a much classier version of the Alien. I love the colors that Vaporesso chose to release this mod in and I hope we see more. I like the black accents and I especially love the sleek and smooth look of the glass like part that goes over the screen and the back of the mod. Yes, it is a bit of a fingerprint magnet but because of the other colors on the mod, the fingerprints aren’t as bad as you would think. I just think this is one slick, sexy looking mod. Definitely one of the better-looking mass produced mods on the market today.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

I like the form factor of the Revenger. I like the way it fits in my hand and I love the fact that there is a clock feature. It feels very natural and light in my hand and it never feels cumbersome. I think Vaporesso did a phenomenal job matching the tank to the exact color of the mod. The look, feel, and general aesthetics of this kit are just fantastic.

The Board:

This is Vaporesso’s new and improved version of their Omni board. It has a lot of great features and I really do like the chipset. The old Omni board they used in previous mods was a very capable board as well but the TC was not the best on it. Along with the full temperature control suite that most mods have, the Revenger has some added features as well. The Revenger has a Smart variable watt mode that will basically choose the wattage for you or suggest a wattage according to what the Revenger reads your coil at. This, of course, can be turned off or overridden. Simply adjust your wattage up or down to over ride it. This feature can also be turned off in the system settings menu. I like this feature though because it does provide a great starting point for new vapers that may not be familiar with where to start off wattage wise.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

There is also curve modes for both wattage mode and temperature control mode. You also have TCR settings for custom wires as well. The TC materials that the Revenger has include SS, Ni, and Ti. There is a bypass mode as well. With the TCR setting, there are three memory slots for your TCR settings. The Omni chip is a really nice upgrade for Vaporesso and it is a legitimate temperature control board. It does a really good job at temperature control. It looks like Vaporesso has really stepped up their TC game because this chipset does a much better job with TC than their previous one.

The Menu System:

The menu system is where the Revenger kind of falls a little flat on its face. The button presses that you need to do to access some parts of the menu are just absolutely ridiculous for a 4-button mod. I have 3 button mods that are much simpler than this with the same exact or similar features. I mean, the whole advantage of a 4 button mod is you would hope it has a much simpler menu system. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. I’ll go over them as best as I can but keep in mind that they are kind of archaic and the manual itself does not really do a good job of explaining how to navigate the Revenger mod. However, I will do my absolute best to simplify it as best I can.

  • 5 clicks of the fire to turn on and off
  • Hold the +/- button to flip the screen
  • Hard press the mode button to scroll through the materials, TCR, and system settings
  • When in TC mode to change the wattage you need to go into system settings, scroll down to VT mode, hard press the mode button and use the +/- buttons to adjust your wattage
  • Once in the settings menu hard press the mode button to exit.
  • The settings menu allows you to adjust VW mode, VT mode, time, Smart mode, and screen timeout.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review

In the interest of brevity, I did make the menu system in this review look a little bit simpler than it actually is. Trust me, when you have the mod in hand and you realize how many clicks and menu systems you have to go through to do something as simple as adjusting the wattage in temperature control mode, you will understand exactly what I am talking about. I would really suggest that Vaporesso do an update and provide some shortcuts for things that most vapers use on an everyday basis. That would definitely make the Revenger experience a lot more enjoyable. At the very least, an update to adjust the wattage when you are in TC mode. That would go a long way in making the Revenger menu system a bit more user-friendly.

How Does It Vape?

This kit vapes exactly how it looks, fantastic. It is very accurate in power mode and if it does do the full 220 Watts and if it is a little off, I can tell you right now that it’s not by much. I tested it side by side with my Lost Vape Triade DNA and I can tell you at the very least, it vapes really close to it in power mode. I could not determine much of a difference if any at all. While I have only used TC mode with SS, I can tell you that the TC on the Revenger is on point. It does an excellent job in TC and it seems to be very accurate in that mode.

I do love the new Vaporesso NRG tank because it does remind me of one of my favorite tanks, the Smok Big Baby Beast. I like the fact that Vaporesso came out with five coils from the get go for this tank. I do wish that Vaporesso did develop an RBA section for it. I would definitely like to see that in the future. The coils that come with the kit are very good and cover both ends of the spectrum for most vapers. The GT4 coil is for the vaper that puts a premium on lower wattage and flavor but doesn’t really care that much about clouds. The GT8 coil is for the vaper who likes intense flavor and clouds. Both coils are fantastic and vape beautifully. One con on the coils is that Vaporesso, like a lot of other companies, has not labeled the coils properly. Every coil that you receive from every manufacturer should have the material used in that coil. That is my belief and I think it’s a little irresponsible when companies don’t label their coils correctly. I had to reach out to Vaporesso to find out that the coils that they are using in this kit are indeed made of stainless steel. It would have been nice if that was printed directly on the coil or somewhere on the package. Vapers need to know exactly what type of materials are in the coil that they are vaping. I really think all mod and tank manufacturers need to start doing this immediately.


