Yihi SX Mini G Class Review

sx mini g class review

Yihi SX Mini G Class

The Yihi SX Mini G Class is the finest mass produced mod currently on the market. If you are looking for a top of the line vape mod with zero compromise then this is for you!


First Impression Out Of The Box:

The packaging is very Apple esque. Simple yet elegant. The box is covered with a frosted sleeve. Slide the box out and open it up and you are greeted with a spectacular looking mod. The mod is wrapped in a kind of stretchy shrink wrap. Take off the plastic covering and all I can say is WOW! This thing just feels great and the build quality really stands out on this mod from the first touch. Impressive!

What’s In The Box?

In the box you get the drop dead gorgeous SX Mini G Class, a USB Type C, nylon braided, gold plated, charging/data cable, and a well written, detailed, User Manual.

sx mini g class review

From Top To Bottom:

Top dead center on the SX Mini G Class you will find one of the most solid 510 connections I have ever seen. It is beautifully milled out of stainless steel with absolutely buttery smooth threading. The 510 is nice and springy. All of your atomizers will sit flush. There are milled slots in the 510 platform in case you are still using an atomizer that gets its air from the bottom. Two stainless steel screws keep the platform firmly in place. The platform itself sits flush with the body of the mod. This mod will swallow up 30mm atomizers without a problem since the platform itself is 31mm. Finally, someone in China listened and built us a mod with a centered 510 that will fit 30mm atomizers with no overhang. Thank you.

Yihi SX Mini G Class Review

The fire button is hexagonal in shape and does protrude from the body of the mod. It is located on the front of the mod above the color screen. It has a nice feel to it with a really short throw. I would have preferred it to be a little clicky and not as mushy. It is large and comfortable as well as easy to find. It can be thumb or trigger finger fired. It looks like it is made out of stainless steel.

Below the fire button is an absolutely gorgeous screen. It is a huge, colored TFT display. Definitely one of the nicest screens I have ever seen on a device. Not only does it display all the pertinent information any vaper would need, but it does it in a bright and vivid fashion. The screen shows the vaper their wattage, temperature, volts, resistance, mode, battery life, and presets. The brightness of the screen is also adjustable. There are 30 preset wallpapers and you also have the ability to load a custom wall paper which we will cover later on in the review.

SX Mini G Class Review

No +/- buttons here, instead Yihi has provided us with a joystick. Yes, that’s right a joystick. I will admit this little joystick definitely takes some getting used to. Especially if you are used to always using +/- buttons. To be honest I am not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I do like the fact that Yihi is doing something new and innovative though. The joystick itself feels solid and clicky. It does protrude from the body of the mod and has a foam insert underneath it so juice doesn’t get inside. You use the joystick by pressing it left, right, up, down, or in. Each of those actions control a different function that I will go over when we talk about the menu system later in the review.

The Type C USB port is for charging and upgrades. The G Class features balanced 2 amp charging. The port itself is the new Type C port that can accept the cable on either side. In other words, no more flipping the cable over to make sure you have the right side. You can plug this mod in from any side of the correct end the cable.

sx mini g class review

The battery door is another thing of beauty. The door opens from the bottom of the mod via a little locking tab. Slide the tab with your finger and the door pops open. On the inside of the door you do have battery orientation markings. I do wish they were more visible with a brighter color. They are in black and they can be difficult to see in low light situations. The door makes a solid connection with both 18650’s and it’s well constructed. There is some branding and a serial number on the outside of the door. Surprisingly though there are no battery venting holes on the mod or door.

On the back of the mod, the opposite side of the screen, there is an SX Mini logo that lights up. It looks great and it’s not too distracting but I would prefer there be a way to turn it off. As of this writing there is no way to do that. Hopefully this gets fixed with an update. Update: This has now been fixed with an update.

