Yiloong Aurora Squonker Review

Yiloong Aurora Squonker Review

Yiloong Aurora Squonker

The Aurora is a good little squonker. It does perform well but it also has some QC issues to it.

First Impression Out Of The Box:

Just like the previous Yiloong mod that I reviewed, the packaging on this one is nothing special. It’s actually kind of on the cheap side and very bare bones. The mod comes in a plastic jewel type box and with a pre-installed squonking bottle. On the inside of the mod, you will find a 18650 battery adapter. This mod does take a 20700 battery but you can also run an 18650, with the adapter.

The first thing you notice when you take them out of the box is the thick Stabwood panel. It’s a nice piece of Stabwood and it does have a glossy sort of finish to it. I’m going to remove the panel, install a 20700 battery and see how this thing hits.

What’s In The Box:

  • Aurora Mod
  • 8 ml Squonk Bottle
  • 18650 Battery Adapter

Yiloong Aurora Squonker Review

From Top To Bottom:

This is the same exact 510 as the one on the Geyscano squonker that I just reviewed. The 510 plate is made out of brushed stainless steel and it has a red o’ring going around the inner circumference of it. The 510 pin is gold plated and spring loaded. Like most squonkers, it has a stiff yet short throw to it. I really like the red o’ring that Yiloong has used in some of its squonkers. It does a good job of keeping the juice off of your mod, if some juice does get by the 510.

Yiloong Aurora Squonker Review

The box is made out of a translucent plastic on all three sides. The fourth side has a removable Stabwood panel. I do like the translucent look of it because you can get some custom battery wraps and see your battery through the back of the mod. It’s a frosted sort of look and I have to say that so far, I have been enjoying it. The overall shape of the mod is basically a box but the box has some curved corners and edges to it. There is absolutely no branding on this mod at all, just the way I like it.

The Stabwood panel on my mod is absolutely beautiful. It has a bunch of different colors in it that vary from red, blue, and brown. There are also shades of green and gray in the panel. The panel has a very glossy finish to it and on the inside of the panel, it is held in place by two magnets that coincide with two magnets on the frame of the mod. The panel does a good job of staying in place but Yiloong really needs to do a better job at cutting their panels. I definitely have some overhang on the sides and the cut on the panel is not as precise as it could be. The cut on squonk is fantastic. It is smooth with no rough edges.

Yiloong Aurora Squonker Review

This is a mechanical mod, so there is not much to the insides at all. Take the panel off of the box and you will see a spot for your battery and your squonking bottle. The battery contacts are made out of copper and they are fully removable. In order to place your batteries in this mod the correct way, they need to be installed negative side up. There is no battery strap, you do have to bang the mod against the palm of your hand to release the battery or you can remove the squonking bottle in order to create enough space to be able to get in there and remove your battery.

My included squonking bottle had a little bit of an issue. It is an 8ml capacity bottle but unfortunately, mine leaked an awful lot. To the point where I actually had to replace it with a different brand bottle because it was just getting juice all over the place. I couldn’t figure out where the leak was coming from. My suspicion was that the tube did not fit well around the metal piece that it attaches to. I think juice was dripping down from that and it was getting all over the inside of the mod. Definitely annoying, but it was easily remedied with another brand of squonk bottle. That brings me to my other con on this mod. You can’t sell a mod without including two squonking bottles with it. Every squonker should be sold with at least two squonk bottles or if you’re not going to include two bottles, then you need to include a refill bottle.

Yiloong Aurora Squonker Review

The inside of the box is what you will see in a typical mechanical squonker. The 510 connection on the interior is attached to a metal tube that attaches to your plastic to squonking bottle. There is a peek insulator in there and the mod seems to hit just fine. Battery contacts consist of an L-shaped configuration that runs from the fire button to the bottom of the mod and ends on the positive side of your battery. One thing I will give Yiloong credit for, they did put some insulation around the copper contact. I like when companies do that and I think it’s important. The negative battery contact runs from the 510 to the negative post of the battery. It is held in place between the 510 and the interior frame of the mod. There is no battery indicator markings but because this is a mechanical squonker, the correct way to install your battery is negative side up.

