Wellon Ripple Review & Giveaway

Wellon Ripple

The Wellon Ripple is a pod system with 2ml capacity. It is draw-activated.

First Impression out of the Box

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack at vapinginsider.com and look what I got today. I got the Wellon Ripple.

Did that bring you back a little bit or am I just older than everybody else? That name reminds me of Sanford and Son. Wasn’t there a cheap ass wine named Ripple if I remember correctly? I don’t know why they named a mod after a wine like that. Maybe these guys just don’t know American culture but that’s what they named it. It’s the Wellon Ripple.

Let’s have a quick little vape. Did you see that green light keep firing? It looks like the Ripple has a tough time actually rippin a vape. But you know what? Let’s check it out. Let’s go down low. I’ll take it apart. We’ll take a look at it. I’ll show you how you fill it up and everything and then we’ll cut back on top and we’ll talk about it a little bit.

What’s In The Box

  • Wellon Ripple Pod Device Kit
  • USB Charger
  • User Manual

Wellon Ripple Review

All right everybody? Here we go. We have the Wellon Ripple. This is the packaging. I’ll give you a little tour around it. Some markings over there. Big vaper, magnetic, skin sensing and affordable. This is the packaging. This one, I have the silver one but there was a red sticker on my red one and it’s really not red. I’ll show it to you. It’s more like a pink-orange color. I don’t even know what that’s all about. There’s the back of the box if you want to freeze the frame and read it. There’s a little scratch and sniff right there. I don’t think anybody will ever copy or clone this thing but that’s the packaging.

Slide-out box like so. Put the box down. There is your information. A little booklet on how to fill it and everything. We’ll file that to the side. Here’s probably the best part of the packaging. The USB cable. In my opinion, it’s probably worth more than the mod. We’ll file that to the side.

Here are the two mods. That’s supposed to be red. I don’t know about you but to me that doesn’t look red. This is the silver one at least it does look silver.

From Top To Bottom

Let’s take an up-close look at it. We got some Wellon branding over here. We got a sight glass over here so you can see what your tank is doing. On this side, we have some Ripple branding. On this side, we have a micro USB port which I’ll give them a pro for at least they didn’t come up with some stupid docking station and then we got an LED indicator over here.

Wellon Ripple Review

If you’ll notice the bottom, let’s see if we can show that on cam. Can you see the way that’s angled? Absolutely ridiculous. Why not companies going to stop doing these stupid things like this? Why wouldn’t you just make it square on the bottom? Ok, let’s chop off half the surface area so when I put it down, I can just tip it over. That’s just great. A lot of thought went into that. Sometimes, I tell you, I just get triggered at some of the stupid things that these companies do. It really is annoying.

Here we go. This is the touch sensor over here that supposed to sense your lips when you put your lips on the actual mod. It does work. I’m going to show you here with skin. This one is actually charged up. See? I touch it with my fingers and it actually fires. So it does work and I’ll give them credit for coming up with some new technology when it comes to that but that’s about it.

Wellon Ripple Review

Here is where your tank goes in. It’s magnetic. Just drops in and clips in. They did a good job on that. It’s a nice strong magnet. You can see through here your tank level. That was kind of well thought out. This is also held in place by magnet, the mouthpiece. Pretty strong magnet. They did a good job on that.

This is a top fill tank. You simply twist the top off over here. Pull it off, make sure you fill down the sides, not down the hole. It holds 2 ml of liquid. The one thing that really annoys me about this tank is the fact that you can’t take the bottom off and pull the coil out. It looks like a bvc type of coil. Why do I have to buy a whole new metal housing, metal pipe, coils and glass? Why can’t I pull this thing at the bottom and replace the coil? It just seems like they miss the huge opportunity there.

Wellon Ripple Review

I will give them credit for this. The threading on the top cap is kind of smooth. They did a nice job on the knurling there. Let’s see if we can see that. There we go. See? It’s a nice knurling. You get a good grip on it.

I like the air slots. They did do 4 air slots. 1, 2, 3, 4. This thing’s got some air flow to it. It’s pretty airy but why can’t you pull that out? Why shouldn’t I be able to unscrew that and replace that coil? Absolutely ridiculous design in my opinion.

Wellon Ripple Review

The capacity is fine. I like the 650 mod battery that they use. I like the LED, the window, the micro USB. they did a good job with that but why not be able to replace the coil? It just doesn’t make sense.

After you will it up, when you got everything ready to go, you simply drop it in there, snap it in and you’re ready to vape.

Wellon Ripple Review

That was the full tour of the Wellon Ripple. One more thing before we cut back on top. Check this out. This is the other thing. Wellon sends me this 5 piece box here. So I’m thinking, “Ok, I got 5 coils in here.” That’s kind of typical when somebody sends something for review. They send me a box of coils normally or at least the pack. One or two spares just so I can legitimately test it. Well, look what’s included.

First of all, the box came like this. Half opened half crushed like this. This is how they’re presenting themselves for reviewers. So there’s supposed to be 5 pieces in there but there is only one. One tank. Really, Wellon? Is this the way you want to present yourself to reviewers? It’s just a bad job all around. It really is.

General Thoughts

Let’s cut back on top. Let’s talk about it a little bit. We’ll do the cons, we’ll do the pros. There’s plenty of cons. There’s a few little pros here and there. We’re out of here then. See you back on top.

All right everyone? You just saw the Wellon Ripple up close and personal with yours truly, DeucesJack. Let’s talk about this thing a little bit. It’s got a lot of innovation in it.