Look, Feel, and General Aesthetics:

This mod looks and feels great in the hand. The oval shape of the mod is very comfortable to hold. The G Class is heavy enough to give it that quality feel yet still maintains a compact look and feel especially for a dual 18650 mod. The rubbery texture and feel of the carbon fiber not only adds to the premium look but it is really comfortable as well. It has a kind of silky feel to it that makes holding it a pure joy.

The paint is a gunmetal grey that seems to be of very high quality. On the side of the mod there are plates. One says powered by Yihi SX550J the other side says G Class designed by ZJ Chen. On a $225 mod I personally feel it would have been more appropriate to put this plate on the bottom as it kind of takes away from the aesthetics.

Name plate aside this mod looks and feels great. It really is a thing of beauty and in my opinion one of the best looking mass produced mods available today. Every piece that makes up the G Class from the 510 connection to the battery door and everywhere in between is high quality

sx mini g class review

The Board:

Featured in the G Class is Yihi’s new flagship the SX550J. The board itself is an absolute beast when it comes to temperature control. It has a maximum wattage output of 200 watts. It will fire down to .05 ohms and has a temperature control range of 212 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The board will fire all of the common TC wires such as SS, Ti, and Ni. It also has a TCR function for your more exotic coils. Of course Yihi’s flagship chipset has all of the usual safety features built in such as reverse polarity, output short, low resistance, low battery, overheat and overcharge.

The chipset is also compatible with Yihi’s SxiQ software. Unfortunately it does a poor job of competing with escribe. Not what I expected from a high quality, high priced mod. It would have been nice if they included a way to load custom wires like escribe does. I know there is a TCR function but it would have been nice to see Yihi go the extra mile in this category. It also lets you customize your own wallpaper but again it’s very poorly done and set up. Yihi really needs to revisit this area of their mods. They need to up their game if they want to legitimately compete with Evolv and it’s Escribe software in this area. On a premium mod like this I should be able to name my presets, adjust my own preheat, and add custom wires at the very least.

The board is also Bluetooth compatible, but unfortunately their app is only available for iOS devices, completely ignoring their android customers. We hope that Yihi will be changing this in the near future. Update:: The App is now available for both ios and android.

The Menu System:

The menus system on the G Class definitely takes some getting used to and at first seems really confusing and complicated even for the experienced vaper. However, after spending a day or so getting to know the menu the learning curve is not steep at all. I do wish they made the menu system just a little more intuitive. So let’s break it down and go over the menu system in a simple straightforward fashion.

  • 5 clicks turns it on after installing new batteries.
  • 3 clicks locks the mod and shows the clock feature.
  • 3 clicks unlocks the mod.
  • Push the joystick up to adjust the screen brightness.
  • Push and hold the joystick in to lock the resistance.
  • When the mod is on press the fire button 5 times to access all the different functions of the mod.
  • Use the joystick to scroll thru the different functions.

Functions on the main menu include, system off, font select, configure mode, adjust temp, adjust unit, select coil, setting tcr, compensate temp, standby time, bluetooth, tome set, display mode, wallpaper, brightness, language, and instructions.

On the main screen:

  • Push the joystick in to scroll between wattage, joules, coil material, and temperature.
  • Push the joystick to the left to adjust the presets.
  • Push the joystick to the right and then right again to adjust between eco, soft, standard, powerful, powerful +, and SX pure modes.

I absolutely love the clock feature and I think every mod should have one. If you click the fire button 5 times it gets you into the main menu where you can access every configurable function the mod offers. The font function is nice but I wish there were more than 2 fonts available. The configure mode lets you set up 5 customized presets. The adjust temp, adjust unit, select coil, standby time, time set, bluetooth, wallpaper select, brightness, and language menus are all self explanatory. The display mode menu lets you flip the screen and the compensate temp menu lets you adjust the temperature in relation to your surroundings so your mod is always firing in optimally.

How Does It Vape?