Look, it’s hard to find significant cons with this Revenger kit. Yes, there are a few little things here and there that bothered me about the kit but when you look at the kit as a whole, it is an absolutely fantastic kit. I mean really, what kit is perfect? The cons on this kit are so minor and they have no effect on the quality of vape the user will receive. All you really need is a set of good batteries and some juice and you can start getting a fantastic vaping experience from the Revenger. It is accurate in power and temp control mode, and the tank is a home run. What more do you really need from a kit? I haven’t even commented on the looks yet. I think the looks of this tank and mod are just phenomenal. Definitely one of the better-looking kits on the market today. This kit is without a doubt DeucesJack approved. Go get yourself one and you will not be sorry. Be sure to check out our Direct Vapor coupon page for the latest deals before purchasing this kit.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

If you are looking for an absolutely fantastic kit with accurate power and temp control mode and phenomenal-looking mod and tank, then the Vaporesso Revenger Kit is for you! Click the buy now button for the Lowest Price Guaranteed + FREE Shipping.


Pros & Cons:

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • Looks
  • Performance
  • Accuracy
  • TC Mode
  • Flavor
  • Coil system
  • New chipset
  • 4 button mod
  • 2.5 amp charging
  • Pocketable
  • Fell in the hand
  • Quality construction
  • Nice 510
  • No rattles
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Tank and mod match beautifully
  • Delrin base on tank
  • Top fill tank
  • Airflow on the tank
  • Nice clicky buttons
  • Centered 510 pin
  • Clock feature
  • Clouds
  • Comfortable drip tip
  • 510 drip tip adapter

  • Archaic menu system
  • Manual needs to be better
  • Material on coils needs to be marked
  • Screen can’t be seen in all lighting conditions
  • No RBA section for the tank
  • Back of battery door should have a sticker to prevent shorts


  • 5 to 220W Output
    • OMNI Board 2.0
      • Six Total Output Modes
    • 0.05 to 5.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
    • 0 to 8.5V Voltage Range
    • Smart VW
      • Automatically Recommend Ideal Output
      • Can Easily Adjust
    • Customized Curve of Wattage (CCW)
      • Customize Wattage Output By Second Increments
      • Customize Ramp Up by 0.5 Second Increments
    • Bypass Mode
    • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Temperature Control Suite
    • Ni200 Nickel Support
    • Titanium Support
    • SS316 Support
    • Customized Curve of Temperature (CCT)
      • Customize Temperature Output Over Time
    • TCR Mode
    • 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit
    • Atomizer Lock
  • Magnetized Battery Bay Access
    • Dual 18650 Battery Powered (sold separately)
  • Sleek and Beautiful Chassis Design
    • Futuristic Styling
  • Four Button Control
    • Enlarged Firing Button
    • Angular Adjustment Buttons
    • Mode Button
  • 0.96 Inch OLED Display<
    • Temperature Mode and Output
    • Output Power
    • Atomizer Resistance
    • Individual Battery Life Indicator
      • Remaining Charging Time (RCT)
    • Puff Counter
    • Real Time Clock (RTC) Setting
    • Screen Blends in to Panel
  • 2.5A Quick Charge System
    • Remaining Charging Time
    • Equalizing Charge System
    • USB Input Protection
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • In-Mould Labeling (IML) Injection Coating and Aluminum Alloy Chassis
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Low Voltage/Current/Output Short Circuit/Load/Low Resistance/Overheating/Anti Loaded/Timeout Protection
  • 45mm by 89mm by 28mm
  • 26.5mm Diameter
  • Slide To Fill Top Fill Design
    • Large Fill Port
    • 5ml Maximum Capacity
  • GT Coil Family
    • GT 4
      • 0.15 ohm
      • Dual Vertical Coil
      • 30 to 70W
      • 45 to 65W Recommended Range
    • GT 8
      • 0.15 ohm
      • Quadruple Vertical Coil
      • 50 to 110W
      • 60 to 80W Recommended Range
      • Organic Cotton
    • Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow
      • 13mm by 2.5mm Each Airslot
      • Fully Closeable
    • Proprietary 14mm Bore Delrin Mesh Drip Tip
      • Prevents Spit Back
    • Heating Insulation Layer
    • 510 Drip Tip Adapter

Deuces Jack is a well-known member of the VapingUndeground forums where he quickly became respected for his honest opinions and willingness to help other members. He is now a regular content contributor for Vaping Insider. When he’s not vaping or unboxing the latest products for review, he can be found riding motorcycles close to his home in New York.

  1. Reply Neverin October 15, 2017 at 3:45 am

    I have a GT8 and im wondering if its ss ni or Ti this is usually easy to figure out but just cant figure it out.

  2. Reply Matt Geiger November 17, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    It’s SS

  3. Reply Mike November 18, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    You are right about the guide, it was like looking at the wrong guide from 5 years ago. Absolutely nothing about how to set the clock. I haven’t had the correct time on it yet.

  4. Reply Nishruu2 March 1, 2018 at 8:26 am

    Setting clock
    Press and hold the center button. It will change to the next TC setting. Press and hold again, and it will go to the next setting. Keep doing this until you reach “system set”. Click the button 3 times and you will go to the settings menu. Go to “time set”. Set the time and date, and which clock you want to display (digital or pointer). Exit and you are all done

  5. Reply eric M October 26, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    Just bought recently one and as you mentioned no tape or insulation in the battery door, they do have now.
    Another thing is, they removed the mesh in the drip tip.
    For me the kit works fine but I´m not thrilled about the coils though and use the Smok baby beast coils on the NRG tank instead.

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