It’s got a lot of things going for but at the end of the day, the vape quality on it just sucks. I like that touch sensor thing they did. If you touch it with your fingers, you see the green light going on? It fires. They put some tech into this thing. Sometimes when I vape it, after I pull it away from me, it continues to fire after I take it off my lips. I think they got a little bit to go with that technology.

I like the capacity. It’s a direct lung, they’re calling it a pod system- I don’t think it’s a pod system where it’s got a coil like that in there that I showed you. To me, this is more like an AIO kit. AIO type of starter kit so I think they branded it wrong.

They did a good job with a 650 mob battery. They did a good job using the micro-USB port instead of some kind of crazy docking station. I like the window right there. The window for the juice capacity, they did a good job on that. I like the fact that the tank has 4 air slots on the bottom. They did a good job on that. But at the end of the day, this thing is just– it’s got crap flavor. It’s got crap vaper production. It’s just a piece of crap. I’m sorry Wellon.

It’s funny. I had a conversation with the Wellon representative and man, after I got this thing -they sent me 2 of them- this guy was all over me. 3 days after I got it, “Did you review it yet? Did you review it yet?” I’m like, “I don’t review anything in 3 days. I review it when I’m ready to review it.” finally, after 3 or 4 emails, he kept on homping on me to get this reviewed on, and I was like, “I don’t know what you’re so excited about the review because the product actually sucks.” And he’s like, “What?” and I’m like. “Yeah, It’s a horrible product. The vapor production sucks.”

And then he’s telling me all these tips to do and I’m like, “Bro, take it easy. I did 234 reviews last year. I know what this thing needs to vape right and I know what to try and what not to try. Do me a favor. Don’t tell me how to vape this thing. You can’t polish a turd. You can rub it, you can make it hard, make it nice and shiny but at the end of the day, when you crack it open, it’s still a turd. And that’s what the Wellon Ripple is. It’s appropriately named after a cheap bottle of wine in American culture because this is a cheap piece of garbage.


Let’s get into the official cons and pros. First of all, you’re selling a kit and you only include one tank? Absolutely ridiculous. You get 1 tank in there. And then, when you send it to a reviewer, you send the spare tank in a 5 tank pack but with only 1 tank in it? Really, man? That’s the way you want to present your product?

Second thing is, the vape quality. It stinks. There’s no vapor, there’s no flavor.

Wellon Ripple Review

Third con is going to be, that coil. Come on man, how could you not- why do I have to throw this whole thing away?
Why can’t I just pull the coil out from the bottom and replace the coil? Wouldn’t have that been a much better system to do? Why would you make it like this so I gotta throw the glass away, all the metal and everything. It’s just a waste. I get it. You guys want to sell coils. Fine. then sell a proprietary coil. Put a proprietary coil in there but make it replaceable. Absolutely ridiculous system.

Build quality on it, it feels cheap. It feels like a cheap piece of tank. It doesn’t have a good build quality.

Like I said, the other con is going to be, they’re selling it as a pod system. It’s not really a pod system. It’s an AIO system as far as I’m concerned. But you can tell, the people who developed this are not vapers because a vaper would have never put something like this out. The people who develop this are not vapers so it doesn’t shock me that they classified it wrong too. It’s just not a good mod. It’s not a good pod. It’s not a good AIO system, whichever way you want to call it.


Pros, I got to give it some pros. It does have some things going for but they missed the boat on the execution. I like the 2ml capacity. I like the micro-USB charge port. That’s a good job. I like the ease of use to draw activation. They did a good job on that. I like the fact that they made everything magnetic. I think that’s kind of cool that they made the bottom magnetic. They made the top magnetic. Somebody put some thought into it but the execution of it is horrible.

Giveaway & Conclusion

And it’s funny when I was talking to a Wellon rep, he’s like, “I can’t believe you don’t like it. We’ve been working on this for over a year.” and I give it to him straight, man. I said, “Listen, if you and your company were working on this thing for over a year, then you need to scrap whose ever working with you. Get rid of them and start all over because you guys just didn’t do a good job with it.” I was brutally honest with the guy. And I’m going to be brutally honest with you. Stay away from this one.

I was sent an extra one. A silver one, for a giveaway. Listen, if somebody wants it on a giveaway, fine. Same rules apply. Make a comment down below, share this video somewhere and then in a little bit, I’ll send the thing out to you. You pay the $8 shipping. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the $8 shipping but if you want it, I’ll send it to you. I’ll probably even send you mine and I’ll send you that spare tank that they sent me too.

If you want it, you can have it but I wouldn’t recommend it. I wouldn’t pay $8 to ship this.
That’s it on the pros and cons.

Make sure you check out our new forum, vapinginsider.com/forum. We’re going to have all the specs down below. We’ll have where you can buy it if you do want to even buy it after this review. We’ll have a link to that in the description. I’ll even have a link to the juice that I use in the description.

I’d say stay away from this one. That’s it, man. Keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. We’re chucking up the deuces to this one. This one gets a double deuces. It’s out of here. Don’t even bother. See you on the next one.

Wellon Ripple

The Wellon Ripple is a pod system with 2ml capacity. It is draw-activated.

Pros & Cons

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • 2ml capacity
  • micro usb charge port
  • ease of use
  • everything magnetic

  • includes only one tank
  • vape quality stinks
  • coil system
  • Build quality feels cheap
  • wrong classification

  • Size: 80mm x 30.5mm x 16.5mm
  • 650mah built-in battery
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity
  • USB rechargeable
  • No leakage
  • Oil-Absorbing Ceramic Coil
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