I’ve had this mod for a while and it has easily become my go to mod. It is the mod I reach for the most out of my vast collection of mods. It vapes beautifully in any mode you put it in. While I would have loved to be able to tune my own preheat, the modes they provide are accurate and on point in power or TC mode. My one complaint in TC mode is that the G Class requires you to manually lock the resistance. I hope in the future that Yihi can develop a board that automatically reads the resistance of your coil no matter what mode you are in.

If you have read any of my previous reviews then you know unlike most reviewers I vape almost exclusively in TC. I have tried all the TC boards and I have to say that this SX550J chip is my absolute favorite. No matter what I throw at it the G class just does its job and vapes beautifully. I have vaped dual coil RTA’s, single coil RTA’s, RDTA’s, single coil RDA’s, dual coil RDA’s, and sub ohm tanks with factory coils. All of them performed beautifully without exception on the G Class.

Right now I have my Geekvape Ammit on it. I am running a single SS clapton in it. Ohming out at .32 ohms at 38 joules and 500 degrees Fahrenheit in SS mode. The vape this thing produces is just magnificent. I get thick, lush, flavorful, clouds. Battery life on this mod is great as well. I go through about two sets of batteries a day but to be honest I have just not been able to put this mod down so it probably gets a lot more use than it should.


This is the finest mass produced mod available. It just exudes quality and in my opinion is well worth the price of admission. Is it for everybody? That depends, if you just vape in power mode buying a mod like this is kind of a waste. This mod is for the TC vaper who takes their TC seriously. It is a high quality piece that surpasses even SX Mini’s past history of quality mods. If I could only vape one mod for the rest of my life and this was one of the choices then the G class would be it. It really is that good. This mod comes with our absolute highest recommendation. Yes, it does have a few cons here and there but the pro’s outweigh the cons by far and to be totally fair the cons I do have are very nit picky.

Yihi SX Mini G Class

The Yihi SX Mini G Class is the finest mass produced mod currently on the market. If you are looking for a top of the line vape mod with zero compromise then this is for you!


Pros & Cons:

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • Quality of materials
  • Construction
  • Centered 510
  • High quality 510
  • Centered 510 fits 30mm atomizers
  • Big firing button
  • Huge colorful screen
  • Innovative joystick
  • Battery door
  • Type C USB port
  • 2 amp balanced charging
  • Updatable firmware
  • Accurate TC
  • Lots of presets
  • 30 customizable wallpapers
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • High quality charge and data cable

  • Mushy firing button
  • Side plate with Yihi owners name
  • Anemic software interface
  • You have to manually lock resistance in TC mode

  • Powered by the YiHi’s flagship SX550J processor
  • TFT display
  • Bluetooth App Control
  • Dual 18650 battery device, that can reach 200 watts in a small sized mod.
  • Variable Joule(Temperature control) supports all TC wire SS/Ti/NI
  • Supports all Atomizers with SX Pure technology.
  • Removable battery.
  • Supports to 0.0001ohm coil resistance.
  • Adopt 16bits ADC to sample the resistance.
  • New innovative technology SXi-Q control system
  • Customize to your own taste.
  • Custom your own logo menu name.
  • Temperature control. Anti-dry burning technology.
  • Output Joule:10J-120J. 212-572° F/100-300°C.
  • Resistance: 0.05-1.0ohms (Joule mode).
  • Joule Mode (Temperature Control)
  • Output Voltage: 1.0 – 9.5 Volts.
  • Resistance: 0.05 ohm – 3.0 ohm(Power mode).
  • Taste modes: Powerful +, Powerful, Standard, Soft, Eco & SXi-Q-S1~S5.
  • Buck-Boost & Boost, DC-DC Converter.
  • USB Type C Balance charge on board (5V/2A)
  • Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Upgradable firmware Graphic user interface.
  • Reverse polarity, output short, low resistance, low battery voltage, overheat & battery over charge protection.

Deuces Jack is a well known member of the VapingUndeground forums where he quickly became respected for his honest opinions and willingness to help other members. He is now a regular content contributor for Vaping Insider. When he’s not vaping or unboxing the latest products for review, he can be found riding motorcycles close to his home in New York.

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