On the side of the mod, we have the fire button. It is circular in shape and it is made out of metal but it is clearly gold plated. The fire button does have a locking mechanism to it. Turn the ring that the fire button is enclosed in counterclockwise and it locks the button. Turn it clockwise to unlock the button. This is a really simple locking mechanism that works really well. I have seen other locking mechanisms that don’t work nearly as well as the one on this mod. For a mechanical squonker, the button does have a very short throw to it. It still has that sort of mushy feel that most of them have but the throw is significantly shorter than other mechanical squonkers I have used. Overall, I’d say the button works really well.

Yiloong Aurora Squonker Review

The Look, Feel, and General Aesthetics Of The Mod:

I do like the look of this mod. The Stabwood panel is nice and thick. It does have some beautiful colors to it as well. I just wish Yiloong did a better job of cutting the panel. I do like the frosted casing that Yiloong used. You can have some fun with some custom battery wraps and I think, it looks nice up against the Stabwood panel. It’s also an easy mod to match batteries with because of the Frosted body.

Yiloong Aurora Squonker Review

The mod does feel good in the hand. There are no rough edges to it. It feels smooth and it still does have a little bit of texture for some grip. It’s definitely a pocketable squonker especially when you consider that it has a locking fire button. Because most of the mod is made out of plastic, it is very light and easy to carry.

How Does It Vape?

I have to say that this mod hits pretty well. I don’t feel any significant voltage drop and I get a nice hard hit when I run a .2 ohm build on this squonker. Right now, I have my rainbow Pulse 22 on it with a SS Fused Clapton in there. I am ohming out at .18 ohms and I get a really nice hit when I vape this mod with that build. The clouds are very nice, the flavor is there, and so is the heat. It’s a good solid vape.

What Would Make It better:

  • Better QC On The Panels
  • Need More Than One Bottle

This is a nice looking mod but Yiloong needs to do a much better job on cutting their Stabwood panels. The fact that I can see some overhang from the sides of the mod with my Stabwod panel shows that they didn’t take a lot of care when cutting their panels. If you are like me and atomizer overhang bothers you, wait when you get a mod that has overhang on the panels. This thing is just wreaking havoc with my OCD. It’s kind of a shame, too, because everything else seems to be well thought out on this mod but they dropped the ball on cutting the panel. They definitely need to tighten up their QC when it comes to their panels.

I get it, from the packaging, you can tell that Yiloong is going for that bare bones type of look. That’s fine, I’m sure there are customers that are looking for that type of packaging or do not care as long as it keeps the price down. With all that being said, there are certain things that you cannot cut corners on and I believe including an extra squonk bottle is one of them. If you are going to sell a squonker, it has to come with two squonk bottles or, at the very least, a squonk refill bottle.


If you are into that Stabwood look, then the Aurora is a good little squonker. It does perform well but it also has some QC issues to it. I have enjoyed this mod but to be honest, I do have other squonkers that are better built and do not mess with my OCD. If the panel was cut better, I might have given this mod a much better rating. The performance is very good and it does hit hard but if those little QC things that I mentioned bother you, then you’ll probably have a rough time with this mod. If those sorts of things do not bother you, then this is a decent little squonker that will perform well for you. I will say this, most of the things I dislike about it do not affect the vape quality. I just think, for the money, you could probably do better.

Yiloong Aurora Squonker

The Aurora is a good little squonker. It does perform well but it also has some QC issues to it.

Pros & Cons:

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • Hits Hard
  • Insulated Copper Contacts
  • Nice Spring Loaded 510
  • 510 O’ring
  • Good Capacity
  • Great Locking Feature
  • Short Throw
  • Holds 24 mm Atomizers With No Overhang
  • Light Weight
  • Pocketable
  • 20700 Or 18650 Compatible
  • 18650 Adapter Included
  • No Branding

  • Panel
  • Squonk Bottle
  • Only One Bottle Included
  • Bare Bones Packaging
  • No Battery Strap

  • Dimensions: 80*45*25mm
  • Various colors
  • Silver plated copper or copper 510 contact
  • Stabwood material
  • Compatible with several panels
  • Requires one single 18650 and 20700 battery (battery sold separately)
  • Removable silicone 8ml capacity bottle

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